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Mack walked into his office and sat at his desk  he took a folder out of his top draw , in the folder was a computer disc that logged all the events of the Lane investigation. There was something he couldn’t put his finger on but just something didn’t sit right with him, this machine was supposed to be so miraculous so awesome that it would change the world but where is it now . The Nest had been broken up and yet the machine was still in the hands of the Area 51 Scientists it just didn’t seem that easy, at that moment Doors walked in ” Hi Phil  look at this will you and tell me I am wrong ” he gave Doors the folder who started to read  it ” What am I looking for seems cut and dry to me ” Mack rubbed his chin and took the folder back ” I know that’s what is getting to me, you know we never found out how the Nest found out that the RG1 was on the Corinthian ” Doors now seated stared at Mack  a vacant stare as if waiting for more information  ” And  ”  he asked  ” Well it seems so strange that they knew where and when the machine was being transported, and how it was going to travel I told no one did you ” Doors closed his eyes and thought about who could have known ” No one  I told no one oh! hang on there was one other person apart from you and I that knew , Professor Campbell I had to tell him so that he could prepare for the devices arrival at Area 51 . He said that a special area had to be made for the device so that it could be stored safely, but surely you don’t think he would have told the Nest guys after all he was he was with us ? ” Mack stood and walked around the desk and sat on the corner edge ”  I get the feeling we were manipulated somehow into allowing the device to leave the station, I also get the feeling that maybe this Nest organisation is not a dead as we think ”

Ross was still awaiting  trial for his involvement with the theft of the RG1 and the related crimes , but without Felix to testify no link could be found to implicate him any longer his guilt wasn’t in doubt but the proof was now gone. Ross was released and allowed to  travel back to Mars and his company at Meridian , as he left the Police holding cells a car pulls up and the driver gets out and opens the door for Ross. Sitting in the rear was a familiar face   ” Mr Santini so nice of you to come and pick me up , I trust I have you to thank for the clean up to our problem ” Santini didnt say a word he just looked at Ross  nodded and grinned  both men got into the car  ” Excellent and the machine you know it’s location now of course ” Santini grabbed a briefcase from the seat next to him and handed it to Ross ” Yes of course I was sure that was where it would be,  Mr Santini before you take me to the spaceport I have an errand to run , we are going on a trip to  Nevada Vegas to be precise  I have a job for someone ”  Santini Pulled back a partition to the driver and just said “Vegas” the car slid smoothly away from the Police building watched by the Officers who had to let him go ” I want that son of a bitch ” said one officer ” He is as guilty as hell and no doubt had Felix hit , and I am going to prove it ” The officer in question was Inspector Raymond Quell , if a suspect was in  his sights  it was known at the precinct as a Quells Quest . Not many had managed to get away from Quell if guilty and he wasn’t going to let Ross be one of the exceptions . ” I want a tail on them everywhere they go and although that scum may have thought he got off with this he’s wrong , I placed a tracker in his suit lining  I want to know where he is and where he has gone is that clear ” One of the subordinate officers by him said ” Yes Sir I will get on it now ” .