Page One Chapter One Leaving

David knew that it was time to leave, the removal men had packed all their belongings into the truck and were climbing into the cab.
As the engine roared into life, David turned to have one last look at the little house they had
all been so happy in before ‘that fateful day’.
His mind drifted back and he saw his
Mother and Father in the garden ‘mucking about’ as they used to say, play fighting with Kate and himself, and as he remembered a tear ran down his cheek, then the vision faded from his mind.
It had seemed so real, he had to bring himself back to reality knowing they were gone, to a better place so Gran had said.
It had been two months previous April 28th Kate and David’s parents, had been driving home from a restaurant. They had been celebrating their father’s knew job appointment, dad had said now he could have a holiday as he no longer worked for himself. That he would be able to spend more time with them, not that he didn’t, whenever he could their dad would take them boating or walking on the moor.
He was great, and mum would always pack them something special to picnic on, usually
something sticky sweet and scrummy and always with a crisp apple because she was
‘fussy’ about their teeth.
They were nearly home when it had happened.
the Policeman said their car had hit a tree, swerving out of the path of an oncoming car that came around a corner on the wrong side of the road.
The driver was drunk and all he was reported to keep saying was “sorry it wasn’t my fault”.
Kate held David’s hand and led him to Granddads car, now they had to stick together, him and her, Grandma and Granddad  they had to start again. learn to live once more as a new family, the car pulled away they gripped
each others hand. They promised that they would never forget the little house, and all
the good times they had shared there.
They had a six hour journey to their
grandparents house in Ayrshire, and they knew it would be a very different life to what they had known in Shropshire.
Telford was all they had known they had watched as the new housing estate had grown around their cottage home. Situated just on the outskirts of Shifnal Green, David and Kate had been born there. Now they had a new and uncertain adventure ahead of them, that
neither had wanted. They didn’t realise just how their lives were about to change.

Page Two

The miles sped by and it didn’t seem long to David that they were putting their cases into their new rooms at Gran and Granddads house,
now their home…They were nice rooms and they had done their best for the children to make them light and cheery.
With bright coloured quilt covers and curtains at the windows, a desk for Kate to do her drawing
which was something she was always doing.
If it was quiet and Kate wasn’t obviously visible or annoying David,
she would be in a quiet corner somewhere sketching some object that had caught her eye and applying to it the finest of detail.
David was sure that someday she would be a famous artist, she was that good, but he would never tell her that.
He however couldn’t draw to save his life, circles became eggs,and his drawings of people were terrible. But at modelling however, that
was a very different situation, he modelled tall ships and his meticulous attention to historical detail had won David many prizes in craft shows all over the country.

To that end, a corner of David’s room had been
made into a workshop that had been equipped with all the tools he would need to make anything he wanted for his modelling.
Just then as he was putting away his neatly folded shirts into a drawer, Granddad knocked and asked if he could come in.
He came into the room put his arm around David and said “I do hope you will be settled and happy here David, you know how much your Gran and I love you and Kate” David replied ” I know Granddad but why mum and dad, why us why what had they ever done to deserve that”.
David’s Grandfather could not answer his heart rendering plea to understand his parents death, he could only stifle the pain and heartache that he
felt now his son and daughter in law had gone.

Page Three

David saw that he was also upset and put an arm on his shoulder and squeezed,”.sorry Granddad I forgot that you were upset too, I was selfish, sorry”
To which his Grandfather replied “No son I don’t know why either, your Gran says there is a reason for everything but lord knows, I don’t know what good it did to take Gerry and Sylvia like that.
I just don’t know that”, both just sat for a while lost in their own thoughts.
“Come on lad come downstairs and have a roll and some soup. Your Gran will be annoyed if she doesn’t feed you up”.
David smiled and agreed he didn’t want to upset Gran, no way, people with any sense just didn’t do that.
As they were seated around
the large pine table in the kitchen , Kate came running in shouting excitedly”..Oh Grandma Granddad my room is so cool, I can see the forest
right across the meadows to the hills and I can see….” Her Gran cut her enthusiasm short and said that if she didn’t calm down she would burst. ” Now eat your supper you have lots to do tomorrow and it’s late. It may be light outside but it’s ten past ten and you should be in bed by now, in the morning when you have had your breakfast
I will introduce you to the Mc Cullogh children.
They have been really looking forward to your coming, I hope you will be good friends”.
David and Kate assured Gran that they would try their very best.
They finished up their meal put their dishes in the sink and kissed their grandparents good night, Off they went to bed exhausted by the days events.

The following morning Kate was the first to wake and tip-toed to David’s room she woke him gently.”..Do you want to come for a walk, it’s a lovely day the Sun is out Will you please?” David agreed.
They washed and dressed and went downstairs, as quietly as they could so as not to wake Grandma and Granddad as it was only six o’clock in the morning.
They were really surprised to find when they went in the kitchen that Gran and Granddad had already been up for an hour or so before them.

“Good Lord, we don’t keep ‘townies times’ here ” said Gran, “someone has to milk the cows and make breakfast, now sit down and drink your orange juice and I will have your breakfast ready soon”. After they had eaten David and Kate helped Gran clear the table and do the dishes.
“Now you go and get your coats,” said Gran “and we will go and meet Simon and Rose”.
They walked across the farmyard to some small cottages on the south side of the barn, In the garden they could see two young people.

A tall dark haired boy and a young girl with long jet black hair that almost reached
to the middle of her back.
“Hello you two,” said Gran “this is David and Kate, my grandchildren from Telford.
They have lots to learn about the country
and I think you two are the best to show them.
David, Kate, this is Simon and this pretty young lady is Rose. Now you two look after them and I will see you both later.”

The children said hello and everyone sat down on the wall of the garden.
“I was sorry to hear about what happened to your parents ” said Simon
“I met them last year when they came up for your Grandmothers birthday, they were very nice”.
“Thanks “said David “we thought so too”. Rosie took Kate by the hand and said “come on I will show you Easter, my pony, and you can have a ride”.
Kate got quite excited at the thought of a pony ride, “Oh yes please” she cried. They all ran across to the stables, and on seeing his mistress
approaching Easter gave a loud whinny. Stretching his head and neck as far out as he could, as if he was trying to make the sound louder and make sure that Rosie could hear.
“This is Easter, he’s my best friend and he does that every time I see him, isn’t he cute” Rose said with pride. Kate put her arms around Easters neck and the little pony seemed to return her affection, and her heart was captured immediately by her new found four legged friend.

Page Four

David and Simon went across to the barn, Simon opened the door went inside David followed.
“This is my hobby” he said he turned to face David as he pulled at a tarpaulin revealing a large black off road motor bike.”It’s a Greaves Griffon, quite an old trials bike, single cylinder 250 cc but she is a beaut’.
David had a fondness for motor bikes, and asked Simon if they could take it out for a ride. “Yes sure we can, after I have finished my jobs around the farm, my dads your Grandads foreman and I have to help him for an hour a day to earn my pocket money.
He says it will teach me the value of money”, David said he would help Simon and they set off across the yard to the pig sty. There they fed the slops to the pigs, then walked around the corner to the sheds threw the cows some hay and feed. They cleaned out the milking stalls, and flushed the collecting bottles out .
Then they flushed the milking system ready for Simons Father the next morning. “O.K. we have finished now, let’s get the bike and we’ll go across the bottom of the cairn, that’s a good ride”.
Meanwhile Rose and Kate had saddled Easter and set off for a trip along the lanes. None of the Children could have known , that they would all end up in the same place at the same time, for the start of a fantastic adventure.

Page Five Chapter Two Aryanna

“Look Royna it’s OK for you now that all your chosen samples have been obtained, but unless I get that 0ne sample I will fail my organic class. Which as you are well aware will mean that I will be held up in Terra school for at least three more years, and I don’t think I could scope on that”. Said Londas.
“But if you use the portal, you may be excluded. ” Said Royna. “It’s not legal, you know what Voz told you. No past or next generation peoples should interact, especially from that time period just before global one. You would be stupid to think of it Londas”.

Londas looked at her ,willing her to understand his predicament. “In my research disks it states that gene of plant was extinct by Global One, so I have to use it. That is why Revnar laughed when I picked that organascope course he knew that those specimens did not exist in the Jurassic, or the period up to the first major incident so I have to go.”Scowling at Londas she shouted “Well on your head be it. If you are caught I don’t want to know, and if the Portal Police come to visit my home, I don’t even know you”.

Londas threw back his head and laughed. “You dopey sack, you’re my sister, of course you know me. Sometimes you really talk sloppy!”
“That’s as maybe, “she snorted, “but I will still say I don’t know you”.
“Well I am going so cover for me with our providers and I will give you my physic disk when I return.” (The Physic disk was a holographic programming disc and the very latest toy that almost every boy and girl wanted)
“Oh gemta ” exclaimed Royna with sarcastic enthusiasm.” I get your disk as well as punishment for helping you some deal”.
“Well I think so you know how many credits they are, you would never afford one its a great deal”.

“Well be careful if you must go and guard yourself please, I don’t want to attend another High Spire deliverance. It was bad enough when our natural providers expired, don’t you leave me too.”
“I won’t little sister ” said Londas. “I will see you at the next hour of rest. I will be back easily in time, now wish me luck”.”What is luck” Royna asked. “It is a phrase I scanned on the time disk for the period where I am going to. I think it was to wish one well-being”. “Oh ,I see, well wish you luck my brother” said Royna.

Page Six

David was at the controls of the greaves now and the old bike handled well on the rough terrain. As he sped around a large rock he braked hard, dipped right over and slid on his side to a halt, just missing Easter and the girls.
Dazed but unhurt,  both he and  Simon who had been on the rear of the bike, , scrambled to their feet and  dusted themselves down. “Wow, that was close” said David. “Nearly had a right crunch with you two, are you O.K.” “Yes thanks, “they both replied.
Easter never even budged. Rosie told them, he would probably jump with fright half an hour after he was back in his stable. “He’s not too bright ” she said. They all laughed and Easter cocked his ears at the mention of his name.
Rosie and Kate dismounted. It was a close thing but everything was fine now…or was it. For now a low pitched humming noise could be heard, and the smell of burning rubber filled the air. Just above the motor bike , still lying on it’s side, a circle of blue light appeared. Sparks danced across the motorcycles frame, the group were frightened.
Easter bolted away knocking Rosie and Kate to the ground, Simon looked at his bike to see that it was now smouldering and crackling as the light hovered just above it.
Then they could not believe their eyes, from within the sphere of blue light all were amazed to see a leg and then an arm appear.
Suddenly the motorbike burst into flames, David saw that a complete figure had emerged from the light and was right beside the burning bike.
He realised straight away the danger of the machines petrol tank exploding, lunging as hard and as fast as he could, he grabbed the figure, pushed him behind a rock.
He yelled to the others to take cover. “She’s going to blow up…..RUN” he screamed as loud as he could.
Suddenly the Greaves erupted into a ball of flame, but the blast and the sound expected, just did not happen. Instead David found that both he and the figure, were being pulled towards the blue light as too were the others.
Simon was hanging on to a rock crevice, when Kate shot passed him. He tried to grab her but lost his grip, and they both disappeared into the sphere of light that was now getting smaller with each second.
The motorcycle was still exploding, but no sound could be heard. Flashes of light erupted all around as the petrol tank, which burst open, showered flaming petrol down on to the surrounding bushes igniting them instantly.
But throughout all this chaos ,still, no sound could be heard. Then everything went very cold and black, and David felt a tingling sensation throughout his whole body.

Page Seven

Simon was the first to open his eyes. He looked slowly around him and tried to take in the surroundings he now found himself in.
Strange machines made funny noises and the light was very bright and white.
He could not stand, he had pins and needles in his legs.
Rolling over he first saw Kate and then David and then the strange figure ,but he could not see Rose. The others started to stir David opened his eyes just in time to see Simon grab the stranger around the neck, very tight almost cutting off his airway.
Londas started to choke and gag. “Where is Rosie, what have you done with my sister, where is she , answer me”. ” How can he “said David “with your hands around his neck your killing him.
“Simon released his grip, and allowed Londas to speak. “I don’t know what you are saying, I don’t understand, who are you, where did you come from.

All I remember is stepping out of the portal gate, then everything went scaz-side down”.
David asked,” Who are you and where are we”. “My name is Londas , I am confused, what is your scan? who do you rest with?”
“Well I am David and this is my sister Kate and that is my friend Simon”.
“What do you mean scan…rest what are you talking about and where are we?” said Kate.
“You are in the portal chamber” said Londas, his voice sounding frightened and bemused. “I don’t know how I was alone. I had just stepped through the portal then everything hazy, and I passed out.
I had magna-keyed the chamber, no one could access it. how did you”

Londas’s voice became very excited,he hadn’t stopped properly to look at the trio due to his ordeal, he had been dazed, but now that he had been able to gather his thoughts, he could see that something was very wrong. “Wait , your coverings, you are not of Deema city, or an outerlan. You are the viewed aren’t you. ”
“What are the ‘viewed’ said Simon, and where is my sister” still very dazed by what had happened.

“The viewed are who we see through the portal picture scopes,images of happenings in the past. But none have ever passed back through the gate, that is until now. I must find Voz, wait here in the chamber, do not leave or it may be harmful to all. Please stay here and I will return soon with an elder”.
Londas then produced a plastic card from a pocket on his sleeve and placed it against the wall. A thin yellow line of light traced all around his body and he stepped through the wall as if it wasn’t there.
The children looked around and saw there were no doors and no windows, only the large box-like machine that hummed louder and made your body tingle and tickle if you approached it, and two large columns of purple stone about three metres high and between them the same glowing blue light that they had first encountered on the farm. “I don’t like this ” said Kate ” I’m frightened” . “Don’t worry sis, I don’t think they mean us any harm, he seemed as confused as we are, I don’t think he knows what has happened either, maybe this elder can explain it all I just wish I knew where we were”.

Page Eight

Despite his youthful years, David had an ‘old head’ on his shoulders, possibly because of the public school education he had received, thanks to a scholarship he had won to Ketley College in Staffordshire. Not many of the pupils at Ketley ,had the good fortune to win scholarships. They were few and far between, but David had won one due to his mathematical ability which was exemplary. Although Simon was older by some three years ,mentally compared with David he was far behind, and still had a lot of growing to do, as Granddad would say.
After a short time the wall started to glow again this time a tall man with a grey beard entered the room . “Hello children I am Voz keeper of the Portal of Arryanna and master of the temple of time , now could one of you tell me how you managed to be here. Londas who I shall be dealing with later for his disobedience, has told me some of what happened but he is an unreliable child and I would like to hear from you.I would listen to your excuse and ask why are you wearing those ridiculous antique clothes ?.

“Cheeky old man “ said Kate “ These clothes are not antique they are new, and you are a very rude old man“.
The expression on the face of Voz changed from one of anger to a smile “ Then it is true you are of the viewed my word this has never happened before “ Voz paced about the chamber with his hand on his elbow and chin “ what to do what to do they have seen they know they have seen , but will they recall will it remain in them . What to do what to do “ after a while he threw his arms into the air and said.
“The council will have to be consulted they will know what is to be done ?” he placed a card against the wall as did Londas previously and disappeared through it, suddenly his head alone popped back through and he said “ Londas take them for refreshment I may be some considerable periods in consultation I will summon you on your vitcom when I am ready now go “ and he disappeared again.
Londas beckoned them to follow him he placed his card again on the wall and told them to walk ahead. As the children did as he asked the sight that was to behold them on the other side of the wall was breathtaking .
Buildings so tall they reached into the clouds and they where joined together by glass tubes with roads and people inside them , vehicles glided past them with no noise as they went, people where walking on one side in one direction and in the other direction on the other side of the tubes , the pavement was glowing then David noticed the people where floating not walking.
Well they where walking but their feet where in mid air and they seemed to be walking but on nothing ?.
Londas told them to follow him he stood upon the lighted pathway and floated off towards a splendid dome like all the buildings it was made of glass. Simon could see the people walking around on the floors of the dome, and there was hundreds of floors the dome was massive.
As Kate stepped onto the walkway she could feel the ground under her feet but they where no where near the ground and she was indeed floating .. It carried her off in the direction Londas had gone the others where close behind . As they approached the dome the doors opened as if by magic they simply disappeared and reappeared after all the group had passed through .
Inside people where sitting on chairs that looked like big marsh mellows fluffy and pinkish in colour . The tables had no supports under them but they where there floating, but solid with people leaning or sitting on the sides of them .

Page Nine

After they had finished  eating Londas asked what is it like back in the yesterdays , what do you scan and how do you rest .
Simon said “ A bit like you mate being told off by the old geezers and getting a slapping now and then from yer old man “ he looked at David and Kate and said “ Oh sorry you two I forgot for a minute sorry “.
Londas looked puzzled and Simon enlightened him to the fate of David and Kate’s Mother and Farther . At that moment a group of people came up to the children and started to ask all sorts of questions, no one in Arryanna had ever seen the viewed in the flesh before and they all had masses of questions for the group.
Londas told them that Voz had told them to say nothing , this was enough to stop all of the people at once and they all just went back to what they were doing , no one even bothered with the children from that time on but just treated them as friends .
Kate said that the city was the most beautiful place she had ever seen , Londas smiled and said “ This .. This is nothing come with me .. They walked across the floor of the dome to a cubicle it had just one pillar in it like in the portal room, “ All place one hand on the crimson please “ he said pointing to the pillar .. As they did pictures and sights filled there heads places other worlds travelling across galaxies it was all there.
David shouted in astonishment “ WOW “ he shouted so loud that most of the other people in the dome stopped to see who had made such a loud noise .. They all laughed aloud when they saw David in the Visi chamber , he heard the laughter and took his hand off the crimson .. “ Oh sorry he said to the crowd who had gathered around the chamber “ Visitors bit of a shock yeah sorry “
To his bewilderment the crowd started to cheer and clap him , he became quite embarrassed . A young girl came up to him and said “ Hello I am the sister of Londas my name is Royna we are pleased that you like our city and cheer for you . “ she took David by the hand then spoke to Londas “ Be now Londas as the Elders have made their minds in this matter and Voz has recalled you but you have left you Vitcom at the centre of learning , so he sent me to rell with you .
Please all of you return to the chamber portal with us now we have news . When they got to the chamber Voz was already there “ Return the council say what of the knowledge asked Lonsdas you had concerns ,” no matter the ravings of children and simple minds is the belief of the council there time will have . “said Voz Now boy what was the time spectrum that you where viewing when you made this negligent shozar so I can put things back to they way they where ?.
I am afraid don’t know sir “ said Londas. “When we returned the chronograph had been blanked out and I selected at random”. “Oh dear” said Voz “well children can you tell me what day and year and time you came from”? “Yes ” said David,” It was April 28th 1996 6.30pm” “Don’t be daft ” said Simon ” it was June” “No your wrong Simon , Trust me you are , please” David gripped Simons hand and squeezed and said quietly “Please please trust me Simon””But David that’s when mum and dad..” “Yes that’s right Kate, that’s when mum and dad said it was”. “Oh yes, ” said Simon “You are right”. Quickly catching on to what was in David’s mind. “well ” said Voz “back you go “.

Page  Ten

“What about what they have seen” said Londas ” what they might say, they have seen their future”. “Do not worry ” said Voz “no one will believe them, just a child’s imagination , that’s what they would say”. He twisted some dials , clicked some switches and the blue light reappeared between the columns. He then explained that they must wear the bracelet that he was handing them, and when they had returned to their own time, to remove the bracelets and they would return to him. It was the only way that they could enter the portal. “How did we before ” said David . “When we came through the portal the first time we were not wearing bracelets”. “As far as I can tell” said Voz “the explosion from your machine caused a sound harmonic similar to that which the bracelet emits and is absorbed by the portal to allow matter to enter. A shock wave in such magnitude it allowed all of you to be transported. It literally blew you through time, now it is time for you to go. Step into the machine, and goodbye children , be well ” said Voz.
“Be well , it was nice meeting you” said Londas.
They stepped into the machine and their bodies started to tingle. In no time at all they were standing in the middle of a busy traffic island somewhere in a large town.”
I cottoned on to what you meant David, when you gave the wrong time. You are going to try to save your parents aren’t you”. “Too right ” said David . “Opportunities like this don’t come along every day and I intend not to waste it. Are you with me?”
“I haven’t got much choice have I after all, we are here and if I had any objections I would have said before”. “Count me in too” said Kate. “I’m dying to see mummy and daddy again”. “No you can’t speak to them, we exist here too, and if you did it might create a problem in time especially if the other of ourselves came face to face who knows what might happen, we have to be very careful  now lets see where we are.

Page Eleven  Chapter  Two  Second  Chance

David Simon and Kate carefully crossed the road from the traffic island that they had re-appeared on. They now had to discover what town that they where in, as none of them recognized where they were. They made it safely to the other side of the road although, they had to run to avoid being knocked down by the scores of vehicles on this very busy road junction.

David noticed that approximately twenty yards further on there was a news agents. “If we look at the local newspapers” he said to the others “we might be able to find out where we are and what town we are in”.
The children walked to the shop and browsed through the news stand on the wall outside. “This one says ‘Manchester Gazette’, do you think that’s where we are?” asked Kate. “I don’t know ” said David, “but it’s most likely. I don’t think they would have an English local newspaper on a news stand in Scotland. One thing I am trying to understand is why we ended up here and not back at Granddads farm”. “Rotation “. said Simon. “What did you say?” replied David. “Rotation I said. That portal chap, Voz, sent us back at 6.30pm on April 28th 1996, We were on the farm on the 23rd of June at 8.50am, so therefore the earths in a different place, isn’t it to when we left”. “Of course”, said David “Why didn’t I think of that, how stupid of me, that means we’ve got three hours to stop mum and dad having the accident and it will take us that long to get back to Telford from here. How the heck are we going to do it? And how did you work that out Simon?”.
“I didn’t ” replied Simon. “I read it in my Star Trek book, that’s what happened when they went back in time, so I figured that is what had happened to us”. “Oh I see, well that is exactly what has happened to us and I should have thought about it when I told them the time to send us back”.
“We’ll never get there now” said Simon “and how do we get back to our own time?”.
“To your fist question, I haven’t worked that out yet, and to your second question if we manage to save mum and dad we would never have gone to Granma and Granddads so all our time should return to normal and we won’t even know nobody will.”

Page Twelve

“Why don’t we phone ” said Kate “We could phone home and tell ourselves to stop them going out”. “Great idea, we just ring up and say ‘hello David this is yourself, stop mum and dad from going out tonight or there will be an accident and they will be killed’ I’m sure I would believe that “said David. “You really are stupid sometimes, we’ve got to think of something better than that”.

“No she’s right ” said Simon “She’s absolutely right. You must have done something that only you would have known about, I know I have, I once broke my mums ornamental horse and I glued the leg back on and told no-one. Something like that perhaps, you must have”.
David racked his memory and couldn’t think of anything he would not have told his parents or Kate. Dad had always said if you have something to say, say it and you won’t get into trouble, keep it a secret and I will be angry. So they always told them everything. “I can’t think of a thing ” said David “We used to tell them everything , we never had secrets”.
“Yes you did ” said Kate.” What do you mean ” replied David “I’ve got no secrets”
“Then what about the air pistol under the plank in the garden shed?” said Kate .
“How do you know about that I never told any one?”
“I just know, I must have seen you put it there” “It’s not mine ” said David “It’s dads. It was one he had when he was a little boy. He didn’t like guns but it was one his uncle had bought him as a gift and he didn’t want to throw it away.
He made me promise not to tell anyone, and I never have”. “Well that’s it ” said Simon “that’s what you have to tell yourself to make you believe that you are talking to yourself. Oh boy , does that sound strange”.
David ,Simon and Kate decided as they were so far away, that was the only thing they could try. “Lets find a phone box ” said Simon. “Where would you be now? It’s 7 0’clock”.”I remember I was doing my modelling in my room”. “Well that’s it ” said Simon “PHONE HOME” Simon pointed his finger in a sarcastic manner up to the stars.

Page Thirteen

They found a phone box just a little further down the road. “Have you got any money” asked Kate.

“Yes , I’ve got 50p” said David “that should be enough”. David entered the box and started to phone, first the code and then the number of his parents house.
A mans voice answered the phone, it was David’s father. He just stopped himself from saying ‘hello dad’ and instead asked if he could speak to David, his voice choking with the lump in his throat at hearing his fathers voice once again.
In the background he could hear his mother calling to ‘him’ telling him that there was someone on the phone for him.
“Hello, this is David, who is it”.” You would not believe me if I told you, Not yet anyway. But under the forth plank in the garden shed in a yellow plastic bag, you and your dad hid a B.S.A. air pistol.
On the handle there is a no 8 where your Great Uncle Bill scratched it on, he put the number on when it was in his shooting gallery at the fair and your dad told you never to tell anyone
and you never have”.
“That’s right, I never have told anyone , how did you know, who is this ,nobody knows about that gun, except me and dad, not even mum. She told dad to get rid of it because….”
” She didn’t want anyone to shoot themselves in the foot with it, but he didn’t want to throw it away because it was a gift” said David.”.That’s right . Who is this , please?”
“You are going to find this very hard to believe, in fact impossible, but I promise you everything I tell you is true. I am you”.
David began to tell himself everything that had happened. The accident, moving to Grandma and Granddads, Simon and Kate, the blue light and the portal chamber.
“O.K. I believe you” said the David from the past. “you seem to know to much and I can’t take the chance that you’re not telling the truth, I will pretend that I’m not well, mum would never leave us if we were poorly, If you are me you will already know that”. “O.K. ” said David “That will work, if it does we will cease to exist ,as our future would never have happened.
Good luck”. David put the phone down and turned to Simon and Kate and said “all we can do now is wait.
The accident happened at 9.30pm If we are still here at 9.35pm then we have failed”.
The children walked to a nearby park and sat in a kiosk sheltering from the wind.
Simon had walked across the road to the garage and brought back three cups of soup from the machine. The hours dragged by but finally it was 9.29pm. David, Kate and Simon all held each others hand . ” We will meet some day Simon, if all this works I promise you that.
Thanks for all your help”. “Don’t mention it ” said Simon “anytime”.
The hands on the clock on the garage opposite seemed to take forever to point to 9.30pm. The children could feel a strange tingling sensation. On looking at each other they could see they were starting to fade. “It’s worked ” cried David then they were gone.

Page Fourteen

“Oh good gracious “said Sylvia “What’s wrong mum “said David “Just look at this on the television”

“Reports are that at least two of the children have been seriously hurt and as to yet it is known that four of the party of sixteen 10 -15 year olds on a school trip have been killed.

The driver of the other vehicle involved was said to be five times over the legal limit for alcohol, he was arrested at the scene and taken to Stafford Police station. He will be held there prior to being charged with, Causing death by careless driving .
The man who has not yet been named, will appear before Stafford magistrates in the morning .
It is expected they will remand him to the Crown court where if found guilty,he could face up to ten years imprisonment, and or a fine and automatic disqualification, for the minimum of twelve months.
Some of our viewers who have involved in incidents of this kind say that the system is not hard enough on drunk drivers.
More on this and further developments of this tragic yet avoidable accident on News at Ten” Said the Newscaster”.

David’s Father was out in the garage making final preparations to move, his new job meant that they would be moving to Scotland very near to his Fathers. Everyone was busy getting their belongings together, the house had already been packed up.
With David feeling ill the night before David’s Mother and Father had managed to finish the packing early, because they had not gone out as they had first planned .
Just then Sylvia came running out and called.
“Gerry Gerry a terrible thing has happened “She cried “What is it sweetheart “said Gerry “”The school bus that was from the Shifnal Community College has had an accident and there have been some children Killed . Martin Ash, Pauline’s boy was on that trip.
Pauline Ash was Sylvia’s closest friend all through their school days when Shifnal Green had been just a sleepy little village , and had remained so to this day .
She had even taken David and Kate on holiday’s with her and Martin who was all she had left since, Mr Ash had left her for a ” Blond Bimbo! with as much Character as an ironing board” she used to say.
“well she is welcome to him ,I just hope she doesn’t mind Stiff Socks he had terrible feet and they were a devil to bend and put in the machine”

“I have tried to phone her but I am not getting any answer, I do hope everything is alright” said Sylvia
“I must be sure will you please run me over to her house I must check please Gerry.” “ok ok Calm down we will get straight over there tell David to look after Kate and I will get the car out” He said making his way around the car to the drivers seat “where did it happen ” He asked ” On the Congleton Road about two miles past the Fox and Feathers about nine thirty last night” she said “Flippin heck we would have been around there at that time last night if we had gone for our meal as arranged we would have seen it”
They both climbed into the car and David and Kate waved to them as they drove out of the gate and down the road.” I wonder if this has any thing to do with that telephone call I got last night ” said David “what call” enquired Kate.” Well at seven o clock last night I had a caller who said that he was Me….?”David told Kate.

Page Fifteen

“What are you daft she said how can you phone yourself and Dad thought it was you with the brains in this family Duuuurrrrr……..!”
Kate replied with screams of laughter, she had not yet heard what had happened to their friend Martin Last night.
“I know but he knew things that I have never told any one and he sounded just like me” Pleaded David” And he told me that if Mom and Dad went out last night that they would be in an accident and be Killed”.
He yelled at Kate now more sure that what had happened the night before was real because even he did not believe it until now.
“I had to take what he said as truth if I hadn’t and something had happened to them I would have never forgiven myself dont you see. That’s why I pretended to be ill last night so they wouldn’t go out.”
David explained” “I knew that you were faking it and that you were not ill “she said
“Fine but I am Glad Mom and Dad couldn’t or they may have been dead now!” David said tears now running down his face
“But what if doing it that way and not telling Dad what happened it has caused Martin and the others to have their accident if that driver had hit Dads car he wouldn’t have hit the mini bus would he” Kate looked at David and realised that everything he was telling her was the truth .
Holding his hand she said quietly “you don’t know that David it may have never happened at all it may have I don’t know but you only thought of Mom and Dad there is nothing wrong with that .
If you did talk to yourself last night Where did He..? I mean You…? say that you had come from or where he was..?” David told Kate the whole story that his future self had said to him” That’s it” he shouted aloud. “What’s it David what are you shouting about” Kate asked him.
“Don’t you see if I came back in time once I can do it again” David cried excitedly .”All I have to do is get to Gran and Granddads and be there When Londas Comes through the Portal ” Kate looked at David as if he had gone just a little barmy but she never understood half the things he came out with anyhow why should anything be different now she thought.
“Ok even if you do get there and you do go back in time what will you do “she asked. “What the other me should have done in the first place not stop Mom and Dad’s night out but stop the drunk driver! then the accident will never happen.”
Later that evening David heard the car door slam his Mom and Dad where back , he rushed down stairs to hear what they had to say .
They told the children that Martin Ash Pauline’s son had indeed been killed in the horrific road accident the previous night and she was devastated .
David’s mum was also crying and she grabbed hold of Kate and David and hugged them,
“I really don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you two“ she cried sobbing as she walked off into the kitchen.
Gerry put his hand on his son’s shoulder ,
”I’d give your mom a little space kids she is very upset“
David and Kate looked at their mother who was now
seated at the kitchen table with her head bowed into her arms sobbing , “ Don’t worry Daddy” Kate said “ everything will be ok . Gerry looked at her and thought that she didn’t really understand and replied “ of course it will sweety

Page Sixteen Chapter Three Discovery

The following day the family just carried on with packing and getting ready for the long trip to Scotland,
David knew that if he could just be at the farm when Londas came from the future he could make things ok again. His future self had told him everything he needed to know and all he had to do was wait, it would be two long months before the portal would open but he would be there and he would be ready.

But David did not have to wait the two months, as he was walking back to the house after putting some of his belonging’s into the car he noticed the figure of an old man.
He was standing by the garden shed and beckoning him to come to him, David walked slowly the man stood taller and took of the hood he was wearing.
He was very distinguished looking with a white greyish beard, and even though this David had never seen him before he knew who it was … “ Voz“.

The old man smiled and said “well done David your keen mind deduced who I was before I had to explain, which is unfortunate because it means you deceived me David when I sent you back to the wrong time spatial settings.
This explains why things in my timeline have been changing, I am sorry but I have to take you back to your own time line.

David shouted “No no you can’t do that if you do my parents will be dead in that time “.
Voz bowed his head and said “Sorry David but things must be as they should be“, there was a flash of light and David found himself in the portal chamber for this David it was the first time here and he was alone and scared.
Who was this man and why wouldn’t he let things be as they were’ and let his parents stay alive.
“I understand that you are full of questions and again I am sorry but I cannot answer all of them, suffice to say that in the minibus that crashed at the time your parents should have crashed was a boy.
He would have done many great things in his life, I know you wont understand David but that boy must continue his life and achieve what he was meant too.
You had changed that and now we must put thing to right“, then as Voz was about to send David back he cried out “wait I have a plan and my parents should have the right to live also, shouldn’t they please don’t do this listen to me“.
Voz stopped “what plan what do you mean boy ?“ David explained what he had in mind and that he had already made up his mind to change things back but with one slight difference the drunk ?

Page Seventeen

David explained to Voz that he had originally stopped his mother and farther going on their celabration night out, and that he really should have stopped the drunk from driving his car.

That way he would never have been on the road to hurt anyone with his drunken driving, Voz held his bearded chin and paced around the portal chamber.

“I shall have to compute this new variant before we take any further action, but I do see that would or may give one solution to this problem“.

Voz made his way from the purple columns to the plain wall on the far side. Taking a card from inside his robe he turned it and placed it against the wall at the same time taking David by the arm.

Immediately a thin yellow line traced it’s route around their bodies. Voz then walked forward, taking David with him and they both dissolved through the wall.

David then saw the majestic glass spires reaching to the clouds and the inter-connecting tubes. The sky was clear blue and the air smelled fresh and crisp, like an early winters morning but with out the feeling of cold.

Voz beckoned him to the entrance immediately across from them. It was an opening to one of the inter-connecting tubes between the spires. As they stepped forward a force unseen force lifted them and propelled them forward in a standing position.

“This is like flying” David thought to himself “but standing up”.

“Historical level 235, prior to ‘Global One'” commanded Voz. As he spoke a blue light appeared some twenty metres ahead of them, and a computerised voice said “As you wish, Councillor Voz”.

They then both disappeared into the blue light, at high speed. Within seconds David and Voz were transported to another part of the city.
Pressing a button upon a bracelet around his wrist, the forward motioned slowed almost to a stop. They drifted to the end of the tunnel and stepped down on to a firm, silver walk-way.

They walked further along, about fifty metres. Voz stopped, placed his hand against the wall with the card and disappeared, leaving David outside on the walk-way.
Realising his mistake Voz reached through the wall and yanked David through. “Now boy”, said Voz “let us see if your plan bears any merit, and whether or not this will stop the destruction of the time-line without starting another. Sit down there and wait until I have finished. And don’t speak, these vocal computers get confused easily. If you start it off, it will talk your legs off with questions, you have got to know how to treat them and don’t let them get away with a thing”.

David looked around the room and all he could see, right in the centre of the room was what appeared to be a giant egg on a pedestal.
“Computer, this is Voz, keeper of the portal of Ayrvana”. To which the computer responded in an authoritative commanding voice ‘Speak, Voz, keeper of the portal, report your progress’.
“I wish to make a paradox scan . Display all involved in original paradox dated April 28th 1996 9.38pm.”.

Page Eighteen

From the floor a flat screen rose up shimmering with an orange glow. Then words and pictures formula and figures formed on the screen. Voz looked at it closely.
David could see some names that he recognised. Martin Ash., Paul Scoby. John Spencer. David thought to himself these must have been the students on the mini-bus. Then as suddenly as it came the screen went blank, and Voz turned towards David.
He raised his fingers to his lips in a gesture of silence and smiled. He then turned back and spoke to the computer again.
“Proposition on theory and result of paradox information as shown”. To which the computer replied ‘99%.99 probability pure’.
Voz then turned to David. “Well my boy, it seems that under our law your parents, although once deceased, would still constitute a right to existence in this time-line and your idea is the only reasonable proposition that can be determined”.
David replied “Does that mean you are sending me back?” “Yes my boy, it does”. said Voz.

They made there way back to the portal chamber. Voz twisted some dials, flicked some switches and told David to step into the portal.

“I have configured the portal to take you back five minutes before the driver of the car came out of the public house. All you have to do is stop him from driving off. On scanning the area one of your security officers, I believe you call them Police men, is parked directly opposite and about to enter no37 Congleton Road, inform him and let him do the rest.
I shall be watching do not under any circumstances do anything directly yourself, as this would affect the time-line.
Telling the Policeman who is from that time, will cancel out the paradox, should he act in time.
You will then return automatically to the instant where you saw me at the rear of your dwelling. You will remember nothing.
I wish you ‘well being’ young David, now step through the portal”. David did as he was told and stepped through the portal.

He found himself in the car park of the Fox and Feathers. He looked across the road and there indeed was the Police car with the Police Officer just getting out.
David shouted across to him and the Policeman turned towards him. David beckoned him across the road.
“What can I do for you young lad, what are you doing on a pub car park at this time of night?” said the officer.
“My civic duty ” said David. “Do you see that car there”. “Well yes” said the Policeman “it is the only one in the car park”.
“Well in a moment “said David “A man is going to come out of that pub, very drunk and drive that car off, and I was sent to tell you”.
“Thanks youngster” he said “I’ll go straight across and have a word with the driver”.
The Policeman set off across the car park, just as the man was trying to put his keys into the lock of the door. David saw the Policeman take the keys off of the man and hand cuff him.
They then turned and started walking back towards where David stood. The Policeman raised his thumb to David and winked his eye and shouted across “Thanks young ‘un , you could have saved some ones life tonight”.
“I know ” said David. And faded away before their very eyes…….The sight of this the drunk staring in amazement swore on his life he would never touch alcohol again. The Policeman looked at the drunk and said “If I was a religious man I would say ‘that was your guardian Angel’ my friend”.

Page Nineteen   Finale,  Beginings

David finished packing all his models away in his room. The removal wagon had arrived and it wouldn’t be long now before they were on their way. When he got down stairs Kate called him to come out side. “Look who’s come to see us off” she said. “Hello Martin, I’m glad you came , it has saved me a journey. Dad has told me that I can only take one of my push bikes and I was wondering if you would like the other”. Said David. “Thanks ” replied Martin “I would like that very much. I need a good bike mines on it’s last legs”.

Kate then looked across at David and touched his arm, pulling back his sleeve. “Oh, that’s a lovely bracelet, David . Where did you get it from? It’s gold isn’t it?”. ” I don’t know ” said David “it was on my cabinet this morning when I woke up with a note on it from a friend, it said, ‘now you have all the time in the world’. The car pulled out and Kate held David’s hand . They were very sad to leave the little house. Mum looked over to them from the front seat as they looked out the back window of the car and said “Don’t worry , we shall never forget our little house and all the good times we have shared there”.
Back in the portal chamber two millennium lifetimes away, another friend of David’s who he had yet to meet again, watched him through the portals picture scope. Londas turned to Voz and said ” Why did you send him a transport bracelet, I thought he was to never know?” “Absolutely right ” replied Voz , smiling. “But you never know, we may have need of our young friend in the unlimited future………………………..

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