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” Mr Santini we had an operatives on board the EE1 that had been very helpful to us and I am sure will still be so, but just in case I want you to pay them a visit and explain the situation for me. I want you to explain that once a part of the Nest always a part of the Nest. I want you to explain that the consequences for not serving the Nest to their best ability can be a health risk, and please be sure to thank them for their assistance so far  we wouldn’t want our operatives  to feel under valued now would we”  Santini smiled his  grimacing smile even made Ross feel uncomfortable . The car stopped and Santini got out as he started to leave Ross added ” Oh and Mr Santini I want you to see if Doctor Lane left any personal belongings at the station , I heard from Campbell and it seems that the disc with the specifics of the RG1 control is still not within our possession see to it will you please ” Santin nodded and left ” Home Driver I need  a Bath  I have mixed today with such unsavory people I feel positively  unclean ” The driver acknowledged the order  and the Limousine eased away gently and headed for Ross’s private estate , Ross started to dial on his mobile  ” Hello Sir yes I have instructed Mr Santini to recover the disc if he can, Yes sir the other matter has been resolved  we now have two  operatives at area 51 sir including yourself . I believe you have met sir on the EE1 in Doctor Lanes Laboratory ” The voice on the other end asked for Ross to identify who it was ” Is that wise sir you may be under observation and no knowledge can sometimes be as helpful as too much, they will make themselves know if needed sir protecting both you and them . No Sir this is not a controlled operative but a paid one sir very reliable ” The person on the other end abruptly finished the call and  left Ross hanging ” Hello hello Sir are you there hello ” he seems to have gone no matter I had nothing further to say he thought to himself.

Area 51 was in total lock down while the RG1 was at the base  Campbell had it locked in the Containment vault for dangerous materials just in case, after all he had not fully understood the machine and the transmitter had not sent  him enough information to analyze the workings of the device .  He still felt angry that the job had been botched by Johanson , and that Lane had been killed they really needed him at this point . That is why the disc they now sought was so imperative, without it they could proceed no further in turning into a lethal Space born weapon.

Mr Santini arrived at the station he was in the guise of an Earth Experimental vehicle engineer , his mission now was to contact the operatives and relay the message from Ross to them and to find the Disc if it was on board. At the check in he was greeted by Mack ” Any Contraband not allowed blah de blah de blah I’m sure you are familiar with the speil tech man ”   he said to Santini who nodded and flashed his engineering pass and walked through security into the main ring.  Mack somehow had the hairs stand on his neck but couldn’t explain it , his eyes followed Santini for a while and he radioed Phil Doors . Passing another security officer standing at the hangar door Mack barked ” Take over here ” the man replied ” Yes Sir ” and started to check the other passengers that had just arrived on the same ship as Santini. He followed Ross’s man into the main habitat ring  and watched from the shadows as he knocked on a door, a female voice quite startled asked him in ” Oh yes come in I have been expecting you ” Mack stood outside the door and tried to hear, Phil had tracked him down and slowly walked up to him whispering he said  ” What are you doing ” Mack put his finger to his mouth and said gently for him to be quiet while he listened . From inside the room voices could just be heard ” So you know what you have to do ” asked Santini ” Of course I do I am not stupid my information has been accurate has it not get off my back, and don’t forget you have no one to threaten me with I am in this for the money just like you ”  Santini raised his voice and was clearly angry ” No one except you  remember after this operation is over you become expendable ” the female laughed ” Oh is that so well I took steps after Lanes death, I recorded every conversation I had with the Nest . I have 6 recordings and  they are in a safe place should anything happen to me, you Ross and the man will be in so much hot water you will need to leave the Galaxy to stay free.”  Santini  slapped the woman hard she screamed ” Try to cross me again and I will push you out of an  airlock alive ” he screamed  Mack and Phil moved back into the shadows as he left so as not to be seen.  Mack said to Doors ” Find out who is in that cabin and let me know, then have her watched around the clock  I will deal with the other one “