Light years away on the Raki homeworld a hooded figure walks into Vanestra’s private quarters , Vanestra rises from her chair and walks toward the intruder “ Who dares to disturb their Queen at her time of rest “ she bellowed .

The figure moved so swiftly she never saw the blow aimed at her till she felt the impact , the room spun and she crashed to the floor looking up she saw her assailant as he removed his hood .

She gasped “ Myzack “ the council leader of Achin stood over her scolding her “ You foolish Stupid Child twenty arons it took me to assemble the members of the council loyal to the Chendra , and you .. you greedy petulant little clone have destroyed it all “

Vanestra was still in a state of shock as she gazed upon the figure of Myzack who had she had last seen on Achin with a near fatal wound to the throat or so she was lead to believe “ How I saw your wounds they are healed how “ Myzack laughed “ No you saw an imposter of me not me . It was fortunate for me I had installed Gilargath as your Pro consul he warned me of your attack and I managed to slip away after replacing myself with my clone that was the body the humans found I did not however have time to save my brothers in the Chendra you slaughtered . 500 years of planning and dreaming of the rise of the Teskelan and you destroy it all in a few weeks , if I didn’t need you Vanestra I would kill you now but I have plans for you Guards “.

He shouted aloud and into the room Vanestras private guards entered “ Take her and keep her under control if she tries to escape teach her to behave forcibly “ The guards dragged Vanestra away she looked back at Myzack who looked at her and said “ We will return to Achin one day The Chendra will not be beaten not by you not by the Achin and not by those meddling Humans we will take our rightful place as rulers of Achin “ .

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