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Amber read on and read that Lane would have undergone a severe character change due to the particles he had been exposed to, she looked up at Doors ” Have you shown this to Mack ” she asked ” Not yet I only got this off Professor Campbell 10 minutes ago I haven’t read all of it myself but I read to where you are now, but I am not sure I buy it I saw Lane in the recreation room with his Japanese friend and he didn’t seem to have much problem recognizing him. Why would that be I have to ask myself not being medical I wanted a second opinion, I was going to ask Doctor Warren but she wasn’t in her office so I came to see you first and ask you about your relationship with Lane ” Amber stood up and in a very indignant manner said ” I can assure you there had been no relationship between Gareth Lane or myself in any way ” Doors asked if she had ever met Lane ” Once a after  Heather’s funeral ” Oh you mean when you slapped his face and asked him if he was happy now, that man had just buried his wife and you chose that moment to attack him for some reason ” Amber Cornish was visibly riled by this line of questioning Doors pushed deeper he sensed she was not telling all ” I must tell you director I have had investigators on earth do some digging into Doctor Lanes background, and your name pops up quite a number of times one of those times is in a legal document on file at a certain barristers office. You did know that Lanes wife Heather was suing him for divorce prior to her death according to the paper work , but there again is another strange thing the barrister says it was you who had the documents drawn up and that although he was due to meet Mrs Lane he never got the chance as she died before he could arrange it ” Amber was now getting irate an agitated  she sat at her desk ” What has this to do with the murder of Gareth Lane nothing it happened so long ago and has no bearing on what happened on this station, my God the man didn’t even know me when he came aboard you would have though he would have remembered his wife’s funeral for heavens sake and the woman who slapped him ” Doors read further down the notes ” You never answered my question was it you who started the divorce proceedings and was it without Heather Lanes knowledge”  Amber hung her head in her hands and quietly said ” Yes it was I had to get her away from him he was destroying her , she was becoming more and more desperate I had to start the ball rolling for her sake she just couldn’t take any more ” Doors looked straight at her ” So the doctor had no idea that you and his wife had been in a sexual relationship before her marriage to The doctor ” She slumped back in her chair and was now so distraught that tears had welled and were pouring from her eyes ” I have no reason to deny it I loved her then she met him and everything changed, she married him far too quickly and she didn’t realize she should have been with me ” Doors turned to leave her office as he did he said ” Jealousy is a strong motive for murder Professor please don’t plan to leave the station till this investigation is over, otherwise I will have no alternative but to issue a warrant for you as a suspect in the murder of Doctor Gareth Lane “then he left .