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Akio opened the outer door to the Nagami and security officer Ben Manning entered the airlock, he pressed the com button on the door support ” Captain Takei  we have a request from the station director to search your ship, we are looking for a stolen item you may or may not have on your ship. You don’t have to allow us to search Sir but should you refuse your ship will be locked down in the bay until a court order can be obtained, we will then search the ship without your cooperation.” Akio replied via the com ” Yes you can search I have nothing to hide , what is it you are searching for again”. Manning and the search crew entered the ship and began to span out ” I am sorry Sir but we are not at liberty to disclose that information ” for three hours they searched every cabin every cabinet every crevice and they found nothing ” Manning thanked Akio and the crew left the Nagami , Akio slumped into his command chair and sighed in relief just as he believed the ordeal to be over , he heard a tapping on his cabin door the door was open and standing there was Mack ” May I come in Captain ” he asked politely ” Yes Of course what can I do for you officer , they have already searched my ship and found nothing ” Mack smiled and sat down ” Sorry may I we have a lot to talk about and seated will be much more comfortable ” Akio was intrigued by Mack he seemed to know something or was this a bluff to see if he had anything to hide . Mack began telling him why he was here ” As you know Captain your friend Gareth Lane was murdered on this station a little over 53 hous ago, can you tell me your whereabouts  an hour before he died and also what was it you were studying with Doctor Lane at university when you attended. I believe you both attended the same university isn’t that correct , and during that time you became close friends with him . Akio nodded and said yes ” Tell me Captain did you know Doctor Lanes wife and have you ever met Director Cornish before ” Akio stood  poured a drink of Saki and offered Mack a glass , Mack refused politely and asked him to answer the question emphasizing the word please. ” No officer I have never met Director Cornish and yes I did know Heather Lane ” Mack produced a note tablet from his uniform and asked ” Just how well did you know her ” Akio shook his head ” Not well I had met her two or three times at parties we both attended but not well at all , she tended to keep her self to herself she was a very timid person you know the type ” Mack frowned ” No sorry what type is that exactly ” Akio downed another shot of Saki ” You know the frightened sparrow that stands in a corner, afraid that someone will talk to her or notice her ” Then he looked at Mack with a stare of someone remembering a long forgotten memory ” But you know come to think of it I do remember the director was at one of the parties I attended , I think it was the last one we had at university. Yes I do ” laughing at the remembered vision in his mind ” Ha ha ha  oh yes I do remember the director now ” Mack asked what he was laughing at ” Well I remember that she was arguing with Heather and heather picked up a large glass of beer and poured it over her head , this triggered a beer fight at the party and everyone was soaked in beer very funny memory actually ” Mack asked if he knew what they had been fighting about ” No sorry I was too far away from them across the room, but I think it was something to do with Gareth as the director kept pointing to him ” Mack asked if Akio had met Lane since leaving University ” Well he did come and visit my home in Japan and we did correspond for a while, then he just stopped writing about four years ago I think it was about the time he started the project with his machine ” Macks ears pricked at this ” What machine was this captain ” Akio took another shot of Saki stood and walked over to his cabinet and took out a magazine, ” This one it was splashed all over the Science Gazette last year, it was seen as the next step in mans understanding of the natural universe or something here see for yourself ” Mack read the first couple of lines of the article looked up at Akio and asked ” Do you mind If I keep this for a while ” Akio nodded and said that he didn’t want it he could keep it . ” By the way Officer as they searched my ship and found nothing am I free to depart now ” Mack told him he could leave as soon as he wanted, wished him Bon Voyage and left the ship.