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Felix turned and walked away but as he did he heard from behind him “I don’t have to remind you of the consequences should you fail me again do I Felix ” He stopped but did not look back a chill ran down his spine, he knew if he did fail again there would be no safe place for him to hide . ” No Sir you don’t I understand ” he hurried out of the office and down the stairs ” Roman I need to get in touch with that brother of yours where is he ” The big man turned and looked down on the weaselly form before him and in a gruff voice  asked ” What do you want him for ” Felix gritted his teeth and grabbed Romans overall ” What I want him for is no concern of yours, the boss needs him that’s all you need to know ” Roman moved very quick for a big guy and before he knew it Felix was dangling two or three feet off the ground , a choking sensation was overcoming him as he felt Romans grip around his neck ” Look squirt the boss may have uses for you but me not so much, and if you ever lay one of your grubby little hands on me again I will end you “. He placed Felix back on the ground gagging for breath, the scrawny little mans face was red and flustered as he gulped for air .” Sorry Sorry Roman I need to speak  to Anton, the boss has a job for his special talents ” Roman was wiping his hands with a handkerchief the sweat from Felix’es neck was a pungent and he was trying to remove it , he turned towards Felix who flinched ” Why didn’t you just say that pal instead of trying to be  the hard man your’e not, he is in London on a job he’s back tomorrow I think ” Felix did not reply he just hurried away as fast as he could cursing under his breath” End me End me we will see who is ended he screamed  in his head , he waited a few moments till another drone transport stopped jumped on and headed towards the Airport.

Doors and Mack were talking to Amber Cornish in her office ” Mr Doors did you seriously have me down as a suspect to Gareth’s Death ” Doors who was sitting on the edge of her desk looked at her directly and replied he did ” Anyone who had had contact at some time or another with Doctor Lane was a suspect even Mack ” he added .  ” But with the machine and the device Lars put inside it dusted for prints, we found three sets from the Doctor, Lars Johanson and Akio Takei ” . At the mention of Akio’s name Amber looked up ” so it was Captain Takei who stole the machine from the lab, was he working with Lars or was it unconnected” Doors explained that both men had been threatened by someone in order to make them steal the machine, he said they were supposed to kidnap Lane but the Death of the doctor as a result of the machine tampering was not foreseen. ” So the machine is being Taken to Area 51 , good I don’t want anything else happening on this station because of that thing. Have arrangements been made by Professor Campbell, or have you arranged to transport the device to the base ” she asked Mack  ” The shuttle for Earth leaves in thirty six hours it will be empty no passengers no cargo, it will be placed on auto re entry and land at the Cape. I have made arrangements for the Machine to be taken by a freighter to the Tranquility research complex on the moon, there it will be taken by a military ship to Earth Doctor Campbell will be accompanying it . Phill myself and two other Security will take a second shuttle headed for Area 51 ,we fully expect the shuttle to be attacked but we have a few surprises lined up for anyone who tries “.