Page Thirty Six Chapter 6 ” Reserection”

The first officer of the King Charles had Called the General several times now he hadn’t responded, he decided to send down a junior ensign to wake him he was 20 minutes late for his watch most unlike him.

Pacing up and down on the bridge he had a gut feeling something was not right, had the General rose early and gone to the Diana without telling him.
Of all the thoughts that ran through his head none could have never prepared him for the truth,the light on his consul indicating someone was calling him was flashing.
“Go ahead ensign report“ there was a silence then “Sir it’s best you come down here to the Generals quarters Sir“
Number one was getting a bit irate with his younger officer shouted, “ For heavens sake man just report will you I haven’t got time for games“. Again silence on the com and then “Sir in the interest of security you had better get down here Sir“.
The number one was now even more angry with the young ensign “Heavens man I just sent you down to knock on the man’s door, not create a song and dance about it where’s the general“ the next message he had made him chill to the bone.
The young ensign realising he wasn’t going to be able to tell him discretely said, “Sir that’s what I was trying to tell you and thought it should not go over the com for the bridge crew to hear, Sir the General he’s, he’s dead Sir“.
This time the Generals first officer raced to the bridge entrance, as he did all the bridge crew where now standing looking a little dazed.
“Sir what’s happened to the General Sir Mr Watson the Radio operator asked “ his questioning cut short by the number 1.
“MR Watson you have the bridge contact the Diana ask Captain Rowkesh to come to the ship general order 5 is that clear,“ Mr Watson replied “ Yes Sir at once Sir “
The number one raced to the Generals quarters when he got there the young ensign was kneeling by the Generals bed Praying “You a Christian ensign“ he asked “Yes Sir I thought someone should say something for him sir“
The number one put his hand on the boys shoulder “Good man but you can go and get the medical team now I will stay with the General, escort Captain Rowkesh to Med centre when he boards“. The young ensign acknowledged the order saluted and left the room.
Christopher Harry had been with the General on many campaigns whenever the General moved he took him along, said that he knew too many of his secrets to be left behind.
But Christopher knew it was that they were alike, and he knew that they both trusted each other without question. They had become friends over the years “I told you to take it easy you silly foolish old man ,I knew something like this might happen why did you never listen to anyone else“.

He pulled up a chair and sat by the Generals bed just staring at the cold figure lying there that was once his friend.
It seemed like hours he was sitting there when Captain Rowkesh entered the room with Meerat Vash Harry stood up to attention.
“Stand easy Christopher no need for rank here at this time “No Sir thank you sir“ Vash walked to over to David.”Please will you both leave the room”, both looked at each other and asked why.
“I can not tell you just trust me please“ Adam pointed to the door and they both leftthe room, Vash placed his hands on David’s head and chest and screamed an ear piercing scream as he did David’s whole body glowed bright blue then faded.
The door opened to the Generals room and Adam and Christopher entered, Vash was lying on the Floor Adam bent to help him up. “Vash what happened”  said Adam, when suddenly Christopher shouted  “He’s breathing great scott the General he’s breathing he was dead cold how”.

Page Thirty Seven 

Christopher had turned to see that indeed the General was now breathing strong , but still unconscious yet he was dead he thought how is this possible , Adam knelt by the side of David’s bunk and felt his wrist it was still a little cold .
Turning and looking up at Vash he said “ Now this was a little trick you kept quiet about my friend , just how did you manage this “ Vash who was still looking a little shaky tried to explain .

“ We have the ability to channel energy somewhat like your mediums on Earth do , but we are far more advanced we can channel our life force and share it between each other . This way we can share each others memories and feelings , it is a ritual we call Hadlaneltess , we use this ceremony when we join and mate and we transfer a part of ourselves to our partner as they do to the other “
Adam scratching his head looked at Vash and trying to understand said “ so what your telling me is that you just saved the Generals life by mating with him is that right ? “, Vash laughed and explained that he had not but just transferred some of his life energy to the General “ He may recover quickly it may take him a great deal of time there is no way of telling , depending how strong the bonding was and how compatible our life forces are he may not recover at all he may die again there is of yet no way to tell “

Adam said that he  understood he also realised the General was an integral part of holding the alliance together with the other nations leaders “ The others must not know about this Christopher you will be made acting Captain of the Charles until the General can re-take command , until then he is on the Pashitz and that is all you know is that understood Captain Harry “ the newly made Capitan of the Charles nodded that he understood .
Vash produced a device from the sleeve of his robe a communicator he made some shrill noises into it and he Adam and the General were beamed to the Pashitz , Christopher sat down and tried to take in all that had just occurred .
He quickly gathered his composure and made his way back to the bridge he needed a cover story after all due to the fact he had lost his temper with his ensign , the bridge crew knew what had happened as he was walking thinking things over he realised the ensign may say something he had to stop him . He walked to the nearest com and said “ Ensign Daley to the Captains ready room at once please “ once in the ready room he quickly thought of a cover plan to tell the crew one that he would order Daley to corroborate .
The young ensign Daley came in stood to attention and saluted “ Sir reporting as ordered Sir “
Christopher told him to stand easy “ Ensign Daley the events that we just witnessed the Generals death have you told anyone “ the young man replied “Only the Doctor sir as ordered I thought I had better not talk about it sir as Protocol instructs Sir“
Christopher smiled at least that was one good thing about young new officers they could quote the regulations backwards , as they had only recently left the academy “ Very Good ensign don’t not a word if anyone asks you the General was merely asleep and you were mistaken , you had not realised he had taken a sleeping remedy and was in a deep sleep is that understood “ looking a little unsure the young officer said “ Yes Sir I was mistaken Sir the General was in a deep sleep Sir “
he saluted and went to leave stopped and turned “ Off the record Sir “ “ Off the record Ensign “
he walked back towards Christopher “ I saw him dead sir I know when a man is dead, And I understand why you may be keeping it on the hush , But when Captain Rowkesh and yourself were standing out side the Generals room I was behind you . I saw you go back in I saw the General he was breathing Sir , it’s not natural Sir men coming back from the dead “
Christopher shook his head “ No it’s not natural but I fear that that may be something that we may find will change ensign now we have met the Achin like many things have . I must order you to say nothing other than what I have told you it is imperative is this understood “ Daley Nodded saluted and said yes Sir quite understood “ Oh and Daley if I ever break protocol like I did before with you and for that I apologise you just quote article 5 at me ok shipmate “ Daley smiled saluted and left the room . Next step was to tell the Doctor that he may well be out of a job the Achin seemed to have cornered the market on healing somewhat and to keep him quiet .

Page Thirty Eight

Captain Christopher Harry was in for a surprise he spoke to the ships Doctor who was not at all amazed at his revelation about the general, he told him that he had other instances of strange healing ability that had been bought to his notice.
One crew member who’s arm was severed in an accident who was healed by another Achin crew member,and yet another blinded by a freak plasma bolt in engineering his site restored yet again by another Achin.“ Why was the General or I not told of this Doctor did you not think we should have been, or was it that you thought we would not believe you or brand you as mad”.
The Doctor who was sitting at his desk rose and faced the newly appointed Captain,“ Well to be honest with you Sir, I didn’t think it was any of your business how my patients had been healed, confidentiality and all that, and yes to be honest I thought it was some hallucinatory misconception that the injuries ever happened.
Firstly as when I examined them there was no scar tissue at all, indicating there had been no injury as far as I could see. Without proof yes I did think you would not think me of sound mind after all I wasn’t too sure at all“
The Captain smiled“ Yes I see it does sound a little far fetched I have to admit, but I have seen it with my own eyes Doctor a man bought back from the dead” the Doctor shook his head and sat down again “ It seems I am a no longer needed commodity on this ship Captain, and from what I have seen in the new society we may be forging here, well my skills the least of all”
Christopher started to walk to the door stopped and turned “ Doctor you will transport to the Pashitz tell no one of the conversation here and when you have ascertained the Generals condition , call me on a private com line in my ready room is that clear “ the Doctor agreed and Christopher left.
They were making good time to Achin flight time was 2 months 4 days 23 hours they were at the half way point , the General had been unconscious the whole time but he was at least still alive.

The Doctor had been with the General almost every hour of every day working with the Achin medics, learning their ways and some of their medicines it seemed the healing powers they possessed only worked on humans not on Achin to them it was just a ritual nothing more .
The Doctor was a little confused when he found this out he wondered how Vash knew to use the ritual to regenerate the General, one Achin medic enlightened him their species has visited our Earth many times before he was told.
Many hundreds of years ago the Achin had been amongst Earthlings and had healed them it was done first purely by accident, an Earth man who was ill and who had befriended an Achin visitor was present at an Achin ritual .
This man was dying of a very aggressive Cancer his friend Ampresh wanted him to see his Partner and himself joined, the ritual was performed and when the joining was complete he was found collapsed in the joining chamber.
He was placed in the care of the Achin Baneshta or Doctor who saw that instead of a man dying of a Cancer he was now healthy and clear of your disease, however the Achin who also had been in the chamber were all ill with the same symptoms he had had prior to the ritual.
They had contracted his Cancer somehow in the exchange of energy the man had infected his friends with his illness, luckily to an Achin cancer is no more serious than a bad abscess easily cured.
The doctor now understood a few things more clearly “ so that’s why Vash asked the Captain and the first officer to leave the room ,not for privacy but for their and his safety “ the crewman said it was .
Several more weeks passed and the General had shown no improvement he lay as before comatose neither living or dead, that is until one day fate took a hand.
The Pashitz was leading the convoy towards New Earth when they ran into a meteor shower, quite a heavy one the ship was tossed about like a twig. At one point it was rolled completely 360 degrees to avoid a collision with a massive meteorite.
A previous strike had knocked out one of the anti-gravity generators, as a result objects had started to float about on the ship in certain areas. One of those areas was sick bay as they fought to keep medical equipment and patients drifting about, a large cylinder crashed into an overhead power line breaking it loose.
The live power line was squirming all over the place and it touched the edge of the Generals bed, his body convulsed as if in agony and fell to the floor when control of the situation had been established he was placed back on the resting couch. As the Doctor of the Charles was making him comfortable, Asterholm opened his eyes .

Page Thirty Nine

The Doctor was a little startled but he remained calm and told the General to rest as he had been through quite an ordeal, the Doctor radioed for Adam and the captain beamed into the medical centre after a few minutes.

He approached the General who tried to sit up Adam stopped him “Whoa hold it there a minute Sir in here your the one who takes orders and the order is complete bed rest“
David lay back down and reached out and grabbed Adam by the wrist “Adam what the hell happened why am I here where we attacked ? Why is this happening“ the Captain sat by his Generals bed and tried to explain all that had happened.

The General stared at the celing while his visitor told him of the time that he had been in sick bay, holding both hands to his head he pushed his greying hair back across his scalp “ My God dead I was dead and Vash bought me back ,that explains a few things then“ Adam asked what he meant.

“I have been having dreams about places I know Iv’e never been Planets creatures people, these memories must belong to Vash“

Adam told him that that was one of the reasons the Achin did the ritual to know one another completely .
The General sat up to the dismay of the Doctor who came straight across to him and instructed he lay back down, the General gave the man a look that would freeze blood “ Doctor I need to speak to this man privately is there a compartment we can go to now” he insisted “ Yes sir but stay on the trolley bed and I will take you Sir please lie down “’
The doctor pushed the General into a side room of the sick bay normally used to quarantine patients and then he left saying as he did, “ General it’s a miracle you are here in the land of the living at all so don’t push your luck we don’t know if it will last so do not over tax yourself “.
The general nodded and waved the doctor to leave and he did so, “ Adam we could be in serious trouble the Achin may not be as friendly and amicable as they have tried to make out , I know the full story about Irnash and it was not what they told us well not all of it anyhow “

Adam asked the General to explain “ These images dreams I have been having the Achin were fighting a war Irnash was not just a Moon it was inhabited“ the General explained that he had seen the Achin and a race called the Raki fighting.
He was unsure what the fighting was about and who was the aggressor the Achin or the Raki, but he knew that the Achin had destroyed them using the Red Particle Cannon and that was why Irnash was heading for Achin they had destabilized it’s orbit themselves.
He said there story about using the cannon to move the moon back to it’s position was true and how they had lost control of Irnash, making it head for Earth but they had lied and it must be found out why.
Adam told the General he would find out what was the truth but he said the general must stay in sick bay too much depended on his survival, reluctantly he agreed and as Adam left for the Diana David said “ be very careful Adam and remember not to alert Vash he may already realise that I know the truth do not tell him I have told you is that clear “ Adam said “ Perfectly sir not to worry I can handle Vash“ and he left.

The General called the Doctor “how many others in sick bay know I have regained consciousness Doctor“
The Doctor said only he the Captain and the one orderly knew “Achin or Human“ the Doctor said Human“ then tell him to tell no one you will send him back to the Charles and get a replacement and I am still asleep understood “confused but loyal to his general the Doctor agreed and the General Lay down and fained sleep when anyone else was in the room.
Back on the Diana Adam went to see his science officer Nigel Aston, as Adam entered the mess he saw Aston in the far corner playing Kavotti with an Achin crew member , “Excuse me but I need to talk to my Science officer in private“ the Achin stood and bowed his head and left.

Adam sat down and started to rearrange the Kavotti chips “just look as if we are playing Nigel and just listen, I know you are getting very familiar with the Achin Chack do you think you can hack into it and interface one of ours with it“.
Nigel looking puzzled said “yes sir not a problem what do you need from it “Adam looked around to make sure no one could overhear them“ I want all you can find about a race called the Raki and what caused the war between them and Achin, bring it to me and no on else“.
The science officer agreed “when do you want this sir“ .. “ Yeterday Nigel “
he nodded and stood up saluted and left the mess. Adam fumbled with the Kavotti pieces , wondering what the truth was about Irnash after all.

Page Forty

Science officer Nigel Aston had been with the fleet for several years , he had never served before with either the General or Captain Rowkesh but he knew they were both respected officers .
It was thought Adam Rowkesh would sweep up the ranks as his mother was in Government but it never happened , he had to slog his way like all the rest and the men respected him for it .

The General was a self made hero he had shown outstanding bravery during the Titan uprising , a group of some 300 Ore miners not happy with the way they were treated kidnapped a minister who was inspecting the mines at the time . Threatening to do him considerable harm very slowly the Alliance sent in the then Captain Asterholm , he listened to the miners demands and said when they had finished he was taking a shuttle down to collect the Minister .
The miners said if he did they were both dead very cool he said that if that was the case so be it and went anyway , when his shuttle landed it was surrounded by hundreds of miners he never flinched he just walked straight through them and into their HQ . When inside he demanded “ Who is in charge here “ A tall stocky man with Ginger hair stepped forwards “ That would be me stupid ?” and laughed Asterholm walked across to him smiled then with one hand grabbed the man’s throat .
Looking him straight in the eyes he said “ Do you see any fear in my eyes Mr even the slightest bit … No and you know why that is .. its because Orbiting your silly little moon is my Ship the Thatcher 135,000 tons of the latest armament 90 multi turret laser cannons , 200 laser guided missiles and finally 2000 men armed and waiting for you to do something really Dumb ?

“ He let him go turned to another man in the room and said “ Coffee now one for me and one for the Minister when you bring him in “ then he sat down . The miners got the message surrender to him or be blown off the planet they decided not to do anything dumb the siege was over in thirty minutes .
So Nigel knew this was a man with whom you don’t mess he demanded respect and he got it , even if you’d never served with the General, every serving officer and rating in the services had heard of him .
Aston was trying to find an algorithm that would mesh precisely with the Achin language the Chack computer used , he had been working with them for months now and had got to know the code fairly well and had soon mastered it . Even his Achin colleges were amazed at the ease he had taken to their Systems , deciphering Achin code and descrambling it into use-able earth syntax . This though was going to take some time all the files he had tried to access had been security sealed and this code was entirely new to him , hours passed and still he was no closer to breaking the code until as he was just about to give up Jenny his Girl came to his room .
She plonked herself on his bunk and moaned how tired she was after working 2 straight shifts , she rose from the bed put her arms around his neck and said ”what do all those pictures mean babe “
He turned grabbed her and said “ Of Course they are picture grams darling your wonderful kissed her passionately and ran out the room , “ Well I’ve never had that effect on a man before “ and laughed . Nigel went to the main frame chack computer terminal on the bridge , he entered a program code and the computer started to dispense data discs it gave him five .
Immediately he went to the Captains quarters and Knocked on his door there was no answer , he looked at his watch and thought It’s 0.1200 hours he will be in engineering making his rounds .
He stepped into the lift and pressed the button to go down the two levels to engineering , as he stepped from the lift he saw Adam walking towards him he wasn’t alone Vash was with him .
Very calm and cool Nigel saluted and walked to them “ Sir the data on the Ships engines you asked me for , I looked sir and found that they were misaligned Sir it’s all in the report sir with five logs of the days reports also “ Adam knew he had not asked for any report but was in no doubt that this was a cover story as Vash was with him “ Thank you Nigel I have been waiting for them , Vash I have hours of reading now fancy helping me out showing him the discs “ Vash declined and said “Sorry Adam I have to get back to the Pashitz maybe some other time “ he then boarded the lift and went . Nigel smiled and said “ Quick thinking Sir offering to show him what was in the discs you knew he wouldn’t want to read them with you didn’t you Sir “ Adam laughed “ Oh yes Vash is a Doer not a reader I knew he would want to get away as quick as he could he hates reading “
He beckoned Nigel to follow him and they went back into the Engineering department “ So what have you found out “ Nothing yet sir I just got the discs but they are high level security so only you or the General can read that off our Computers “ Adam placed the discs into the consul and waited .
It whirred and buzzed then it started to give up the secrets within the discs then he said “ It was the Achin they started their War with the Raki they were the Aggressors .

Page Forty One

Adam looked at Nigel and said “ I know I don’t really have to tell you to keep this between ourselves do I “ Nigel shook his head “ No Sir “ Adam removed the discs from the computer , and
told his science Officer to erase any record from the ships computer that they existed .
On his way back to see the General Adam thought to himself that this was not Vash this was not the being he had got to know , he was hoping that there would be some logical explanation but at the moment it didn’t look like there was .

The General watched the discs on his portable computer this was not linked to the ships mainframe , nobody would have been able to tap into it and see what they had discovered .
“ I agree with you Adam this doesn’t seem like the Vash we know, but he could have been following orders
“ I don’t care Sir it says there as plain as day that Vash was responsible for eradicating the Raki problem eradicating sir that can only mean one thing ?.

The General was sitting up in his bed now the Doctor was pleased with his progress soon he would be up and about , “ Adam we only have 36 hours now till we arrive at Achin during that time I want you to keep a close eye on Vash and the rest of the Achin crew , don’t make it obvious but keep them away from major systems and have the systems checked by a Human engineer at once all ships.
“ Adam agreed this was a wise course of action “ Yes Sir it’s going to be difficult but we will have to think of something “. The General was holding his chin in deep thought then he smiled
“ Tell them that an Earth disease has made it on board somehow , and that it would be wise for all the Achin to be quarantined on the ship or return to the Pashitz for their safety “.

Adam smiled “ Excellent Idea Sir but do you think they will swallow it “ David Asterholms devious side then sparkled “ Oh my I bet none of these guys have ever had Laxative chocolate you know how they love the stuff chocolate I mean but I would put money that a laxative chocolate would make them just ill enough for them to believe this “ smiling he said give it to a few of them then it will be obvious that something is wrong with them ?
“ Adam was almost laughing out aloud now “ I love it but how are we going to get some Laxative chocolate out here ? “
The general told David to go to his quarters on the Charles in his kit bag there was some of the chocolate he needed “ My stomach is not what it used to be I had to keep the stuff handy , but I will have you shot if you tell anyone “ he said laughing . Adam left the General resting and was on his way to get the laxative chocolate from the Generals room , it was simplicity in itself the Achin did love chocolate it gave them a slight High so they just kept coming back for more .
Now we all now the stuff is addictive but the Achin had taken chocolate cravings to new heights , so any free was eagerly taken and devoured quickly . Adam gave it out Randomly and waited for the first results.
It was not long before the Achin were reporting to sick bay slightly under the weather and in need of something to stop them going shall we say ? , Adam had told the Doctor the Plan and convinced him to report to Vash that a virus was loose on the Human ships that may be harmful to the Achin .
Vash ordered all Achin to return to the Pashitz at once and go through screening for the Virus the doctor knew it wouldn’t be long before they found nothing so he fixed it , when the Achin had come to sick bay with there stomach upset he gave them a shot supposedly to help he actually gave them a common cold .
He knew this would not hurt them as they had been in contact with the bug for months now and none had caught it , but intravenously it gave them a stinker of a cold and they all felt like death warmed up .
All through the night the engineers checked the ships from top to bottom nothing irregular was found , just the opposite all the Achin modifications had enhanced the operation of the ship no sabotage or anything untoward was found.

The 36 hours passed quickly Adam though the quickest in the whole journey in fact and when he had the call on his com he had wondered where the time had gone . Over the ships Tannoy system was heard “ Now hear this Now hear this Planet Achin bearing 325 degrees off the starboard side , pre pair to drop to sub light speed and stand by to make orbit “.

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