Page One Chapter One Arrival

Adam sat waiting just two hours to go now, in two hours the fate of Mankind was to be decided. Earth’s fate was being decided by beings who had arrived in peace, but had been greeted with fear .

A fear from those who merely feared the loss of power and control over us , not of our well being but of our domination by them to control our lives to their own ends .

Instead of greeting the visitors with civil understanding and friendship, they greeted them with hostility and attacked them without warning or provocation .
But we were told different, we were told that they attacked us …They lied…. that they slaughtered us without warning… They lied .

Actually it was we who attacked , killing them in their hundreds and even then they only defended themselves, they never used their full might upon us .
That was their first mistake, the second was to trust the humans when they said they wanted to talk . But whilst it was thought that their guard would be down ,Mankind again launched a savage attack upon the visitors.
But this time they where ready, wave after wave of our fighters attacked, throwing all that they could at these creatures.

They who had dared to enter our space, who had the audacity to think we could be fooled into submissive friendship . But most perished as they slammed into the mothership shields .

The fact that the age old question of are we alone in the Universe, had been answered finally and that the beings who had come where peaceful , was never considered . The only thought was get them before they get us.

The Generals and Admirals and other petty warmonger’s  of our so called civilised Planet , had their way. They duped the weaker minions of Government into fearing the newcomers arrival.

Fuelled by their own fears of what they could or could not control , and to them a superior race with the technology the visitors possessed, was something they could not control .
Therefore it was to be eradicated , any threat to their dominance was to be removed at once and no leeway or mercy was to be shown.

Only total annihilation would be accepted , So now in two hours our fate was to be set, destruction or reprieve. There where those on the Mother ship that cried for Human blood as they had attacked them and their loved ones without warning .But others who saw that not all humans are the same , and that they shared many traits .

Page Two

Adam crossed the room to the small galley area , pressed a button on the wall ,and a cup of hot coffee and a small block of nutrient rations appeared in front of him on the counter .

He never had been able to decide quite what it was, just that it wasn’t that repugnant and did sustain one.
He walked into the mess hall and sat by a window, and stared at the Achin  Mother ship . She was almost a mile long bristling with lights, shining from thousands of windows .

Around her flew Achin protection craft, they were giving off a bright Bluish glow, as they passed effortlessly through the Achin  shields .

Fan fighters as they had been named by the combat pilots who had engaged them, sleek dart like craft with stabiliser wings that resembled Peacock plumage. Bright colours of red , green and blue shone from their surface as the wings tilted, to catch the sunlight that powered them . This meant the Achin fighters never had to break off due to fuel shortage, and where relentless as the Earth vehicles slowed to a halt fuel exhausted.

But strangely they never fired on a disabled ship that lay motionless having exhausted it’s fuel. Almost as if some code of honour forbade such a cowardly action pulling out and spinning off into the darkness of space just as the crippled pilot expected to take his last breath of air.

These craft were capable of immense bursts of speed and manoeuvrability,they could out fly any craft that the Earth forces put up against them.

The Achin Pilots where far more experienced to the intricacies of combat in space, or so it seemed. Indeed some of the veteran pilots were used to many many hours in the cockpit of their fighter craft . Curling, dodging, and weaving as laser cannons flared in silence .

He could see the battle scars and damage inflicted upon the vessel, named Pashatiz. The name meant perfection in the Achin language , great black scorch marks made by the impact of high yield nuclear missiles were evident .

However the damage was superficial as the shields of the Pashatiz never had been penetrated by any Earth weapon itself , however the radiation did manage to get past causing great loss of life aboard the ship .

The Achin had no knowledge of Nuclear radiation and knew none of the tactics to combat its effects, or the fact that with a simple adjustment of their shields,it too would have been as harmless to them as our fighters . It meant they weren’t Alien super beings , they were as fallible as we where.

Page 3

Maybe we should begin at the beginning , the year was 2364 almost 3 years after the start of World War 4 and the rise of the The Western Peace Alliance .

Their objectives where to unify the Nations by any means possible. Party leader Wilhelm Auster , a once prominent Prussian Diplomat within the Democratic Prussian Empire . Had instructed that by any means possible, all chances of economic recovery of the Asian Reformist Party and Middle Eastern Islamic Coalition must be impaired.
Therefore restricting their ability to cause more conflict .

That they should be dependant on the Western Alliance for all, it was seen as a way of controlling them .
Negating their chances of causing further conflict they had after all been jointly responsible for the outbreak of hostilities during World war 4 .

Radical fundamentalist views had sparked a wave of hatred across the globe, culminating in the attack on the European Parliament building in Strasbourg on June16 th of 2361 by the MEIC. Resulting in the deaths of over 6,000 people when they detonated a Nuclear Dirty Bomb.

Most died slowly and painfully of radiation poisoning , the lucky ones where vaporized.
This resulted in the first ever use of the Neutron Bomb, a device that exploded one or two miles above a target city bathing it in Neutron Radiation. Killing any living creature below it , however did not even break a pane of glass .

No damage to buildings or anything else just Life, death without destruction .
The first target chosen for this act was Mecca, it was deemed that this would destroy any resolve to retaliate from the Islamic World for fear of further reprisal .

The death toll was 3.05 million souls and far from repress the Muslim community , it announced the final Jihad. With the aid of the Asian Reformist Party also an Islamic group .They launched a full scale nuclear attack on the west .

In the first wave New Paris . Madrid , London , Rome ,and Athens totally destroyed. The seat of the European Parliaments had all been destroyed.

The American Unified Congress , and what was left of the British National Democratic Alliance. Launched full scale reprisals against the MEIC and Asia . The Nuclear conflict lasted 1 hour fifteen minutes, the death toll was over 4 Billion Killed 1.5 billion injured and dying from Radiation poisoning . Many millions more displaced or homeless, Starvation and disease also took its toll.

Page Four

The following military fuelled aggression, lasted a further two years the death toll was immense, But finally on August 7th 2363 all combatants unanimously called a ceasefire.

Instigated in the main part by Auster and the Western Peace Alliance, which had risen out of the conflict as means to negotiate .

With a newly formed party formed from all the political parties of the world ,it was hoped giving all sides an equal footing for talks . Luckily it worked the cessation of hostility was signed on October 1st 2363 by all combatants ,
peace was restored it was now time to rebuild .

At this time Wilhelm Auster was a little known politician who rose to power during the peace talks, he had charisma and charm that heeded him well during the talks. He made himself an International Hero by clever manipulation and propaganda .

Auster convinced his followers that the MEIC had little or no rebuilding to do of their own infrastructure other than personnel. Due to the fact the Western Powers with the use of their non destructive weapons had left the ARP and the MEIC, in much better condition than they themselves where .
That to protect themselves from further aggression, as they did not trust the peace treaty to hold . It was a necessary gambit to keep the Middle Eastern and Asian countries poor economically, to inhibit their ability to wage war again .
This was the stepping stone Auster needed and within a few short years had by clever manipulation , of the then weak recovering Governments secured himself politically as the leader of this newly formed Western Peace Alliance.

All the remaining World Governments where answerable to his cabinet and his alone .
He had succeeded in actually forming the first World Government , with himself as the undisputed leader . To be fair with this system in place, the balance of power was restored and peace was maintained, until the day of the first contact with the newcomers .

The date now is 2385 twenty two years have passed since the war, The Western Peace Alliance had secured its power base in the World .
All citizens have enjoyed peace, and the profitable economic boom of the rebuild after a war .

Although many parts of Europe have been left uninhabitable for thousands of Years , due to radiation fallout.
Targets that where hit by Neutron radiation , are now clear and by order of The Western Alliance Millions of acres of land in third world countries in Asia and the Middle east ,have been reclaimed and repopulated .

Page Five

Food for the planet has mainly been supplied by hydroponics laboratories situated in Geosynchronous orbit around the Earth , thanks mainly to the efforts of our ancestors at N.A.S.A .

In 2011 the space shuttle program was shelved in favour of better design space vehicles capable of interplanetary flight , as a result in 2035 the first international Interplanetary Mobile Space Platform was commissioned or IMP the Imp was 600 meters long and 400 meter wide Powered by the first Ion Atomic Drive it was capable of speeds of over 150.000 KPS and the start of Mans first true inter-solar adventures.

It was launched from Kennedy Space Centre Dec 25th 2035 in four parts by Solid booster Rockets each with a crew of twenty and was assembled in space it took the crews just 28 days to complete the space build of the first Imp and eight solid booster rockets on each section to launch them .
A although the Imp never left our solar system by 2070 two more much larger Imps had been constructed for space experimentation , constructed totally from materials collected and refined in space the imps were cheap and easy to construct they were USS The Roosevelt , The HMS King George , with the aid of new technologies developed in space Asteroid Mining and the discovery of new and more resilient Metals The Charles De Gaul , and the Washington orbital Hydroponics laboratories were constructed .

With a combined crew of over 1500 in a decade most world famine was erased and by 2085 they produced several hundred tons of edible protein per month . The weightlessness of space also afforded the development of new improved medicines and by 2110 Cancer and many other diseases had been eradicated , all seemed to be idyllic in the garden until January 2nd 2125 and the start of WW3.
Little is known about this part of our history as over 60% of the world’s population died but it is believed to have started as the result of an accident and Paranoia .Records and documents from this period are scarce , but from little pieces of information found the USSR now the DPE launched an attack upon the United States after the French Orbital Platform Charles De Gaul was hit by an asteroid and plummeted earthward all the crew of the De Gaul escaped in life pods ,but the badly damaged the ship was unable to control its trajectory the De Gaul hit Moscow and its nuclear reactors exploded devastating 200miles of the surrounding countryside , believing it to be an unprovoked attack the Russian Socialist Government machine retaliated at the US and it’s Allies .
WW3 lasted approx 2 days and when the US and Russian Governments collapsed the conflict ended , with no actual peace agreement and no resolution but the World had been devastated .

Page Six

Those lucky enough to survive were transported up to the Orbital platforms for medical treatment via the newly developed Microwave powered Magnetic evacuation lifts , and in all a total of 14 million people who survived where air lifted to safe zones and to the Moon Colony of New Cape Town .

The true number of deaths will never be known but it was thought to be in excess of 12 billion . The rebuilding of the infrastructure on Earth took some 90 years and a determination to survive

this is in part why the Neutron Bomb replaced the then Thermo Nuclear devices , and people realised that it would be much easier to destroy a Countries Population with this device without the devastation and Fallout they understood Killing had become Cleaner and even more frightening lasting fear bought lasting peace at least till 2361 when the World forgot to fear consequences.

Adam heard a crackle on the intercom system and knew a message was about to be piped through the ship , Commander Rowkesh to flight operations please Commander Rowkesh Please .The intercom went silent Adam finished his drink and stepped into the long corridors of the The Lady Diana the second in the line of dreadnoughts built to Patrol Earth space lanes .
She was equipped with 200 drone fighters and 50 command fighters , 80 laser gun turrets with 20.1 gw 9 (Giga Watts ) laser Cannons , her speed was close to 50% light and she was the most advanced ship in the Western Alliance fleet . Even the power of the mighty Diana had been unable to cause any significant damage to the Pashatiz her shields holding strong .

Adam placed his cap under his arm and strode from the lift and  onto the flight deck  , “ Officer Commanding on deck “ shouted the master at arms as he moved towards the command chair .” Sir Earth alliance is calling you on the secure channel “ said officer West his communications officer “ They specifically said you where to take this call in private sir and not on the flight deck “ . Adam had only ever been told to listen to orders in private when it involved strike orders so he was a little surprised given the present situation, “ Ok West pass it through to my ready room “ .
He rose from the command chair and made his way across the room to a door marked Captain the door slid silently aside as he approached there was a small desk with a computer consul and the Captains flight log on it , he opened the log and removed a card and placed it into a reader on the computer “ Rowkesh Adam acting Captain lady Diana security code 0649 Alpha .. an electronic voice acknowledged him “Confirmed commander secure channels now open “ .
This is Commander Rowkesh reporting as requested he waited for a reply ……. “ Commander are we certain this conversation is on the secure scrambler a voice enquired giving no indication to who it was “ Adam replied “ Yes it’s secure who is this “. The voice was of an older man Adam could tell and that he recognized but was unsure where he had heard it before “ Yes this conversation is totally secure I who is this please identify yourself “.

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