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Akio Takei was in the Captains cabin aboard his ship, he reached into his desk and pulled out a long range communicator . He tuned the device to a frequency far above normal com channels and called out ,” Raven to Nest Raven to Nest come in Nest ” this he did several times till finally ” Nest here what is your report” Akio flicked the transmission switch and replied ” Lane san is dead the device is acquired, I have still to retrieve his notes and blueprints. The lab has been sealed off again as they have discovered  that the machine is missing, as to yet I have not been questioned but they will see me soon to ask about Lane san” the device hissed and a voice says ” You will say nothing and you will deliver the reintegration machine as planned , if you fail you know the consequences Akio do not fail us ” and the radio went dead .

Akio sat in a chair and held his head in his hands he reflected on the time he spent with his friend Lane, he was sad and ashamed what he was doing was against all he was as a person. He rose and went to a picture on the wall it depicted  Akio and Lanes University and the students all in front of the main hall, they were holding their degrees and certificates aloft proud of their achievements, next to Akio was a happy faced young man with his arm across Akio’s shoulder it was Gareth Lane Akio sobbed as he looked at the picture . He poured himself a drink and raised it towards the picture ” To you Gareth my friend may your ancestors welcome you , I am sorry Gareth san you did not deserve this if only there had been another way ” he then drank his drink then another and another till the drink blocked out his shame .

Doors knocked on the door of the Directors office ” Come in ” Amber was sitting at her desk dictating into a machine ” As a result the science area has been closed until further notice , the 48 hour restriction will be lifted and ships will be free to leave the station. Many have requested this as the station seems to be in some danger from Doctors Lanes missing machine , as manyof the World’s governments have requested that their staff be returned to Earth as soon as possible and I must comply with their wishes ” she placed the microphone she was talking into on the desk ” she turned to Doors”Now Mr Doors have you something to report ” Doors looked at her shaking his head ” No Madam Director I am here in my official capacity in the inquiry of Doctor Lanes Murder , I need to ask you a few questions . Firstly I need to ask you why you never told us that you knew Doctor Lane before he came to this station, and why according  to Professor Aldridge you requested that Lane be assigned to this station for his experiments ”  Amber looked at the ground and just sighed ” Oh you found out about that well it’s nothing clandestine I can assure you, I didn’t actually know Doctor Lane but I was close friends with his late Wife Heather Lane . The request for Doctor Lane to come to the station was so that I could get to see what type of man he was, you do know that Mack was his Brother in law and Lane made out that he didn’t even know him. Mack was close to his sister and was always round at lanes house for visits, yet when he and Mack met on the station Lane showed no signs at all that he knew Mack ” Doors placed a pad of notes on Ambers desk turned to a specific page and told Amber to read it ” And it is of my opinion that prolonged exposure to these free floating particles generated by the RG1 , would have had significant and irreparable damage caused to both the central nervous system and the cognitive centers of the brain. The exposed persons would have experienced memory loss and also moments of total confusion periods of blackouts and eventually death” the note were signed by Professor Gregory Campbell .