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Doors was back in the security office as Mack came in he got up out of Mack’s chair ” Trying it for size are we Phil ” Mack said laughingly ” Well of course I was you are not going to last forever boss, they got to retire you soon what are you now 45 not long to go ” Mack laughed “You cheeky sod  i’m 27 still plenty of life left in this old space dog ” he laughed . Mack sat down and he said to his colleague ” I have just found out something very interesting ” and he tossed the Magazine onto the desk ” Doors picked it up and began to read the article on Lane ” The regeneration of matter from existing matter to formulate any substance and any article the re-generator can be programmed to copy and simulate, the process although not yet perfected has many possibilities in the field of quantum physics. “At last the Alchemists can make gold from lead and visa versa , once the decay factor has been solved “said Doctor Gareth Lane  inventor of the re-generator “As to yet any substance created can only keep it’s molecular bonding for a maximum of five hours, after which it will dissolve into free floating atoms without cohesion” he stated to the gathered dignitaries this will be watched with great expectations by the science and commercial bodies around the world. Doors placed the magazine down and realized what Mack had been saying immediately ” So that’s why no poisons were found in the blood after the 5 hours all evidence had gone, very clever so we are back to square one anyone who read this magazine would have known about this ” said Doors ” Not as easy as that  first you would have had to know how to operate the machine, you would have at least had to know the molecular formula for the substances you were trying to create . To my mind this with a little thought will narrow the field down considerably, all we have to do is find out who on the station of over three thousand scientists has the knowledge to use the machine.” replied Mack both men laughed ” Ok that will narrow it down to at least I don’t know a thousand ” Doors replied ” Actually you know we might not be as far off the mark as we think  lets see we have at the moment seven suspects that where known to Doctor Lane and we have been investigating this on the basis the murder was personal, what if it wasn’t what if it was purely all about the machine ” Mack rubbed his chin and looked at the magazine again” This man here in the photograph with Lane I am sure I have seen him before, on this station but for the life of me I don’t know when or if it has any significance. But one thing I do know we have to find that machine and see if it can tell us anything about what happened Professor Campbell says it’s dangerous, and I for one hope it’s no longer on this station but we do need to know where it is now . I think we need to pay Lanes team a visit again maybe they know something that will help us, it maybe our last hope of finding out what really happened.

Akio was preparing his ship for departure ” Helm activate thruster’s  and  let go moorings ahead 5kph till we clear space dock , navigation set course for Mars colony Signus one engage Ion drive when we are clear ” The Nagami eased it’s way out of the Hangar and slid gently into space once it had cleared dock Akio ordered  thruster’s to 100kph  , as the ship turned in space and was about to engage main engines and  head for the Planet Mars a huge explosion rocked the ship . Akio yelled orders to his crew ” Number one damage assessment helm do we still have thruster’s  ” the helm officer shook his head ” No Sir all control lines to engineering have been severed we are dead in space” Akio rushed to a computer panel and punched up an outside view of the Nagami , the ship was holed from the cargo deck down to engineering was open to space . He could see the bodies of his engineers and some more of his crew from the cargo area lifeless floating in space, he guessed what had happened that damned  machine had caused this . He knew he needed to safeguard the rest of his crew, ” Abandon ship abandon ship all remaining crew to the shuttles  head back for EE1 , damage control parties keep this ship together till your shipmates have departed ” He then ordered the bridge cleared go to evacuation stations and return to EE1″ he told them . When the bridge was clear he used the radio to contact the Nest ” Raven to nest Raven to nest come in nest ” after a short time a voice answered “Nest to Raven report ” he faltered for a moment as he wonder’d how his contact was going to take this news ” Raven to Nest machine caused catastrophic failure in Ion drive, we are floating in space  many of crew dead ship breaking up imminent destruction ” he waited for a reply ” Status of Doctor Lanes Machine” they asked ” Destroyed or somewhere in space I don’t know , the section where the machine was has been destroyed it was in the port section cargo hold which has been completely  decimated by a huge explosion we are abandoning ship Raven out ”     He made his way to the escape pods and made sure that all his crew were safe of those that had been Injured he made sure they were placed in the shuttles first , EE1 had launched vessels that had already docked on to airlocks on the starboard side of the ship and were evacuating everyone. Akio took one last look around his ship, he headed for the cargo area it was sealed but he could see through the door inspection window, to his horror he could see the RG1 embedded in the wall on the far side of the cargo bay, and there was no way from this side he could reach it he could only hope it would be lost when the ship broke up if the ship indeed did so.

The EE1 Sensors showed that all the crew that had survived the explosion had been evacuated, they had also managed to get to at least 20 of the crew who had been trapped in the reactor room . There was strange stories of what happened prior to the explosion buzzing around the engineering crew , stories of complete walls melting before their eyes one man told of his crew mate who simply dissolved into nothing before him. It didn’t take a rocket scientists to know that the RG1 had been responsible for this disaster, Doors immediately sent for  Akio Takei to question him again, but he was not aboard the station his bridge officers said he was still on the ship as far as they knew . Mack had other concerns he  knew if the Nagami blew the ring facing the ship would come under possible bombardment from debris from the ship, luckily the first explosion had been directed into space away from the station. But if the ship blew it was still too close to the station not to cause damage , he ordered the evacuation of the whole port side of EE1 he then ordered that the compartments be depressurized then if they were fractured by debris they would at least not suffer explosive decompression.  Still aboard the Nagami  Akio Takei made sure all his crew had now evacuated , including those  who had stayed behind to keep the ship together as their shipmates left for the safety of the station. He had one more duty to perform he was aware that if the ship blew up damage would occur on EE1 from flying debris, he had decided to move the ship as far away from the station as possible and had put on a spacesuit to enter auxiliary control in the engineering  section. From the bridge he opened all the bulk head doors the air rushed out screaming like a thousand demons, he then made his way along the length of the ship to the engineering once there he activated the starboard thruster’s  and pushed the Nagami away from the EE1. Further and further the stricken ship moved away from the station, the tearing of metal and groans of the superstructure moving as the ship started to break up, Akio stood looking into space through the damaged hull , The ship had started to spin and now and again the EE1 came into view Akio bowed his head and said ” I  will soon be with you Lane San I hope you can forgive me for the dishonor I did you , and I pray that your killers be bought to justice ” as he gazed into the void he never saw the enormous flash of light as the ships reactors went critical and enveloped the ship in a blinding flash