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Crabb sprang to his feet  and shouted to his crew ” Breathers on lads whoever is out there is cutting through the  wall and we could decompress any second grab hold of something, sure enough as they put their mask’s on the was a loud screech as the air in the vault rushed towards the wall where the cutting was taking place and where it had been breached. Lucias Crabb was set up behind a mound of boxes at his fingers on the trigger of a fast firing laser cannon, ” OK lads they want in lets help them shall we ” He fired 4 long blast’s at the wall and it exploded releasing all the air at once that was left . The debris shot across the landing pad like missiles cutting down anything in it’s path, several men were killed instantly, those at the wall who had been cutting through were vaporized as the laser cannon spit death at them. Crabbs men opened fire as Felix’s men tried to get into the vault, man after man fell as the crew of the Corinthian cut them down ” Fall back fall back Felix’s shouted ” The firing stopped and a deathly silence fell as the smoke cleared Crabb  could see at least 15 or 20 bodies lying on the  twisted metal that was left of the vault ‘s wall , from outside he heard a voice calling to him on a loudspeaker ” Captain Crabb hold your fire I am coming to the wall to talk ” Crabb signaled his men to hold fire. ” Very well we will hold fire but any tricks and we destroy what you came for ” And what do you think that is Captain”  Felix  scoffed . Crabb pulled the RG1 right in front of the holed wall and directly in front of his Laser weapon ” At a guess I would say it is this ” Felix could see the device and knew if it was destroyed his boss would have him killed , little knowing that was to be his fate if he succeeded . ” I will offer you a deal Captain give up the device and we leave you and your crew will live, we only want the device you and your crew are not important to us ” Crabb shouted back that he didn’t trust whoever was shouting an ultimatum at him ” How do I know that after we give it up you wont kill us anyway ” Felix assured him he had his word,  that all they had to do was push the device out of the vault and he and his men would leave.

As Doors and Mack approached Mars the radio beacon from the vault started to bleep it’s location , ” Mack look it’s the beacon we have it on the scope , according to this the vault is at the Riga colony ” Mack changed his course to head for the location pinpointed on the radar scope .

Felix was angry that he couldn’t get his hands on the machine and even more angry that he was being thwarted by some aged captain of a cargo barge , he had to get that machine whatever the cost . As he was trying to decide what to do   one of the pilots of the attack ships came up to him ” Sir why don’t you use gas grenades ” Felix scolded the man ” You fool they are wearing breathers, gas will not affect them ” The man looked at Felix and he was holding an orb grenade ” Maybe so but these grenades are acid gas Sir it will eat through their breathers in a matter of minutes,  then  we just walk in and take what we  want after the gas has cleared ” Felix grabbed the globe grenade off the man , ” How many of these do you have ? ”  he was told that they had two cases of the grenades but they would only need two in the small confines of the vault .

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