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Through the unconventional yet very effective methods Investigator Maze used , Felix was now telling all that he knew about the Nest’s dealings with the RG1 situation. He gave them names and places where they could be found, all on the understanding that he was sent to Earth to serve any time he was sentenced to.He explained the the Nest did  not operate on Earth, and that all their dealings were off world colony based. He told them of Ross and how how wanted to control the machine, how he wanted to stop it from making materials he supplied. How he also wanted to make precious metals from other matter to enrich his wealth and lifestyle of the Nest higher guard . Since Man had ventured into space it was known crime would follow in was inevitable, but this was the first signs of organised crime . Felix also told them that if the device did manage to get to Earth Ross knew that it was to be stored and researched at Area 51, he had already taken steps to compromise workers at the base to feed him information. This was the first time they had ever had operatives on Earth, the device was considered to be worth the considerable risk.

With all the information they had gleaned from Felix and the device now firmly in safe hands. Mack and Doors returned to EE1 to report the findings and to conclude the investigation into Lanes death, Johanson had been sent to Earth to stand trial for the manslaughter of Doctor Lane. It was accepted by the prosecution that the installation of the monitoring device had caused the malfunction that killed Lane, it was also accepted that his death was an accidental result of this tampering with the RG1 and was not intended . It was also clear Lars Johanson had acted under duress and the threats to his family by the Nest were taken into account, justice in this century was swift and computerised , even the judgement  was handed down by Computer methodically logically and with no other consideration but the law in mind. It was deemed for not telling the authorities that he had been threatened to commit the offence an act of passion on his part, but the actions had been treasonable as he had acted against the governments of the Worlds security. So for the Manslaughter of Lane he received 10 years cryogenic suspension, for the act of treason he was sentenced to 20 years cryo with 10 suspended for mitigating circumstances. He was also reminded that for this act alone he could have been executed , as treason still was punishable by death and was in fact the only crime the death sentence still a punishment for . Lars understood the lenience the court had showed and accepted his fate with bravery ,the knowledge his family was now safe in the  protective witness program was something he was also thankful for.

As for Felix his was a different matter he was tried for Murder, complicity to Murder , and treason the little man expected to be imprisoned for his crimes as arranged on Mars . But he was told that any arrangement made with the Mars authorities was null and void on Earth where he had asked to go to trial, he had thought to manipulate the system and escape his crimes with a cryo sentence. But this was not to be for his involvement with the blackmail of his victims to commit crimes and treason, Felix was sentenced to death the sentence to be carried out after further interrogation concerning the Nest. It had been said that a plea bargain may be sought to repeal his sentence to cryo imprisonment for 40 years if he gave up all he knew about the nest. This was all read out in court for all to hear and sitting in the rear of the court Santini knew he had to silence Felix once and for all, Ross had already been arrested for his part but had not yet come to trial . If Felix did turn his evidence over to the authorities Ross would also face the death sentence, and Santini knew that if he failed this time the Nest would have him killed without question . He slipped out of court and climbed the staircase to the balcony of the court lobby, as Felix was lead away a shot rang out and he fell dead at his guards feet. In the confusion and screaming as people in the lobby dived for cover Santini slipped away, he calmy strode through the lobby while others where trying to discover what had happened and simply disappeared.

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