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The RG1 was loaded aboard the freighter Corinthian this was a heavy class destroyer a remnant of the old patrol vessels that used to patrol the colonies, the Corinthian had seen more service as a private freighter than she ever did as a military  ship. Built when the space lanes were full of pirates and mercenaries, who attacked many a peaceful ship on it’s way to the outer reaches of our Galaxy and the then new colonies . Mack had chosen her specifically for that reason  it would be almost impossible to stop and board her, he felt the RG1 would be safer on this ship than any other . Her Captain Lucias Crabb had served on the Corinthian when she was a man of war, he would tell tales of her exploits many times over . Trouble was she had been decommissioned only a year after taking service , so the tales he had were few and were told often to the amusement of his crew . They took wagers to break the tedium of the journeys on which part of his story he would embellish at every telling as they were different every time, in fact he had told them in so many ways that even Lucias  himself  had the facts a little blurry in his mind .

“You can rest assured that no one will board the Corinthian while I am Captain Mr Doors, your machine will be safe as houses, it has been locked away in what used to be the ships armament bay . It has a time lock and a two foot thick steel door anyone who tried to get into that would have to use explosives, they would have to use more than the ships hull could stand so blowing it is out of the question. The locking mechanism used on this door is used on many other top security vaults in the Galaxy , it has never been successfully breached yet so you can see RG1 is quite safe . We will deliver it to Tranquility base on schedule of that you can have no fear, plus your Professor Campbell will be coming with us to supervise I have been told ” Doors shook hands with the Captain and wished him a safe journey , he then watched as the Corinthian got under way he also went to the com room and used the stations sensors to make sure she wasn’t followed . When he was satisfied he reported to Mack  that everything was going according to plan, ” Great then get your gear and your men together and join in hangar three in twenty minutes ,  Earth shuttle will leave in 25 minutes and we will be right behind them. If the Nest tries to get the machine from us they will first have to choose which ship, and they will get a surprise with either one they choose” he said confidently he was sure his plan was fool proof .

But the one thing that Mack hadn’t taken into consideration was the chance there was another Nest informer on EE1 , he had also underestimated the lengths they would go to acquire the machine. The journey to Area 51 was uneventful  the attack had not come that Mack or Doors expected, they decided that the Nest had been fooled into thinking the machine had been destroyed with the Nagami. They were wrong two hours after they had landed news came through that the Corinthian had been attacked by three unknown ships, she had been seriously damaged and was adrift EE1 had sent a rescue ship but it was unknown if the machine had been lost. The Corinthian had lost her radio after the first attack , the EE1 com room had just barely received the SOS call before it lost communication.