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Akio was sleeping of his hangover bought on by too much drink and guilt at what he had done, it was against his honor  as a member of his family as a man and as a friend to Lane.He slowly rose from his bed and looked in the mirror he raised his hand and plunged it into the center of the glass sending showers of glass splinters everywhere, his hand was severely cut and was bleeding profusely. He wrapped a towel around his hand and sat back on his bed, blood started dripping onto the floor from his hand  and so he made his way to the station sick bay . Doctor Warren cleaned the wound and asked Akio how it had happened ” Oh I tripped and put my arm out to save myself and smashed a mirror in my room on my ship” Doctor Warren was a little puzzled and asked ” Why did you not use your own sick bay , surely that would have been quicker ” Akio said that his crew had not yet finished their furlow on the station yet so there was no one else aboard the Nagami. She stitched his hand with a medical laser stitching device and applied a sprayed bandage, ” there that will keep it clean and it should heal in a week or two, see your ships doctor and he can keep an eye on it you don’t want to get an infection. I would give you a shot but as I don’t have your medical records I have no idea what you may or may not be allergic to.”

Mack and Doors had returned to the Lab to look for more clues ” One thing I cant understand is how did they get the machine out of here without anyone noticing, it weighed a couple of hundred kilos and would have taken three or four men to move it ” Mack held his chin ” You know I had a thought on that you have just reminded me about, each time any outer door on the station is opened the door control keeps a log and I want to check the one in the pod”.  Mack went to the Pod door controls and bought up the log on the small screen. ” Yes  It says here the pod was opened at 06.20 the morning after the incident, as I thought it was floated out of the station and that means it could have gone to a waiting ship it could be anywhere now . We have to get to Docking control and see if any ship was near the station at that time the radar logs will show us ”

In the Docking control room Andrea Shaw was directing the ships out of the stations docking bays, the 48 hours was up. the order to stop ships leaving had expired and there was a flotilla of ships waiting to leave. Many of the Scientists decided to vacate the station till Lanes infernal machine had been found , the thought of dying a horrific death in the cold of space had unnerved many of them. ” Hi Andrea can you spare us a minute ” Andrea held her hand up and signaled for them to just hold for a moment  ” Thank you Achilles safe journey to Mars Zenith station ” Achilles thanked her and opened up her engine drive and sped away from EE1 in a matter of seconds they were out of sight. She turned to Mack and Doors ” Sorry guys but you caught me right om a sign off then but no harm done ” Doors asked ” How many ships have left the station since the order was lifted ” Andrea looked at her screen ” According to the log nineteen ships have left the station ” Mack was looking down the list ” How many of them approached the station and docked say at about 6 am today ” he asked ” Oh none I don’t think but we don’t log them till they make contact, otherwise we would have a mountain of ships logged that never actually arrive ” Mack asked why that was ” Well you see some ships don’t actually dock here the space tankers refuel them and they set off again for the colonies, if we logged them all then we would have no time to actually do any real docking’s  we would be bogged down in flight plans we don’t do that”  Mack asked ” So if there was a ship there this morning you wouldn’t have a record of it or perhaps even know it was there ” Andrea shook her head the two stood and started to walk to the door ” But there was something strange this morning when I came on duty, there was a hopper active and a space suit beacon logged ” doors walked back towards her ” What’s a hopper and who’s beacon was it ” he asked “Andrea proceeded to explain to them” Well a hopper is a small jet pack vehicle the tech guys use to inspect ships that have reported meteorite damage, they check the outer hulls with them of the station also. The computer automatically logs their flights in case we loose touch with one of the techs while they are on the job inspecting the hull,this one as I can see came from Bay 5 and then stopped for 15 minutes at Hull section 65c then returned to bay 5 ” Section 65c was the area of Doctor Lanes science lab and Mack looked intense at her and asked ” And what ship was docked in Bay 5 ” Lets see hmm  it is the Nagami ” .