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All those gathered were still a little shaken by the outburst from Lars Johanson ” I think we have another suspect and from the seem of it a very aggressive one at that ” Mack remarked  ” Did you notice what he said ” asked Doors ” No what you mean about not working with Lane before ” Doors nodded ” Yes not that this was the first time but that he hadn’t worked with him before but he said he had at the start , as if he was trying to hide the fact that he had worked with him before.  By saying never then  stating that this was the first time seems an odd thing to say after just saying we ? ” Mack nodded then Campbell added ” The man was angry maybe it was just a mistake, he may have just meant that he had not worked with Lane before ” The others agreed and nodded that’s what they thought , but Doors wasn’t so sure ” Somebody once said there are no such things as mistakes, just accidents to take advantage of and that is what I think we have here . I think by accident Mr Johanson gave away more than he intended , and far more than he wanted us to know ”

Lars Johanson had gone straight to his cabin he kept repeating to himself over and over ” They know they Know they have to know ” he poured himself a drink of Scotch and sat to drink it , the same words going over and over in his head . There was a knock at the door for a moment he froze, the knock got louder then a voice said they they knew he was in there and to answer the door. He finally moved to the door and opened it standing in front of him was Doors and Mack ” We need to talk to you Lars we may call you Lars is that ok ” He nodded and beckoned them in ” Lars that was  quite an outgoing of emotion to a simple question ” Lars said nothing he just sat with his glass staring into the bottom of it ” Doctor we need to ask you why you said we if  you had never worked with Doctor Lane before ” He looked up wide staring  eyes  ” I did didn’t  I that was silly of me I shouldn’t have said that but I panicked a little you see, I have never done anything like this before I am a passive man this is quite beyond my character in normal circumstances . But this is not normal things in motion players on the board willing to do anything anything I tell you, murder is a way of life to them and I had so much to lose you see ” It was obvious to them both that the good Doctor was on the edge of a breakdown  ”  So what did they make you do Lars ”

Lars broke down and tears rolled down the big mans face ” They have my Daughter and my wife under surveillance , they showed me pictures of them both doing the shopping going to school .They showed me they could get at them anytime anywhere I had to do it , they did the same to that Captain he was being told by them to do what ever we needed to do or they kill them ” Mack sat directly in front of him and took his arm ” Who Lars who said they would do this and what did they make you do ”  Doors gave him another drink Lars thanked him and said ” Not sure who they just contacted me and said that if I didn’t do exactly as I was told my whole family would be killed in front of me, I have this device they gave me I am Eagle Akio was Raven we both contacted the nest if we had anything to report ” Mack was recording what he was saying and pushed for more answers ” You mean Captain Akio was involved in his friends death also ” Lars shook his head ” No no no that was an accident no one was supposed to die, we had been instructed to somehow get the machine and Lane . I went to the lab the night before I had instructions to place a monitor device inside the machine, it would record and transmit data to the nest each time the machine was used . They hoped that if the machine was not acquired then they would have enough information from it to build their own , but it all went horribly wrong when Gareth died like that . I didn’t know it would affect the machine so  it was just to gather information, but it unbalanced the machine and we lost control for a moment Lane was struck in the leg by a particle beam from the crystal . It only touched him for less than a second but it was enough to disperse some of the components of his suit, you see a spacesuit is made of a man made synthetic. Well just as Cyanide is added to glass to make it clear when it is in the furnace , it is also added to some space suits to aid them in making the suit impervious to certain rays from space. It was a recent discovery in fact your friend Professor Campbell was one of the developers for the then NASA space program, he discovered the way to filter out the rays by making a subtle   alloy that could bend like material  and it was made into suits for Astronauts . I didn’t know Gareth was wearing one of those suits, and I didn’t know it was going to end like that for him you have to believe me ”  We do Lars we do and we are sorry we have to do this  Lars Johanson you are under arrest for the murder of  Doctor Gareth Lane you are not obliged to say any thing that can be misinterpreted at any subsequent trial but if you do it may be used against you, we advise you to contact a lawyer and in the interest of justice say nothing till he is with you ” They asked if he understood and Lars nodded that he did, he was then placed in a holding cell ready to be transported to earth for trial . His one final plea to them was ” Here is my Earth address please make sure my wife and child are safe, save them from those men please I am so sorry so sorry “