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Felix shuffled into the office Ross greeted him by nodding his head at Felix, ” What do you have for me Felix . for your sake good news I hope “, Felix smiled confidently ” Yes Sir Mr Ross great news we have the device, it is on it’s way here at this minute ” Good good Felix you have redeemed yourself , and how pray is it being delivered ” Felix pulled from his coat a video tablet ” I have it here sir a video of the complete operation” Felix set the pad down in front of Ross and pressed the play button ” I see you took the whole vault did you get it open and transfer the device to a ship ” Felix shook his head ” No sir we couldn’t  open the vault the crew of the Corinthian had locked themselves in it as a protection from decompression we think , and it is their armory vault  so thought it better to bring it back intact. Had we have attacked it and blew it open the machine may have been lost or damaged and we didn’t think that would please you, once back here we can cut our way in and deal with the crew then Sir .” Ross agreed that it was a good plan but told him ” Don’t bring it here take to our facility at the Riga colony , a subsidiary that can not be traced back to us do what you have to there ” Felix nodded and left Ross picked up his phone and dialed a number ” Mr Santini   I have a job for you some lose ends that need to be tidied, I want you to go to our depot at the Riga colony . There you will see a group working on opening a very large space vault, once open you are to see to it there are no survivors to  complicate things for us understood ” Santini acknowledged “Oh and Mr Santini do not look in the vault or I am afraid I will regard you as a lose end are we clear ”

Mack and Phil Doors had been unable to get a fix on the vaults beacon but had set course for Mars colonies to refuel , ” Once we refuel we can get back to the search we can also replenish our supplies of food and water, we may be out here for quite a while ” said Mack . Doors was looking at a chart of the space lanes and security reports, he noticed that there had been a number of attacks by unknown craft in the area of late  all centered around Mars and the Titan colony . He cross referenced the type’s of ships attacked and their departure points ” Mack look at this if you cross reference all the ships and departures all of them left from Meridian One or had been due to dock there, what you say we go and pay the port master a visit it may tell us  where the Corinthian vault may be ” Mack said it was a sound idea and as they had no other leads agreed, he changed course for Meridian one and sat back the journey would take them 3 hours at maximum speed.

Unaware that his boss had ordered his elimination along with anyone else at the Riga facility Felix had decided he would get the device what ever the cost for Ross, ” Maybe if I do this I will finally stop getting looked down on by that snob, and be treated  with the respect I deserve for once ” he thought to himself . The Attack ships landed at the Riga compound and as they did the vault hit the ground  with a tremendous blow, skidding across the floor and gouging a deep ridge across the  landing pad. ” Get the cutting tools out don’t try to get in on the door side,  go around the sides the walls are the weak spot once we get inside kill anyone in there on sight ” he yelled.  The laser cutters started to eat their way into the metal, from inside the crew of the Corinthian were recovering from the landing impact when they started to smell the acrid smoke from the wall as the laser cut it’s way through.

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