Page Fourteen  Chapter 3  Arrest

Back on Earth Asterholm had been confined to his quarters pending investigation , his call to Adam had been overheard despite the security scrambler.
He stared at the clock on his wall and thought we are still in one piece .. He did it !! Then there was a loud knock on the door and when he opened it there was two Red Caps and a soldier standing there one handed him an envelope  .
“ General Asterholm we have a warrant for your arrest you are cautioned that you do not have to volunteer information ,but if you refuse to say anything now it may be seen as obstructive by the Commanding Magistrate at your Court Martial and held against you when giving evidence do you understand “.
The Military Policeman in his black uniform  white arm bands and Red Cap looked at General Asterholm with contempt ,  Asterholm  had seen this look before and it hadn’t impressed the General  this boy was about to get a diplomacy lesson  .
He looked straight in to the face of the young  Red Cap and said “ Firstly you will address me as Sir !  that should have been do you understand Sir,
and yes I do understand exactly  so what’s the drill shot whilst trying to escape or merely lost somewhere never to be found ? “.
The young man looked in surprise at the General “ Yes Sorry Sir but  I don’t know what your implying  we are here only  to arrest you and take you to a military detention centre in the City to await a Court Martial for Treason and that’s all we know “
Asterholm closed face to face with this man and said “ If you think that our Illustrious leader will get away with this your mistaken I am not alone in this , and it’s purely because of me and the people who believe in me you and your family and friends are still here and not a smouldering cinder on a burnt out rock drifting in space  “.
The Red cap placed the Generals hands in arm restraints and said quietly to the General
“ Yes Sir I know it is Sir so if you don’t shut up and stop making a fuss to get us noticed we are never going to get out of here in one piece do I make myself clear SIR? “.
The two Red Caps frog marched the General to the buildings entrance here there was a guard post with an armed detachment of men keeping watch over the Alliance building as the three men approached they where challenged “ Halt what are you doing with this Prisoner we had no information on him being moved or allowed out of the building “
The Policeman showed the guard a Computer pad with the Warrant and movement orders signed by the party leaders aid David Rickman ,as soon as the guard saw this he ordered theother soldiers to stand down and let them pass .
A Military hover vehicle slid gently to a halt before them and the doors opened , inside was David Rickman he beckoned the General in and closed the door .
“ David what the hell is going on and how did anyone know about my call to Adam “
“ All in good time General but for now relax and be patient we have a long way to go , when we get there all will be clear I promise Sir .”

Page Fifteen

The General had no reason to distrust David he had been the one that had warned the General of Austers plan to attack the Achinkey ship , so he reckoned if he could trust anyone at the moment it might as well be him due to the fact he also would have been arrested had Auster known .
The fact that he was still alive was another good reason to trust him , had he been left to the devices of the Alliance at Headquarters Security he had no doubt of the scenario he would have faced .
The Hover Car moved silently along and at great speed he could see trees now flashing past the windows , they were obviously in country lanes off the main highway .
After about 25 minutes the car started to slow down and one of the men that had been dressed in the Redcaps uniform removed the arm restraints “ Sorry I couldn’t do this before Sir but it was in case we had been stopped you understand “ The General smiled and thanked the man for his help “ pleasure Sir you would have done the same I’m sure “ he was right had the roles been reversed he would have he hated injustice of any kind and now knew the Alliance had a lot to answer for.
The Car turned off the road into a long driveway it led down to a large country house , it had tall pillars either side of an immensely impressive Oak door that had to be at least 15 feet high if it was an inch . Inside was a panelled Hallway with fine portraits hanging from braided ropes, there where old chairs along the one wall at least 3 or 4 hundred years old beautifully carved and ornate .
The General looked around and decided who ever owns house they’ve got money lots of it , and probably position possibly in the Cabinet or Military he thought .
Rickman led him to another set of huge doors with ornate Tudor roses carved in to them , they creaked like an old movie as they entered the room a library , he saw thousands of books on neatly stacked shelves all around him and at the far end of the room a ladder on runners and at the top a man he instantly recognized . “ Deputy Brown “ he gasped the general was feeling a little uneasy now had Rickman betrayed him after all , he looked around and saw two other figures he knew ..” Ms Rowkesh he said aloud “ the woman approached him an reached out her hand and the general took it .
Then without warning she put both arms around him and said gently “ Thank you David you may have saved us all “ Both where high ministers of The British National Democratic Alliance the Party that the General himself was a member of and it’s highest ranking officer .“ I never thought that you would align yourselves with me when all this hit the fan looks like I was wrong “ said the General .

Page Sixteen

The man who had been atop of the ladder had now joined them it was indeed Deputy leader Brown he shook the Generals hand and said “ Ms Rowkesh had a call from her Son Adam who said you might be needing some help and for us to look out for you so we did “ he smiled he crossed the room to a desk and touched a button on a computer consul that was on it , as he did large steel shutters closed around the windows and doors and a part of the floor slid back revealing a Platform about 10 feet square railings around the edge had risen from it and the Deputy went and stood in the middle and beckoned the General to follow .
Down down down the platform went holding onto the railings as it fell the General saw many floors and people he never knew this place existed until before now and wondered why , after all he was the Parties most senior General why did he not know about this ?.

The platform slowed and came to a gentle stop Brown and the others walked across to a door opposite and put there hands an eyes by a machine “ DNA and Retina scan security”he thought to himself , the doors opened and inside he saw an operations room filled with all types of equipment the type needed to instruct an Army or a Space fleet .
Radios , Computers Plotting Screens , Naval targeting computers , Air force decipher machines for attack codes , and as he entered the room all the people who had been operating them turned and saluted him then someone shouted “ Three Cheers for the General Hip Hip !! “ Deputy Brown then said David we have a little trip for you relax and don’t worry” he felt a tingle and was gone .

Adam and Vash walked along the corridors of the Pashitz as Vash was explaining to Adam the reasons for the Achinkey visit to Earth , “ we must take the beam device from here otherwise it will take lechcons to get to our destination “.

Page Seventeen

Adam looked at Vash and asked “ Lechcons what are they ? “ Vash smiled and said sorry Adam but getting used to an alien language is not easy you know , a lechcon is the same as one of your Sol hours. “ Adam nodded and replied “ Oh I see thank you Vash .. and by the way you handle our language just fine I doubt if I would be able to say the same of yours “.

Adam had heard the Crew talking in native Achin and it was series of trill sounds and clicks, with variations of pitch. “So you where saying your moon was on a collision course with Achin so what did you do ? “ Adam enquired . Vash rubbed his hand to what Adam can only surmise was his brow .
he looked at Adam and said with a note of regret in his voice “ We Blew it up by error, we actually had been trying to move it gently back onto it’s original orbit but grossly miscalculated the power of our device that we used, and it disintegrated with disastrous results “.

Adam and Vash reached the beaming room and vash gave Adam a small device. “ This aids in beaming within the ship, it stops you from reintegrating inside a bulkhead wall “. Adam quipped “ Oh a useful bit of kit then “ ..Vash smiled and nodded “ Oh yes it can ruin ones day without it “ he laughed .
They reintegrated in the visitors lounge. Adam was told that everything had been arranged for his visitor who would be arriving soon. “ Go on you where saying it had a bad result and… ? “ Vash walked to a dome like chair and sat astride it,this was their normal seated position.

“ Well it fractured into three main pieces , one crashed through our atmosphere and hit our equivalent of your Arctic circle,the intense heat and impact melted our ice caps and a deluge of water proceeded to travel around the Planet . Many Thousands of Achin died swept away by torrents of water, some over 2 miles high, and that was a hundreds miles from the impact site . But we were lucky as the debris thrown into the air was mainly ice . Although we suffered torrential storms and tides that flooded most of our coastal cities, we still had our Sun .It wasn’t blocked by the introduction of the matter in to our upper atmosphere”.
Adam said, “We call that a Nuclear type winter when the debris blocks the light from the sun causing freezing temperatures , a similar event in our history wiped out creatures we call Dinosaurs and we had an ice age lasting many thousands of years “.
Vash smiled and agreed with him that it was indeed the similar type of event . “ The other segment we destroyed atomized completely but the third fragment had attained a tremendous speed, by the time we had recharged our device it was out of range and heading directly for Earth “.

Page Eighteen

Adams face dropped, he asked Vash “ And when can we expect Irnash to reach us “? Vash waved his arm and a Holographic screen appeared. “ According to our Calculations you have approx 6 months before the Irnash segment arrives, but Adam, one thing you don’t know is Irnash was three times the size of Earth “.
Adam who had also been sitting on one of the domed chairs rose slowly to his feet “ Oh my God, then this segment is about the size of the Earth in its self,.. yes “? Vash nodded in agreement. “ So this is why you came to warn us ,so we can try and destroy it “.
Vash looked down and said “ I am sorry Adam but there is no way that Earth technology has a chance of stopping Irnash from hitting you, you have to evacuate this planet at once “.

As Adam was collecting his thoughts on what he had just been told, he felt the familiar tingle that signalled a beam in. David Asterholm Materialised a few metres in front of him, looking rather bemused at his sudden appearance on the Mother ship .For a few moments the General found himself unable to move,he was unsure if it was his sudden departure from the deputies library to now be in space or the fact that a strange Alien creature was sitting on what appeared to be a child’s Space Hopper in front of him .

The General was visibly taken aback by this experience, not only his first journey by Beam , but his first meeting with an extra- terrestrial being it was a lot to take in .

“ I really dont know what to say or even if you understand what I say, but all I can think of is … Hi welcome to Earth “. The General held his hand out wondering if this strange creature knew what the gesture meant , he was quite surprised when Vash took his hand and shook it firmly .
Even more so when in quite good English said . “ Hello David welcome to the Pashitz, your first time in Space so Adam tells me “ ? The General smiled as he saw another human and thankfully one he knew at that .

Adam walked toward him and asked “. So you’ve met the leader of another race , what’s your first impression he laughed “. To be honest I am still in a daze from first being on Earth ,then Whooosh I am here it’s a bit of a brick to swallow I mean wow !! . “

Vash introduced himself properly to the General and asked if he wanted a refreshment of any kind, he declined but asked if he could tour the ship , Vash said that he saw no problem with that, but after Adam had talked to him and then he would arrange it .

Page Nineteen

David listened as Adam repeated the conversation he had with Vash earlier , the Generals eyes grew wider and wider with each revalation about Irnash . When Adam had finnished the General stood up, and gazed out of the visitors room window down at Mother Earth he turned .“ You say there is nothing we can do but run , is that what your telling us “.

Vash put his hand on Davids Shoulder .“ it’s not running it’s survival David that’s all , I am sure you would rather stay and fight for your planet .But here there is no enemy and this battle can not be won , we will help you in any way we can “ .
David held his chin and then said. “ Then show us how to build the weapon that caused this, that we may at least have a chance of saving Earth “ .

Vash turned and walked away to the chair he was first sitting on when David saw him, he replied ,
” I am sorry General we can not do that we can not give you technology that would or may destroy you “ . The General glared at Vash . “ You say you want to help lets get things in perspective here you caused this, you have set in motion already the destruction of this Planet”.

Vash held his hand up and David stopped talking. “ Yes agreed but not it’s people ,and giving you the Red Particle cannon we posess ,would result in you becoming far more dangerous than you are now .

After all you have proved that ,We came in peace and you killed hundreds of my people . But we didn’t attack. You then fained friendship and attacked again , we didn’t attack you , sent a space armarda to destroy us, still we did not retaliate . But then you a rebellious faction amongst your own people defeneded us, and that’s the only reason we haven’t saved Irnash the trouble of destroying you ” .

Vash was angry at the General , he had the audacity to think he could be trusted with such a powerful weapon as the Red Particle Cannon , “ We Will Not give you what you ask we will help by showing you how to quickly build transport ships for your poulation, and we will even help to build them using our technology .But I warn you ask for the Cannon again and we will leave you to your fate “ .

Vash paced up and down the room Adam could see he was angry still , and asked David to step outside. The General started to protest but a glance from Vash his eyes now glaring, convinced the General that he should go .

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