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All shuttles returned to EE1 safely Akio had managed to get the Nagami far enough away from the station to spare her damage, he had also saved the life pods and shuttles that were evacuating it’s crew . Although Akio had dishonored his family name for a short time he now bathed it in glory sacrificing  himself to save others, he had lived up to the tradition and responsibilities of a true ships captain or so everyone believed. No one knew that it was Akio who had stolen the machine and placed the Nagami in danger in the first place , and with the evidence now scattered among the stars it was likely no one ever would . Doors had scheduled a meeting with the RG1 team prior to the destruction of the Nagami , this was put on hold until a memorial to those who died on the ship had been held . Once this had been completed it was pretty much business as usual and the station continued without any change in routine, Doors looked around and wondered if it would be as casual a day if anything had happened to him . Probably he thought he decided not to waste time pondering futile questions that he would never know the answer to, after all had he died he wouldn’t be around to see if anyone mourned him . He contacted each of Lanes team and asked for a meeting in the recreation room in one hour, he was the last to arrive at the meeting and apologized for his tardiness .  He reviewed what had happened to the Nagami and asked if from the descriptions given by the crew , if they thought that the machine they had been working on was most likely to be the cause of the ships destruction. Hank was the first to answer ” Without doubt it was walls appearing to melt crew members dissolving into nothingness , it could only have been the result of the machine becoming unstable and altering it’s surrounding particles .” The team all agreed that this was without a question the cause, ” So therefore we have to assume that whoever killed the Doctor and stole the machine, was a member of the Nagami crew and was also responsible for it’s ultimate destruction. “finished Doors . From across the room a voice of disagreement        ” Not at all Mr Doors if it was purely the machine that the perpetrator of Doctor Lane wished , then why kill the only man alive that would be able to operate it surely it would be more advantageous to take both. I think you will find that the theft of the machine was an opportunistic act bought on by Lanes death, that they may have been on the station to do exactly that in the first instance is a possibility but  unlikely they would have killed it’s inventor .” Doors looked across the room and Professor Campbell had been sitting  in the corner taking it all in, he had a good point why kill the man that knew most about the RG1 he would have been extremely useful ” You may be right Professor but what if it was planned what if they had no need of Lane, what if they viewed him as an obstacle that had to be eliminated” The professor walked across to their table ” Gentlemen you are as aware as I that none of you could have understood the true operational capabilities of the RG1 , only Doctor Lanes incredible intellect was capable of doing so  . No one in the World had ever come close to achieving what he had the man was pure genius, can any of you honestly say you could comprehend the machine as he did ” They all shook their heads knowing what the Professor had said was true none of them did understand the machine as Lane did , he was as far ahead of them as an adult is to a child he had cracked the building blocks of the universe and was about to reshape it all as we knew it .

It was at that moment that Mack came into the room ” Phil spare a minute I have something to tell you ” Doors gave his apologies and went across to talk to Mack ” What is it Boss ” he whispered ” The picture in the Magazine I just remembered where I saw that guy before, he is in a photograph I noticed in the quarters of    Johanson  the man was with him and they were shaking hands ” Doors asked if he had the magazine with him , he did and he gave it to Doors open at the page with the picture . He went back to the table and showed them the picture ,” Can anyone tell me who this man is in this picture ” at first no one said anything the Lars picked up the Magazine and said ” I can tell you this is my Father ” Doors asked him what he was doing in the picture with Lane” Lars sat down and proceeded to tell  Doors “We worked with Lane for 12 moths prior to the article being published , then a few months after he died with massive brain tumors that were  inoperable there was nothing that could be done for him.  He died in agony and in all the time he was ill Lane never asked or came to see him once, and it was all due to that machine. Lane knew it emitted dangerous particles but would not follow protocols to wait until an effective counter to them had been found . ” Mack who had been sat at another table stood and walked across to them ” But you are now part of that same team I don’t understand if you knew about the adverse effect of the particles  you worked with Lane , and if you had worked with him before why risk your health again” Lars stood and was obviously on edge, the temper in his eyes was obvious and building ” I never said that I  have worked with him before this was the first time, but I wanted to finish what my father started he deserved as  much credit for this device as did Lane ” He then stormed off smashing the door on the way out and nearly knocking a young woman lab assistant  flying , everyone at the table was astounded by his outburst and a little embarrassed.