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Crabb had been looking out of the gaping hole in the wall and had seen Felix talking to his man,” Ok lads look’s like they are going to toss a few grenades in here, and from what I can see it looks like a chemgas grenade “Captain Crabb was a long time veteran of two wars ,the grenades he had seen before and issued instructions to his men. Listen lads they are going to toss in a couple of chem grenades what  type I am not sure , but just in case they are the type that eats through mask’s and I think they may be . I want you to get another breather mask and keep it in it’s case till the last second when the grenades break, they are glass gas grenades so there will be no explosion but the gas will eat through anything , I have seen them before  Mr Collins get me all the  extinguishers  and a Tiger scope. A tiger scope was an electronic gun sighting scope it was deadly accurate, on earth they were used to shoot  bats that had the Rabies virus . They had night vision and predicted targeting, that is they shot where the target should be not where it was a useful tool for a moving target . Crabb set his gun up right opposite the gap in the vault wall , he could see Felix pulling his men back  The captain then barked more orders at his men  ” If a grenade gets past me spray yourself with the foam extinguishers, it will stop the gas eating your mask’s if  I miss them . When I shout change your mask’s  all  fire at anything that moves,no need to aim just fire through that hole in the wall  and don’t stop firing till I tell you to ” .

Two of Felix’s men stood before the vault and were about to throw the grenades when pale blue laser beam, shot from the vault and hit one of Felix’s  men killing him instantly . He dropped the grenade and as it hit the floor Felix ran as fast as he could away from his fallen colleague  , immediately the gas started to eat through the masks and suits of anyone near their fallen man . Felix gathered his wits and pulled the men back  Crabb could easily see out of the hole that had been made in the wall of the vault, as the vault lights shone across the landing pad he could also see if anyone moved. The Captain’s laser beam shot forth again and and  another of Felix’s cohorts died his screams masked by the vacuum of the Red planets airless atmosphere.

As Mack bought the Ship around  over the Riga colony he could see the landing pad and what appeared to be the Corinthians Vault, he could also see it was being attacked and the laser shots emanating from within. He could see the ships that had attacked the Corinthian and the the men surrounding  the vault firing back at it, he bought the shuttle around an fired a warning blast from the frontal lasers . The thugs attacking Crabb and his men in the vault, were caught totally unawares  they scattered like rats fleeing a trap in all directions . Crabb saw that this was his chance and ordered his men to get out of the vault quickly ” Get to cover and we stand a better chance out of this death trap, keep your heads down boys it seems we have help up there  I don’t know who it is but at this moment who cares ” The men ran for cover and started firing back at Felix’s men, two were hit and fell to the ground a third was vaporized as Crabb caught him full beam with the laser from within the vault . ” Fall back fall back Felix shouted this was his last command , he stood up to run turned and he was hit square in the back  by a blast fired from one of his own men that bounced off the wall of the vault, he fell to the ground squealing in pain and writhing on the floor . Seeing him fall his me scattered and ran they could see the battle was lost and saved their own skins by deserting the little man to his fate.  The firing stopped and Crabb stood over Felix  he kicked away Felix’s gun and signaled his men to pick him up, ” Well well look who it is Felix I thought you had been killed years ago, what a day not only do I get those responsible for destroying my ship but I catch a wanted felon with a price on his head” laughed Crabb.

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