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Doors moved slowly through the ship towards the bridge he didn’t find any bodies as he searched, so he assumed that the crew had been either taken or were still somewhere on the ship. He came to the door that entered the bridge and knocked hard on it waiting for a reply, he knew that if the crew had managed to get to the bridge and seal themselves in he could not open the door yet. He noticed by the door was an intercom and he attached his audio line to it , ” This is security officer Philip Doors from  Earth Station 1, is there anyone on board please respond.” he waited but no reply came he tried again still no reply. Doors pulled the emergency door release panel aside and grasped the release lever, he pulled hard and the door slowly opened . He entered the bridge and again there was no sign of the crew, he went to the ships log recorder and pressed the playback control . The screen flickered  and the captain appeared on the screen ” Corinthian log we are under attack by several ships, none of them have markings I think they must be pirates , We have a hull breach and are loosing atmosphere fast , we are taking portable oxygen and going to evacuate to the armory vault. We have 36 hours of oxygen and have released the distress beacons , hopefully help will come before our breathable air runs out end log ” Doors radioed Mack ” They were attacked and have taken refuge in the armory pod along with the RG1 , I am going to there now to see if I can make contact.

Captain Lucias Crabb was assessing the situation ” We have 22 hours of air left lads the beacon was launched and we are well within the space shipping lines to be detected, I am sure it wont be long before we are picked up keep hope my boys ” Crabbs first officer walked up to the captain and beckoned him to talk away from the rest of the crew ” Captain are you sure about that I have been on vessels for most of my service career , and this vessel is moving and fast too” The Captain put his finger to his lips to shush his officer ” Quietly  Morgan I know but hopefully the rest of the crew hasn’t noticed that yet , I think when the ship broke up the explosive decompression ejected the armory vault into space. I don’t know how but the outside of this vault is warmer than it should be . If we were in space I would have thought we would be having difficulties by now keeping warm, there is no internal heating in this vault apart from our body heat but we are not freezing. My Guess is we are in either within another ship or we are in a force field and are being towed , that would explain why we haven’t  froze as a force beam causes some protection against the conditions in space. I also think that when that force field drops and we get to our destination we will have visitors , and not friendly ones so arm the crew we are in an armory pod after all and that’s one thing we have an abundance of in here. Tell them it’s just a precaution as we don’t know if the pirates will try to get in , don’t mention that we have moved they all think we are still in the space lanes and can be rescued of that I am no longer sure to be true ”

Doors reached the hold where Crabb had shown him the vault ” Mack it’s gone the whole vault has gone , it seems to have been cut away with a powerful laser I can see the cut marks very precise. This was no explosive decompression the ships side has been cut away. and the armory vault removed my guess Captain Crabb and his crew along with it “Mack did not think that the Nest would be able to get such resources to take down a battle cruiser like the Corinthian’s armor but she wasn’t armed so maybe it wasn’t such a problem ” Ok Phil get back to the shuttle did you down load all the ships logs ” Doors said he had and that he had also found out from the logs that the armory pod had a tracking beacon on board it ” I think the beacon has to be activated inside the pod, we must scan for a signal in the beta band range ” Mack set the radio scanner “Ok scanning ……… Nothing on the screen but maybe we are out of range ” Doors told him that it had a range of 1100,000 kilometers . ” Well in that case the only colonies out side that range is Europa Prime and Titan , we will set course in that direction when you get back aboard ” Mack radioed the Augustine ” Captain the crew is not aboard luckily for you otherwise you could have been facing severe charges, the Corinthian is noted as your salvage but you will take it to EE1 is that understood it must be examined ” Woodford  was annoyed and said that EE1 was too far of his course , but after Mack threatened  to have his ship searched at every port he docked at he agreed . Mack got the docking break signal telling him that his ship was now detached from the Corinthian and that Phil Doors was back aboard , he set the controls and the shuttle sped off into space towards the outer colonies.

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