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Mack Fired the shuttles landing Jets and the craft gently came to rest on the landing pad near Crabb,they donned their space suits and door of the air lock folded down and into an exit ramp. Crabb walked towards the suited men with his hand outstretched ” I don’t know who you are but you just saved our skins thank you, Mack replied ” It’s me Captain Crabb Mack from EE1 ” The captain smiled and took his hand ” Ah thank you Mack I guess you came looking for us when we didn’t show up at the Lunar Station” Mack nodded ” We traced the homing beacon in the vault, and it led us right to you, but have to be honest Captain it was pure luck . We had only just attained Mars orbit when we detected the beacon as the planet was obscuring it for a time, then we  noticed the kerfuffle on the pad and guess what was happening glad you and your men are ok ” remarked Doors . Mack asked if they had lost any men ” Yes two of the new men  sadly, but we take care of our own their families will be well looked after ” Mack and Doors added “If they need anything just let us know, after all they were helping us out and we are indebted to them ”  added Doors .

The RG1 was now back in safe hands and Felix was in custody , he would be questioned  at the Meridian complex and held there for trial . Meanwhile Santini had reported back to Ross about what had happened at the Riga base ” Well  Mr Santini seems your original task has not changed just it’s reason Kill Felix before he can testify, I don’t want him telling the authorities anything about our operation on Mars ” Santin nodded  and left without saying a word. At the headquarters of the Mars Poice administration buildings Felix was shuffled into an interrogation  room and was made to sit and be handcuffed to a chair, across the table from him were Mack Doors and a Police Sargent called Daniel  Maze . Maze was well known in the sector for getting information from his suspects, in space there was no Geneva convention no book of human rights and therefore no rules on questioning suspects .  For at least 4 minutes he just stared at Felix no one said a word finally  Maze very softly spoke ” Going to ask you a few questions, don’t like wasting time with my perps so you want to tell me anything you can ” Felix smirked at him and in a smarmy voice replied ” Yeah right “. He never saw the fist that hit him he just felt the pain and the  motion as he was spun from the chair, still handcuffed to it his hands twisted behind him and the cuffs cut into his flesh ” Arrgghhh stop stop you can’t do this I have rights ” Felix had only ever been arrested on Earth before, there they had very strict rules on prisoners and how they could be treated. But Felix had just found out that no such rules apply on Mars,” Listen scumbag this is not Earth and we don’t mess about with scum we ask them once, if they don’t talk we use more persuasive measures to get what we want” Doors added ” Yes things like Electron sticks, stud gloves, oh and my favorite the finger crushers” A panic started to overcome Felix ” look you may do to me what you like but you can’t kill me , my boss he will kill me if I say anything to you ” All three men laughed and started to walk out of the room Felix was confused ” So that’s it that is the hard interrogation from the hard hitting  Mars Police and he laughed ”  Maze turned back and just said ” No Sir but we can see you are more frightened of your boss than doing time so we are going to let you go , we will take you right back to your apartment and shake hands with you at your door and leave . The organisation you work for will see a very helpful informant being taken home by a grateful Police, I would say you will have just enough time to phone whoever you need to say goodbye to before they have you killed. We will sit and wait and catch the ones that killed you and get the information we want out of them ” Felix was picked up and frogmarched back to his cell as he walked between the two officers escorting him back to his cell , he felt a sharp pain in his thigh as a bullet ripped through his leg and into the ground. He screamed in agony and fell to the deck clutching his injured leg, the two officers grabbed him and ran for the cover of a nearby  building.

Watching from a safe distance Maze ,Mack and Doors smiled at each other , “Well if that don’t make him talk nothing will” scoffed Maze. Felix was taken to the Hospital to have the hole in his leg stitched, he was terrified and it was clear that he had fallen for the Police Detectives plan ” Get me Maze” he shrieked ” I will tell him anything he needs to know “

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