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Meanwhile back at Area 51  Professor Campbell had taken possession of the RG1 , he had also used his authority to bring with it the remainder of Lanes team. His intentions to utilise them into developing the machine Lane had invented into a weapon, Area 51 was after all now a private concern with government backing and a military agenda. He considered Lane’s idea of the RG1 as a benefit to mankind an altruistic view of it’s use, he had more capitalistic and subjective view of it’s use’s. Realising that this device could actually be more powerful than a nuclear deterrent, for with this device any structure or object could be transformed into an explosive and deadly item with the flick of a switch. Governments would be powerless to stop the device from turning their nuclear missiles into anything the user desired, harmless and no threat to anyone whilst converting other seemingly harmless devices into weapons of mass destruction.  All that was required was a control system and a platform that could reach any target on Earth without detection, Professor Campbell had considered the EE1 as a base of operations for the device but discounted this after considering that too many governments had installations on the EE1. So he put into motion the building of a platform in geostationary  orbit that could be launched within the next few years, and unknowing to Doors and Mack this had been his intentions from the moment he had gained access to the device. His plans had been in motion well before he had boarded EE1 , the accidental death of Lane was an unforeseen bonus to him. He had known that sooner or later Lane would have had to be dealt with, as there would have been no way he would have allowed the RG1 to be turned into a weapon.

On board the EE1 Lanes body had been released and arrangements had been made for a funeral service for him, Professor Cornish had words to say as after learning of the mind altering effects his device had on the Doctor had mellowed her hatred of him. She hadn’t forgiven him for causing the death of her friend , but she had at least come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t entirely responsible. For years she had blamed him entirely as did Mack , but now they had the truth the loss was still to painful for them both to reconcile. But it was time now to put the past behind them and start to come to terms with Heather’s suicide, knowing that she too may have been affected by the device whilst in operation at the Lane’s home was most likely to blame  bought some closure.

” I had known Gareth for many years through university and I have to admit we didn’t get on all that well , I was of the opinion that he was a brilliant man but too focused on his work . I know now that this was not of his doing and that the device he was working on was responsible for many of his actions, some of the results of those actions you know when his wife committed suicide. But she too was also a victim of the same malady that Gareth suffered, and it has made me above all realise that as much as we think we know there is much  that we should be wary of .  It is good to know that this machine that took them both from us, has now been put in a place of safety and will never threaten anyone ever again”. Amber finished her address to the gathered people who had come to pay their respects, flowers and wreaths were placed on the coffin,that had been placed in an airlock  then she concluded the service ” We now commit Gareth Lane to deep space where his body will travel the universe, may his soul rest in peace ” The airlock door was closed and without evacuating the remaining air the outer door was opened , and clamps were released that were holding the coffin , As the air exited the chamber so did the  Body of Lane,  destined to travel  among the stars for all eternity .