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On Mars colony  Meridian One A little man was scurrying along the corridors in his hands a Computer tablet with details of intercepted messages from EE1 , he jumped onto a passing transport drone and plugged an earpiece into his tablet and pressed the play button. As he sat on the drone that would take him around the colony he listened to the conversations that Mack and Doors had between themselves and the EE1 , ” We have located the device lodged in the cargo bay wall , it does not appear to be active but we are taking no chances over ” EE1 responded by saying that the information would be relayed to the Director .

The drone came to a halt and the man jumped off and the drone continued on it’s way signaling people to move out of it’s way with a siren as it proceeded through the complex.The man who’s name was Felix Court was a scrawny sorry excuse disheveled clothes untidy hair and he had a body odour only a  Camel could endure, he was about to push his way through a crowd of people but they moved as the odour reached them. A staircase in front of him had a burly looking man in a dark overall standing at the bottom, as he approached the man opened a gate at the entry to the stairs. He greeted him ” Felix ” Felix nodded ” Roman ” he replied and started up the stairs , ” Is he in ” asked Felix the man nodded and shut the gate . Once at the top of the stairs Felix tried to make himself more presentable, greasing his hair with spittle on his hand and brushing himself down but even he could see this was a hopeless task. He came to two large doors on the  left door was a sign Chamberlain Ross and  White, Purveyors of Precious Metals and  Minerals Mars Division. He pressed on the entry panel and a voice answered ” C R and W can I help you ” Felix held the button again and replied ” It’s Felix I have something the boss is going to want to hear ”  The doors clicked and opened revealing a very spacious and luxurious office, Sitting on a very large desk at the end of the room was to be polite an overlarge man sporting a long beard and smoking a Cigar. ” You have something for me Felix ” he roared the little man hurried along the room shuffling his feet as if in penance . He held the Tablet up before him as if an offering to appease the giant man , ” Yes Sir Mr Ross here it is Sir , it’s proof the RG1 survived the destruction of the Nagami Sir ” Ross pressed the play button on the tablet and listened to the message . He turned and smiled at Felix it was the type of smile that would send chills down your back ” So where is it now pray tell ” Felix beckoned to be given the tablet back and Ross handed it back ” Well Sir as you can see from this communique with Earth from EE1 , the device is being shipped to Area 51 this evening Sir on the scheduled supply shuttle . I was thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult a job to have this vessel met by some of our operatives just before re-entry , because if  the machine gets to it’s destination we may never hear of it again ” Ross stood and walked around his desk ” Do we not have any operatives within the Area 51  facility ” Felix shook his head ” No Sir I have tried but each agent we sent to try and corrupt one of their staff was arrested and executed Sir, they still have a very strict policy for Area 51 sir it’s still classed as treason to try and breach it’s security ” Ross asked what about outside the facility can the staff be intimidated there ” No Sir since the Hangar 18 breach no staff or their family live off the base Sir, they have their own  schools and shopping malls, it is in fact a self contained city . You need a Pass to go to the toilet let alone enter the base ” Ross banged his fist down hard on the desk ” I don’t care how you do it get me that machine if that machine becomes a viable product then we will be ruined, there would be billions of credits wiped off our shares overnight. If you have to kill to get it just don’t implicate the corporation in any way, do you hear me Felix the buck stops at you “