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Amber was panicked too much information about her was already known, she had to make sure no more came out she must make sure the killer was found and soon. It would be all around the station soon about her preferences she thought men talk especially about that, although it would stop the unwanted advances of many of the men on the station maybe that would be a good thing she decided . She sent for Mack she had to talk to him now and tell him what she had just found out about Lane, Mack knocked on the door “You wanted to see me director”  she asked him to sit and then began the story telling him what had just happened with Doors” Yes I know he told me I have to admit I suspected as much ” she got angry at this and shouted at him” What do you mean you suspected as much, just because you never got anywhere with me you thought oh yeah she must be gay ” Mack shook his head and stood he tried to take her hand but she pulled away ” No not because of me but because I remember how you where around Heather , it was blatantly obvious to me  you were in love with her” Amber held her head in her hands and sobbed ” I  wished she had felt the same maybe she would still be alive if she did ” Mack said she couldn’t blame herself it was Lanes doing not her,  looking at him she asked ” Didn’t you hear a word I just said Gareth was ill you can’t blame him either . Oh my God it was you  wasn’t it you killed him, I can see it now you hated him so much it’s obvious it had to be you ” Mack reeled back and stared horrified at her ” What after all these years we have known each other , you think I am capable of murder good God woman I didn’t kill him I thought it was you ” They both sat down and the silence between them was a roar of guilt and   confusion ,they sat like that for about 5 minutes when Amber broke the silence ” If you did why didn’t you say anything to Doors or to me ” Mack stood up and this time when he reached out for her hand she didn’t pull away ” You know for a Professor you can be a real stupid cow at times, isn’t it  clear to you yet or do I have to write it on the wall. I know there is no real chance we could be together now but surely you knew how I felt for you, the things I did always coming to your aid whenever you needed me ” she took his hand with both hands and quietly said ” I thought you were just being a really good friend to me , I honestly didn’t know that you were in Love with me ” Mack turned to walk out the office and he paused ” Since the first day I met you, but deep inside I knew I would only ever be a friend and it hurt so much ” he opened the door and was about to leave when Amber grabbed his arm,” I do Love you Mack not as a friend but more like as a brother ” he smiled and walked into the corridor ” Thanks Amber you really know how to turn the knife ” and he walked away .

Akimo Takei  hurried to his cargo hold he had been warned that security had been heading for his ship to search her, he wanted to make sure the RG1 would not be discovered. The machine had been hidden in a secret wall especially constructed to be scan proof , the walls had been lined with Tiridium a new material that had the properties of lead durable malleable and impervious to X rays and most other scanners. Even Macks scanners would not penetrate this material the Nagami also had her outer hull lined with Tiridium  it was cheap and an extremely alloy ,7 times lighter than lead but with all it’s properties with the added advantage that Tiridium could also be liquid under special conditions. So spraying the outside of any ship made it un scan-able , the perfect material for the smugglers and rouges that drifted in space making the profitable smuggling runs between Earth and the colonies. Aki donned the exoskeleton suit used by the loading crew, he placed the heaviest containers the suit could lift in front of the door leading to the secret compartment. He didn’t want it being discovered by accident by some over eager security officer, he took  suit off and went to the bridge just in time to be contacted by the security officer asking permission to board.