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By the time Mack and Doors had got to the Corinthian it had been taken in tow by another freighter the Augustine , a small water freighter that traveled the space ways distributing drinkable water to the colonies. They had come across the Corinthian floating in space no signs of life, they had radioed to her but when they had no reply claimed her as salvage as was their right under space laws . But space law did state that any  vessel not boarded by the salvage crew was not salvage but a rescued vessel, this was not as profitable but with the viruses and other ailments floating around space in ships visiting other Planets was  sometimes preferred .

Mack Radioed the Augustine’s captain and asked to come aboard  and was granted permission, the shuttle docked with the freighter and was met by the Captain at the air lock . The large airlock door opened and the Captain  a Large bearded man that looked every bit an ancient space mariner as you could have conceived, ” Good evening gentlemen I am Captain Woodford Thomas Woodford welcome aboard the Augustine “. Doors thanked him and asked if they had boarded the Corinthian the Captain said no, ” So you radioed and had no contact there fore you don’t know the situation over there” Doors said. Woodford nodded and said ” Yes Mr Doors But we thought it better not to board in her condition ” But she looks ok ” Mack exclaimed ” The Captain smiled ” Oh yes this side she does but on the other side  half the ship has been blown away ” Mack raised his hand to his forehead ” Oh My God the crew and the Captain any sign of them ” He asked ” Well there was wreckage but no bodies or Organic tissue on the scanners when we arrived , so if there are casualties they are still aboard, But the state of that ship and the decompression that occurred I would seriously  think it’s unlikely they survived ” he said glumly . Mack said they must board her and that they would take the shuttle and Dock with the Corinthian ” Oh I can’t allow that I am afraid ” said the Captain you see we salvaged her and if the crew are still on board then it’s no longer a salvage but a rescue, and that’s  not as profitable by a long straw . No we will dock with the Lunar refining station and register as  salvage then you can board her ” Mack angrily replied ” But the crew could be still alive and if you don’t get across to them now we could be too late by the time we get into Lunar orbit , and if you don’t send a boarding party now I will have you arrested for Manslaughter and the possibly piracy of the Corinthian ” The Captain said that he would not board her or any of his crew but that Doors and Mack could go if they wanted , ” but know this I have allowed you to dock and confirm  we have that ship in tow as  required, but should you detach and board her now you will not be allowed to re dock is that understood ” Mack nodded his head and they boarded the shuttle and detached.

Doors bought the two ships closer and closer then there was a slight bump and they had made contact , at first it seemed the docking port was jammed and not going to allow them to board. But after a bit of persuasion from  Mack bumping the ship a little harder than normal into the docking clamp, it attached and he signaled Doors to board . ” Oxygen levels zero temperature minus 67 c no signs of life going to the bridge ” For what seemed like hours but was in actual fact only four  minutes he waited for news from Doors .