Page Seven  Chapter 2  Protection

“This is David Asterholm “ the voice replied Adam then instantly knew who the man was he was talking to and a lump formed in his throat “ General Sir what can I do for you Sir “ “You can have faith in me son and do exactly as I say the lives of millions of people could depend on it do you understand me , I want you to obey my orders without question however contrary they may seem and I want you to do it without alliance sanction protocols am I clear “ .
All orders to the fleet came with secure protocol codes so that the captains knew that the orders came from the Western Alliance command to be asked to follow orders without these protocols was dangerous and may even be looked on as treasonous.

Adam knew the Generals reputation his loyalty was without question yet Adam was a seasoned officer and had to ask why .. “ Sir you put me in a difficult position I have my crew to think of and my ship no protocol codes this has never been….!”
Adam was cut off by the General … “ Adam you must believe me that this is of the utmost importance to the survival of Earth are we clear on this you must do exactly as I say or we are all dead !!! “

Adam was sure that the General was a man he could trust he had fought under his command before and knew that he was of the old school and not prone to panic and false statements , a  man who had proved himself time and time again .. “ Yes Sir I can do that “

“ I must know son will your crew stand by you no matter what ? “ asked the General “ Yes sir I think they will Sir we have been together a long time as first officer and now as acting captain since we lost Captain Farmer Sir “
Good said the general because their loyalty to you and to the human race is about to be sorely tested .
“ You are to position yourself between The Alien Mothership and the Earth you will defend the Mothership at all cost against any assailant is that clear .
Adam said “ what assailants should I expect sir a long pause from the consul and then Adam got his answer ..” The Western Alliance directorate they are about to launch a full scale attack on the Mothership it has no chance of success but the fools here think that it’s all they can do , they are so afraid of these visitors reason has gone from their Vocabulary you must defend that ship .. show them we are not all mad men and Adam The King Charles and the Kennedy are with you on this “.

Page Eight

“Adam I have not asked you to do this without considering the cost , you will be facing Alliance vessels you once fought alongside but this must not stop you the Mother ship must be protected “
The consul went dead Adam tried to raise the General again but had no reply all ground communications had been severed , it was now down to his judgement to follow the Generals orders or not ..” Commander Sensors have detected 12 Alliance vessels heading our way I have tried to raise them but had no response orders Sir “
“ Sound Battle stations Mr West General order 31 I am taking command by order of General Asteholm “ Order the Kennedy and the Charles to take up positions Blue grid 7 and Blue grid 8 along our flank proceed to Blue grid 6 and prepare for incoming fighters “
The ship lurched slightly as her massive engines moved her into battle position all Gun turrets elevated from inside her hull ready to fire the tip of each cannon glowing with power , doors of the hangar decks opened and scores of fighter drones pealed out into the black of space .
The Kennedy and the Charles had taken up their readiness and were poised for the attack , Adam crossed to the command chair . Put me on ship to ship Mr West and pipe this through the ship .“ Now here this Now here this .. Earth defence Vessel Lady Diana to all approaching Alliance vessels The Alien Mother ship known as the Pashitsz is now under the protection of the Alliance Third fleet stand down or we will be forced to open fire .
Adam waited and hoped for the words that would halt this madness .. they never came he repeated his warning once more still no reply .. “ All fighters take up wall position nothing gets through “ they could clearly make out the markings now of the approaching ships , the lead ship was The Valkyrie of the Democratic Prussian Empire Alexis Nicholias behind him was the Yang su of the Chinese Economic Federation , with them various attack craft and what Adam knew to be suicide Drones Ships filled with High yield Nuclear explosives that detonate on contact .
Officer West relayed distance to Adam “ 20,000 ……. 18,000 ………16,0000 sir and closing they are not slowing Sir “Adam tried one more warning “ You will be targeted if you approach within 10, 000 meters you have been warned “ He signalled West to cut communications .. then Yelled all stations prepare to fire target suicide drones first … relay to all ships Mr West Take out those Suicide ships first ““ Aye aye sir message sent Sir all ships acknowledged “
12,000 meters Sir 11,000 10,000 9000 meters Sir “ Adam yelled “ All ships open fire “.

Page Nine

The dark of space became alive with the trace of Lasers and explosions .. explosions without sound just brilliant light then nothing as a craft disappeared within it’s glow , as the two suicide ships where the first targets to be hit they exploded with blinding flashes engulfing the nearest ships to them,

Adam saw the Kennedy take two direct hits but she was still firing glowing from open fissures in her hull ,  he saw bodies of men floating past his ship bodies that had been torn apart by violent decompression of a ships hull .
Then the first wave of Alliance fighters streamed in “ Target all fighters launch second wave drones target command fighters .. Command fighters controlled the drones take out a command fighter and it’s 20 drone ships died with it . Becoming useless space junk until another command ship could take over .” Don’t let them regroup king Charles launch all missiles at The Yang Su “

Massive chunks of the Yang S u were ripped off as the King Charles Missiles ripped into her hull , the Valkyrie swung around and launched her assault there was a brilliant flash and the Kennedy tore itself into pieces Adam could see they had not been to be able to stop all ships getting through some had actually launched missiles against the Pashitz “ All vessels regroup within 400 meters of the Mother ship .. the remaining two ships swung around and approached the Pashitz guns blazing at the fighters attacking her.. then Adam saw her launch her fan fighters , he wondered would they see that they where protecting her or would they attack his question was answered abruptly as missiles aimed at the Diana exploded harmlessly against the Achin shields now protecting them .

“Lieutenant West what is the status of the Valkyrie “ the com operator scanned his consul and said ,“ She has fires along her starboard side and most of the engineering section seems to have been destroyed another few hits Sir and she will most likely disintegrate “

Page Ten

“ Ship to Ship Mr West “ the lieutenant flicked some dials and signaled Adam that he was ready “ This is The Alliance Vessel Lady Diana to the Valkyrie Your forces have been depleted and your ship will not stand another direct hit stand down now and stop any more bloodshed Captain… I say again Captain Stand down “ The silence on the bridge could have been cut with a knife then a voice over the Radio crackled “ This is the Valkyrie …. We surrender all forces stand down “
From his view port Adam could see all the attacking ships had now ground to a stop and their gun ports closed , he ordered tow lines to be attached to stricken vessels and for search parties to look for life pods .
As he was taking in the cost of this action Lieutenant West cried “ Sir we are receiving a Message from the Achinkey Mothership “
This was the first time an Alliance ship had been contacted by The Pashitz , and Adam knew that the first communication with them should be heard by all his crew “ Pipe this through the ship Mr West I’d like the crew to hear this “ .
“ Commander Rowkesh this is High Meerat Vash of the Achinkey fleet Commander of the Pashitz I request permission to come abroad your vessel , I have something I think belongs to you “. A little curious at this message Adam replied Meerat Vash it would be an honour to meet you I will have the shuttle bays prepare to dock your ship do you have any special requirements “ he waited for a reply from the radio only to be greeted from behind him “ Commander I am Vash “
The High Meerat had appeared from nowhere Adam stepped back in amazement , “ Molecular displacement transportation Commander we find it a little quicker than shuttles “
Adam smiled and held out his hand to the Meerat who looked at him bemused “ An Earth greeting Meerat Vash we shake Hands to signify friendship “ The Merrat smiled or at least Adam took it as a smile this creature was unlike anything he had seen before , and held out an arm and a hand
that looked like a three fingered claw . His head was oval and long eyes and mouth where human like but larger ? Eyes where large and Black the nose was large in appearance and mouth was also quite large stretching around his jaw like feature . He was at least 7 feet tall and muscular with bi pod legs that had round like suckers or feet on them , and he also had a large whip like tail . He was also covered in what appeared to be feathers around his face and down his arms .

Page Eleven

His clothing was a rich multicolored cloth that shone like stars , the two looked each other up and down the Meerat spoke first “ You are strange looking creatures and of that I am sure you are also thinking the same .. you risked your lives to protect our ship we would know why ? “

Adam smiled and softly said “ One because it was the right thing to do secondly I was following the orders of my superior General Asterholm who hoped you would see that not all Earth people are the same . We would like to say that we are ashamed at the way you had been greeted and that if possible we should like to start again this time with people who wish you no harm only friendship “

The Meerat walked a little past Adam and glanced around at the flight deck crew lieutenant West stepped forward hand outstretched “ Welcome to Earth we are honoured to meet you “ he said
The Meerat smiled Adam thought yes a definite smile and the Meerat touched a badge on his clothing ..
The flight deck was filled with a tingling electric sensation that one could feel all over , then as if plucked from thin air men and women appeared it was some of the crew of the Kennedy .
“These are a few of those we managed to save before your ships blew up also many of your fighter pilots are also safe and well as are your enemies pilots and crews there are more aboard the Pashitz we will send them across to you as you request commander “
Adam smiled and thanked the Meerat “ Just one thing how is it that you speak our language and so well “ the Meerat laughed a gurgling laugh “ Your radio signals don’t stop at your Planet Commander neither do you vision signals we learned on our journey here with their help . My particular favourite was a transmission called Sesame street the creatures reminded me of home I should like to meet them at some time “ Adam Laughed and said “ I am sure that can be arranged “.

Page Twelve

In the Government offices of the Western Alliance Wilhelm Auster was pacing the floor like some expectant father , “ We should have heard something by now hell we had over 30 ships up there surely one of them got the job done dam it “ he said to his aid .

Auster sat down at his desk and pushed the intercom switch to talk to the outside office , “ still nothing Miss Slade nothing at all “ he asked .. “ No Sir nothing do you want me to try and get the General again Sir “ No.. No but if he does contact us let me know immediately “

I don’t understand this we are two hours past the deadline set by those Achinkey swine and we know nothing somebody must know what’s going on .. and where are all my cabinet ministers why are they not here ? Eh! Tell me that ?.”

All the aid could do was pacify Auster who was getting more and more agitated , David Rickman Austers new aid had only been with him a few weeks and as yet had failed to impress the less he said the better he thought to himself .

Auster stood up again shouting WELL WELL I just asked you a question God dam you where are they .. “ I think most of them went to be with their families sir after all I don’t think any of us expected to be here after the deadline sir ?”

Auster was pacing again “ No no I expect not but we had to do what we did we had to I mean what choice had I they are Aliens after all I had no choice it was them or us them or us you know that don’t you “ Rickman looked at the party leader and thought “ he’s lost it “ .

The aid leant over to the desk and picked up a computer pad “ I have to get this down to processing sir maybe they will know something ? “ Auster now visibly wide eyed and worried said “ Yes that’s a good Idea but be quick I don’t want to be here on my own too long “

“ No sir I understand I will be as quick as I can “

once into the outer office Rickman donned his coat and said to Miss Slade “ If you know what’s good for you Sally you’ll get out of here like now he is off his head in there “

Sally too got her coat and they hurriedly left the building together leaving Auster in his office alone .

He paced up and down the carpet trying to think “ What to do what to do they will come for me I know they will what to do “ This greedy little man who had sent countless thousands to their deaths so he could remain in power was scared no he was terrified “ I know I know I will get out of the City I will go home back to “

Page Thirteen

He never had chance to finish his sentence one minute he was in his office the next he was on the command deck of the Pashitz face to face with Meerat Vash , he screamed and tried to run but the creatures where all around him his addled brain could take no more and Auster collapsed into a heap on the floor muttering incoherently .

Vash beckoned two of his crew and they gently picked Auster up “ take him to the Baneshta and see to him , in his panic Auster had not seen Adam standing a little behind Vash he approached Vash and asked . “Meerat Vash what is a Baneshta “ Vash turned to Adam “ Do not worry Commander Baneshta is our term for Doctor a healer he will be well cared for .

Adam watched as the pitiful figure of Auster was led away but he could feel no sorrow for him he had led everyone to the brink of annihilation for his own selfish reasons .. no there was no pity at all “

Commander I know that on your planet at the moment there must be chaos and confusion , they are expecting us to attack them indeed that was what a great many of my fellow Achin wanted .

But I felt that there was a chance that we could do what we came here to do and not have the death of a planet on our conscience , thankfully they agreed and now we must tell you why we came for you ? “

Adam recoiled slightly from Vash “ Came for us what do you mean “

Vash turned and walked away from Adam to a large view screen he waved his arm a picture appeared of a Planet “ This is our home the Planet Achin several of your decades ago we found that our planet was in grave danger , out closest Moon Irnash was deviating from it’s natural orbit .

Much like your moon Irnash has a dark side that never faces us , it is very active with volatile eruptions of molten rock that pours into space and it was on a collision course for Achin .

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