Page Forty Two  Chapter  7  Planetfall

Within twenty minutes of the ships attaining orbit around Achin the familiar Fan fighters were circling the area, larger vessels that Adam surmised were fleet destroyers or cruisers also took up a stance abreast of the convoy of Earth ships.
The Communications officer Mr West relayed a message to the Captain from Vash “Sir Meerat Vash wishes for you to beam to the Pashitz when it is convenient“
Adam guessed it would be to meet representatives of Achin with the General.
He told Mr West he had the bridge then proceeded to his quarters there he donned his best dress uniform, this was customary when meeting state leaders and VIP visitors he saw no reason to dispense with manners and etiquette.

From his room he used the com to signal Mr West he was ready after a few moments the familiar tingle associated with the beaming started, and in an instant he was standing in the reception room of the Pashitz.
Adam had never actually been in this room before it was grandly decorated with vertical banners draped over a gold coloured bar that was around the walls, statues of Achin beings were around the room in clear glass type cabinets.

As he was looking at the figures in the glass cases he came to realise that they were not statues, but mummified or preserved dead ancestors or historical figures he thought.
One in particular looked immensely old, and had Achin symbols etched on the base.
They looked as if they were made of gold also Adam thought maybe gold is as prized on Achin as it was on Earth, he was deep in thought when Vash who had come and stood behind him asked

“I believe the question on your Planet was Penny for your thoughts“ Adam turned faced his friend
“Sorry Vash my thoughts have been invaded by doubt and suspicion and to the fact that someone I thought of as a friend may have lied to me, and that not only makes me feel foolish that I could have been fooled so easily but sad because to me he was a close friend or so I thought

“ Vash placed his hand on Adams shoulder “ May I ask who“ Adam turned around
“No Vash you may not but I will tell you soon if I was right or wrong to trust this person so much ? “ Vash felt the hostility in his voice and knew that Adam meant him.
Adam walked past Vash looking at the other figures in the room “So who are these poor souls then“ Vash looked at Adam puzzled “Poor Souls what do you mean these are the Teskalen, Achin who through their rule formed much to our way of life and our philosophy “Adam smiled“
Ah yes Achin Philosophy what is that Vash enlighten me “Vash walked to one of the hanging drapes“ these are Vemlay nad shelar in your language Drapes of Truth, they were placed here 500 of your Earth years ago they tell the story of when Achin was ruled by the Teskalen who had no honour and no compassion.
The Teskalen were our equivalent I think to the Royal families that once existed on your Planet a millennia ago, there were six of them’ Poudan he was the Warrior King, Vanestra his Queen and their children Chodiy, Taffreti, Wasaki, and Betren.
They were a cruel family that had only one goal to Dominate everything Poudan sent ships to trade with other Worlds, and if it was found they had something he wanted the trade ships would be followed by his warships. They would take what they wanted usually leaving the Worlds Desolate and dead.
Here on Achin the Children of Poudan and Vanestra  did terrible things to anyone who opposed them, wiping out whole Families sometimes Cities for greed and spite.

Page Forty Three

At our lowest ebb when it looked like we could take no more from this evil dictator and his family, a warrior arose to challenge them.

Anefvash was a guard commander in Poudans Army he had seen the terrible things they had done.
He also regretted the things he had been ordered to do in his Kings name , most he did not carry out but managed to appease his King in other ways.

He managed to find solutions to problems that seemed to have none, if he was ordered to destroy a village or town he would make sure they knew the Army was coming to give them chance to
escape. If he was forced to fight he made sure the females and young ones were never harmed he was a good Achin in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Until one day he was ordered by Vanestra to destroy a home for the sick that  had nursed one of her enemies, you call them Hospitals he refused she drew a knife and was about to end his life as was her right as monarch.

But Anefvash  fought back the first time anyone had said no to these despots she lunged at him and he stepped away she fell and stabbed herself with the knife, she accused him of trying to kill her and said he would be executed slowly.
He had had enough he took the knife from her arm and killed her where she stood ranting, his loyal guards had seen what had transpired and all said that they were with him.
Poudan was with his children in a meeting of War planning the destruction of another helpless Planet, Anefvash and his men marched in and took them all prisoner Poudan tried to order the guards to arrest  Anefvash but they took no heed of him his time was over.
When Poudan found his Partner Vanestra had been Killed he vowed vengeance on Anefvash and all who followed him.
Poudan and the rest of his Family were exiled to Irnash any followers of Poudan were also rounded up and sent to Irnash, then an unpopulated Moon but capable of sustaining life M class as your Earth.
He was mad and started the rebuilding of his armies the Teskelan followers still on Achin who had evaded the authorities sent him materials and weapons. He declared that Irnash be renamed Raki his family name .
For many years we heard nothing from Raki or Irnash as we still referred to it not recognizing his rule, till we had word that the Raki armies were ready to attack Achin and had to be stopped. Anefvash who had started the revolt was now one of the council leaders of Achin formed after the despot Poudan had been dethroned, he was sick of War and said it should be stopped before it had time to begin.
He took a small band of volunteers with him to Raki, his aim was to finish the despot Poudan and hopefully return peace to our worlds.
They met fierce resistance and many of the volunteers died but Anefvash made it to the fortress of Poudan.
He found that Poudan was preparing to launch a terrible weapon at Achin a Red Particle beam Cannon the first of it’s kind, Anefvash cornered Poudan in the Cannon chamber and they fought.

Anefvash was mortally wounded and as he lay dying Poudan, was about to fire the Cannon at Achin.
Anefvash reached inside his belt and produced a detonation pack set the trigger and launched himself at the weapon he detonated it on contact.
Both he and Poudan were vaporized as the cannon exploded the chain reaction from the cannon seared the Raki settlement and all the Raki followers were killed, Raki was left a desolate burnt Moon were once life was calm and peaceful now only decay and dust.
The figures here you see are all that remains of Poudans family preserved in this way lest we ever forget were greed leads and to make sure we never allow it again the older figure you see are the remains of Anefvash.
Adam was starting to see a pattern here the generals visions in his dreams were as near to what Vash had described as he could see , “ Vash when you join with someone do you only get there memories or are your memories also from your past your ancestors memories also
“Vash smiled and said No Adam we only share what the other has experienced “ Adam was unsure now that he had solved the problem with the answer Vash gave him he had thought that somehow the General was seeing the Achin past “And Vash have you ever been to battle on Irnash or Raki “ He laughed
“I am older than You Adam but not that Old although Anefvash I was told was a distant ancestor of mine, and I was indeed named after him, but  we have not been at war for 500 of your Years since Poudans and the Raki destruction why do you ask“.
Adam then asked “ Vash this may seem a strange question but how long does your race live for“ Vash was now very curious at Adams questions “Why would you need to know this my friend“ Adam told Vash all about the Generals dreams and asked again “In your years maybe 175 years and even up to 200 years“.

Page Forty Four

By this time Adam had a notion in his head that Vash was going to think crazy but he must try and see if it was possible, “So technically if you were say  joined to someone who had been joined before then you would have all their memories and the previous partners  is that correct”.

Vash was becoming irritated “Well yes but what has this got to do with me why are you asking me all these ridiculous questions” Adam sat down on a nearby ledge. He knew his next question was going to really irritate Vash “and have you or your partner been joined before”

Vash flew across the room at Adam and lifted him high into the air as if a twig, and held him firm against the wall of the chamber,

“We Achin unlike you flirtatious Humans mate for life with one partner only what you suggest is an insult of the highest magnitude”
Adam could not speak Vash was crushing him against the wall he did the only thing he could he drew his Pistol and pointed it at the head of the Meerat.

Vash released Adam who kept his pistol trained at Vash “If you calm down and just hear me out”.

Vash nodded agreement  and proceeded to sit on the floor” Tell me vash if that is so that you only mate once, why has General Asterholm the memories of I think Your Poudan Raki in his head. What you told me today is nearly a copy of what David Asterholm told me nearly a week ago when he first awoke.

“Vash jumped up Adam readied his pistol, “Impossible he died nearly 500 years ago no Achin could have survived that long  and I have never”
Vash stopped his sentence mid way.
Adam could see Vash had thought of something but was keeping it from him, he placed his pistol back in his holster.
Adam walked across to Vash and held out his hand

“You pull a gun on me and then offer friendship how typically Human” said Vash not even attempting to take Adams hand.
Adam laughed and Vash looked at him stunned as if he had gone mad,
“Hey lets get this right  you attacked me first and nearly choked the life out of me, then when I defend myself I am the one in the wrong.
Now that is really human it’s called passing the buck and don’t you do it well”

Vash saw his point and said “But you insulted me in the worst way not only me but my partner that is unforgivable on Achin”

“ok I am sorry but you still haven’t answered my question how is it possible the General knows the story of Poudan  and Anefvash’s  battle  when he was light years away from here when he told me, and the only person of Achin he had been in contact with is you”
Vash was now pacing up  and down trying to come to terms with what Adam was telling him, and how it would have been possible.
“Do you realise what your saying to me Adam .. you are saying my partner who I have been with for 70 of your years lied to me it is the only possibility, as I am sure I have no ancestry or contact with the Raki family line”
Adam held his friends shoulder  “Vash not only did he tell me the story he said he was living the story  that means who ever you joined with  is not only related to Raki but was there at the fight”.

Page Forty Five

Vash looked at Adam and did not know what to say he knew that something Adam said was true that it must have been his memories David saw, but how was this possible Poudan had been dead for 500 years .
Adam walked up to one of the glass caskets and asked Vash “ You say these were the Children of Podan and Vernseta how did they die were they executed or did they die on Irnash when the cannon exploded ? “

Vash turned to him and pointed at the caskets on at a time , that one is Chodiy eldest son , that is Taffreti eldest daughter this one and this one are twins Wasaki and Betren they were all on Raki when the cannon exploded “
Adam looked at the remains of Wasaki then of Betren “ You say these were twins were they identical twins both the same sex “ Vash stood before the casket bowed head and said “ Yes both Identical and both the same sex “
Adam noticed that when Vash approached the caskets each time he had bowed his head and not looked at the remains “ why do you bow your head Vash why do you not look upon the remains “
Vash turned away from the casket and looked at Adam “ Because it is forbidden to look upon the remains of the Tesklen, they are the shame of the Achin
“ Adam now saw that there may be a logical explanation to this if he could establish one thing “ And you’re sure they were both the same sex “
Vash nodded “ yes both the same both male “ Adam smiled “ So as they are the shamed there was no post mortem on the bodies to establish there identity “ Vash shook his head
“ No why should that be they were both found clutching each other in the Royal chambers , there were no other bodies there “ Adam let out a cry to the astonishment of Vash “ YES !! that’s it then there is your answer if you had looked a little closer vash , now I am no Bansheta but I would be betting this one here is a female not male “.
Vash for the first time in his life gazed upon the remains of the twins and started shouting in Achin “ Bretsk melar weteese svvaash metek rarre Poudan Anefvash voosheta rebbere “
At once scores of Achin swarmed into the chamber they were the dignitaries that the General and the Captain were due to meet . Vash turned to Adam “ Do you realise what this means Adam it means the line of Raki may have survived and still be here on Achin “ Adam took Vash to one side “ Vash it also means that your Partner is probably a descendant of Poudans child and maybe that would explain the Generals visions , I need to ask also has your Partner access to the Achin Chack network “

Vash was shaken and sat on the very same ledge Adam had been when Vash attacked him he looked up at Adam who could see tears forming in Vashs’s eyes “
yes I am afraid she does and also the one place that all memories are stored of the departed Achin “

The chamber was now a fury of activity and the glass cabinets of the supposed twins of Poudan were being opened for the first time in 500 years , Achin were wailing and throwing their arms about like someone in mourning , like the wailing women of the Yemen back on Earth who wailed at funerals .
Vash signaled to Adam to follow him they made for the beaming room Vash was walking very fast Adam could scarcely keep up breathing fast he asked “ Vash slow down were are we going in such a rush”.

Page Forty Six

“Vash stopped for a second“ To my home on Achin you will be the very first Alien to set foot on our Planet Adam you are about to become a legend, you will also meet my  how do you say Wife Hekefel“.

The tingling sensation was going now the beaming chamber view was replaced by the view of open space and large dome like structures dotted about, Adam looked down he was standing on Grass or what looked like grass but it was purple in colour.
There were Plants the weirdest plants he had ever seen some actually turned towards him as he walked past them as if they were looking at him one even shook and produced a fine powder that covered Adam in a sweet smelling perfume.

Vash laughed “Ha ha ha the Retarin likes you Adam “Adam recoiled from the plant“ Likes Me you mean it can think and stuff“ Vash still laughing said “Oh yes and more watch Vash held out his hand and the plant moved towards him, making a very soft shrilling sound like that of a very softly purring cat.  Adam held out his hand also and the plant again shivered and sprayed perfume, then rubbed itself against his hand like a cat craving affection. Vash laughed ” This Retarin seems to like you very much Adam”  Adam smiled and suggested they should continue their journey.

There was no door to the House Adam and Vash had arrived at he wondered how they would get in, when Vash waved his hand and an opening appeared in front of them.
As they entered a Tall Achin female was inside Adam could not measure beauty against an Achin, but she was thoroughly elegant.
Vash held the woman’s hand “Adam my Friend this is my wife Hekefel she is an Achin Priestess of Meli “.
Adam approached and Hekefel looked him up and down ,“Adam my partner has told me very little of you or your species saving that we were responsible for the destruction of your Planet, for this we are humbly apologetic”.

Adam reached out to shake hands with Hakefel but she recoiled away from him, Vash told her that it was a custom on Earth but she still did not shake hands.

Instead she walked towards a seat and sat astride it, Vash said “ Sorry Adam not all Achin are as ready to accept new things as I even simple customs,  here on Achin usually only Partners touch I hope you understand”  Adam  nodded and replied, “No Problem Vash  Hekefel is no different to many of my people when they first met the Achin“.

Hekefel bowed her head to Adam as if to say thank you out of politeness, but Adam sensed her actions were of a more sinister nature her body language gave her away.
Hekefel offered Adam a drink, which he took and thanked her for.

“Why do you come here to this house now Adam, I would have thought you had more pressing things to do with your time“
Adam looked at Vash then Hekfel  “sorry but it was not purely a courtesy visit Vash was going to ask you something for me so I decided maybe I should tag along”.

“Tag“ Hekefel enquired “what is tag“ Adam placed his drink down and said “Sorry  Hekefel it is a slang term from my World  to indicate one joining another on a journey of some sort”.

Hekefel raised her eyebrow as if to say I understand , Vash was  looking decidedly edgy as he broached the subject of linearity.
“ Hekefel we have never really talked of this before as,  well to be honest you being a Priestess of Meli I though there was no need, but although you told me you were of no parents do you know who they were “

Hekefel looked at Adam and asked, “Is this what you wish to know Human were I came from, may I ask why“
Adam nodded “Yes Hekefel if you please, it would explain something that transpired on my ship”.
“Hekefel stood up but this time she started talking to Vash in their native tongue using the shrill language that sounded like banshee’s screaming almost painful to human ears Adam winced as she and Vash argued.

Page Forty Seven

“Why did you bring this creature to our home Vash is it so he could question me your Partner for these many years, what have I done to deserve such dishonourable treatment look at the pitiful Orjeek  disgusting“.

Adam did not need to speak Achin to realise that whatever Hakefel was saying it was nothing complimentary,  he had guessed that she was hostile to him the minute he walked into the house.

What  Adam could not work out at that time was if  it was a racial thing or had she something to hide, he would have to depend on Vash to seek that answer but would he?

Adam stood up and walked towards the door “Vash I can see that Hekefel is not happy with me being here so I will go, I will see you back aboard the Diana later my friend. Hekefel pleasure to meet you if I offended you I apologise unfortunately I cant afford to be diplomatic. You have answers to questions I need answering if you do not, you may jeopardise relationships between the Achin Race and the Human Race, we can be friends or we can leave and have nothing further to do with the Achin, but somehow I think that is what you would prefer I also think I know why “.

Adam turned to leave and as he approached where the door was he stopped and turned to face Hekefel  “The Achin people are our friends Hekefel and if anything should threaten them or their way of life know this the Western Alliance fleet will be standing right by their side against whoever attacks them “Vash looked puzzled at Adams words he did not understand but Adam had seen this all before on Earth, Hekefel was playing a game and she wasn’t on her own he feared something was in the wind and all this had done was to expose the tension between the Human and Achin people even here Racial hatred was staring to rear it’s ugly head.

Adam had been noticing that the Achin coming up from the Planet were not as open as the ones they had been with for the last 6 months or so, they were secretive and recluse not mixing with the crew. They also seemed to steer clear of any Achin on the ship who had formed friendships with the Diana crew, he had seen it but thought he was imagining it but after his reception by Hekefel Adam was now sure it was time to leave.

Some hours later while Adam was taking his watch on the bridge he felt the tingling sensation of the beaming device, Vash appeared a few feet in front of him he looked terrible he walked towards Adam “I don’t know what to say Adam Hekefel has never behaved like that before, and as a priestess of Mali she should have never done so.

”Adam went to say something and Vash held his hand up to silence him “That was because you were right my friend I do carry the memories of the Tyrant Poudan and there is just cause for this”.
This time Adam did interrupt “Because Hekefel is an ancestor of the Raki am I right“ Vash looked at him and sat down “ My friend  I am afraid it is much more complicated than that“

Adam too sat down and replied “Now why does that not surprise me “ Vash explained more.
“ It seems if I had not tried to help David none of this would have been  known  till  it was too late, he saw my memories that I had no knowledge of“ Adam enquired “What do you mean too late Vash“.

Vash got up and walked to the view port and stared out of the window at Achin,
“Are you familiar with the concept of artificial reproduction Adam “ smiling he said “of course but I prefer the natural way“ and he laughed “Yes so do I considerably, but it seems Hekefels parents had other ideas, As I told you that she had no blood parents and I never really thought much of that till now. It seems her adoptive parents were both geneticists.
She was the result of years of their research , I too had adoptive parents but I didn’t know until now, I thought they were my blood parents but not so,  that was partly how and why Hekefel and I became joined it seems not by chance but by their design“
Adam could see that Vash had been told something that had destroyed his vision of who he was, he was shaking either from anger or fear or sadness Adam couldn’t tell. “ I still don’t understand Vash what are you trying to tell me why do you have those memories then because of Hekefel“
Vash turned from the window tears streaming down his cheeks,
“I am not real Adam I am a fraud both Hekefel and I“  he paused holding his head in his hands now sobbing  “Hekefel and I we are Clones, I have the memories of Poudan because I am Poudan and Hekefel is Vanestra“
Adam was stunned into silence until he finally gathered his thoughts and asked his friend,  “Well for what purpose was that done Vash why were you treated so and why were you cloned and are you sure “. Vash now looking very distraught replied ” Yes Adam I am sure someone is attempting to bring back the Teskalen and Vanestra and I were their means of doing just that”.

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