Page Twenty Chapter Four Preperations

“That man orderd you to protect us I find that hard to believe Adam , I think it was you and not him I think you just used his name to get it done isn’t that right “ .Adam spoke softly and said “ No Vash I asure you it was the General who started the move towards being your friends, not me I was following orders , they where orders I thought finally made sense but orders from him nevertheless “.

Adam walked to the window and asked Vash, “How many ships are we talking Vash ,and how long to build them , there are over 14 billion people on Earth how do you expect to get them all off the planet in time it’s impossible ?”.
Vash was calmer now that David had gone and told Adam “ We would need seven ships capable of light travel, we may be able to modify some yours for that but at least Seven “.

Adam was still a bit concerned over the tension between Vash and the General, he needed to calm things down with the both of them , otherwise nothing was going to be easy as far as interplanetary relationships where concerned .

He turned to Vash.“ I know you and the General are at a tender point at the moment as far as his request with the cannon , but you must remember without him we wouldn’t even be talking now . Hell in fact we probably wouldn’t be here at all, I think it’s plain that had we not come to an agreement , you would have used the cannon on Earth to revenge your People. From his point of view you still could you must realise that “.

“ I do but I also realise that throughout history of both yours and my Planets those with good meaning, have sometimes been the instrument of those with more on their minds than compassion and justice . You are not alone in your quarrelsome natures, we too had a time such as yours but we overcome “.

Adam took his opportunity hearing this. “ Yes you overcome but not before making mistakes, and making sure that they did not happen again . Not before making decisions you once thought correct, only to regret them at some later time . All I ask is that you don’t judge the General on this one meeting, he is a man of good integrity and character . He will be one of your greatest allies on Earth and a powerful force,and you do need him to get what must be done accomplished .Trust him Vash as I have trusted you “.

The Meerat in Vash was saying the human is right, you have to start trusting somewhere . But the Achin in him still did not have the surety that all Humans could be trusted .
“ Very well Adam we will try again to reach an accord with your General, and in turn he may be able to represent our mission on Earth . For your Planets sake I hope your faith in this man is justified “ .

One of the Guards called the General telling him that the Meerat wished to see him , he straightened his tunic and walked back into the room, he had realised while cooling off in the corridor Vash was right .The Human race had been the aggressors from the start of this their first contact with an Alien race , it was understandable that they would not trust us with a weapon that could destroy a Planet.

As he entered the room he outstretched his arm to Vash, and both at the same time they heard the words from each other “ Sorry General I was “. Sorry Meerat Vash I was “. Both stopped talking at the same time shook hands and smiled. “ Shall we start again “ Said David.  “ My thoughts exactly “ replied Vash.

Page Twenty One

It was agreed that Vash, should come to Earth and Tell all the leaders of the different factions the grim truth of what lay in stall for the Earth . The fact that their was little they could do to stop it saving evacuate . A meeting of all the World leaders was going to be difficult, and it had also been agreed it should be in one place at the same time .

This would have posed a tempting target for those who would consider violence .
After all the Western Alliance had fallen, so there was now no effective Government on Earth. Petty bickering and hostile allegations, had but bought the Planet to the Brink of War . The only thing preventing this, was the presence of the orbiting Alien Achinkey Vessel and what It might do .

Vash told his collaborators and friends, that they had the technology to contact all the heads of Governments in one go. Using a Holographic device that could be transmitted to any part of the Planet simultaneously, and in all languages . Vash thought that it should be both he and the General that are transmitted to show an accord and that the Achin where only here to help despite all that had happened .

The General was also aware that news of this type, was bound to bring out all the crazies in force. They needed to dispell rumours and speculation, letting all the people know at the same time. Exactly what faced the Earth, so they could all work together and if possible to save the Human race .

Page Twenty Two

Vash had told Adam that to construct seven ships big enough to take the whole population of Earth would take approximately five months , and Irnash was due to collide with the Earth in Six so they had just enough time .
Adam looked confused and asked Vash “ Seven ships plus our own around about fourteen ships to take 16 Billion people that’s ridiculous a fact that there would not be enough room or supplies , or water how could we survive without water “ Vash smiled an again activated the Holographic screen “ watch This Adam “

The screen showed the inside of the Beaming room an Achinkey technician was at the consul another was standing on the target pad , the machine hummed and the crew member on the pad disappeared instead where he had been standing was a silver container that measured approx 20cm high and about 10cm wide.
The tech who had been at the consul walked across to the container then turned towards the screen and held the canister up , Vash turned to Adam and said “ Like That “

Adam realised at once what Vash was showing him , “ Your saying reduce a person to their basic atoms store him or her in one of those and then beam them out of there when we arrive at our knew home ? Is that right “ … “ That’s exactly right Adam that way 16 billion souls can be transported in Seven ships the size of the Pashitz “

Adam held his hands to his head and walked up and down the room “ And just how safe is this and have you ever done it before ? “ Vash looked straight at Adam and said “ This would be the first time the technology has been used it in this way “.

Adam laughed and said “ Oh so that’s I don’t know and maybe if I read you correct “ Vash explained the principle was sound and that they had never lost anyone due to beam technology on Achin in the two hundred years it had been used , but he also said that there was an element of risk to some .
He said “ The very old and the very young may not be able to adapt after re-integration because there cellular structure was either too young or to old to re-initialise there DNA sequence , so they would have to be transported in normal flight stasis pods this would save them being damaged .

Adam looked at Vash “ I honestly don’t think that people are going to go for that Vash I think the thought of that beam ripping them apart and then rebuilding them is going to freak them out , I think your going to get an awful lot of people say no “ .
Vash was quite cold in his answer this surprised Adam “ Then they will surely die when Irnash smashes into your planet at over two hundred kilometres per second they have really no other choice “
Adam sat down and looked up at Vash “ You don’t know how stubborn Humans can be Vash my guess is that’s exactly what they will choose to do ? “

At That moment an Achinkey crew member entered the room “ Meerat Vash the Earth link is ready to transmit your Hollow message , all language data banks have been linked and your message will be deciphered into the different languages of this Planet .”
Vash obviously knew this Achin and said “ Thank you Omax we will be there shortly “.

During this time David had sat quietly listening so quiet that the two had forgotten that he was even there and they were both a little startled when he spoke , “ There is another way Vash you said that you blew your moon up whilst trying to move it yes so why not do it again “
Vash looked puzzled “ I am sorry General but I don’t understand what you mean are you saying for us to move the Earth out of the Path of Irnash “ David smiled well that would be peachy but I had more in mind of putting the several million tons of useless debris we got of our own as a moon why don’t we just shoot that at Irnash and destroy it with that ?” .. Vash stood motionless for a moment and said “It couldn’t be as simple as that surely “ he walked over to his consul and was calculating it up probabilities and equations and he looked up after several minutes and said “ Maybe Yes “

Page Twenty Three

The news filtered around the ship that the Earth General, had thought of a way of saving the planet without moving the people and that Vash had conceded it may work. With this news all the scientific brains aboard the Pashitz, got to work on the idea of using the Earths Moon as a missile against Irnash.

Techs where busy trying simulations on holographic devices, using computers that would have made our most modern ones look like an abacus. They buzzed And whirled and flashed, until several hours later Vash called Adam and the General to the bridge.

“We have completed all the calculations and it would be possible, but you must know that there will be repercussions on your planet. Your Moon it controls many of your Planets seasons and tides, when we start to destabilise the orbit your Earth will experience the most severe weather conditions for a time”.

David asked “How long are we talking and how severe?“ Vash took a disk from his desk and placed it on the table in front of David, “ This is a simulation of what you can expect”. A video picture was emitted from the centre of the disk. David and Adam watched as Tidal waves smashed against the coastlines, savage hurricanes swept across the Planet water levels rose and fell.
Vast areas of the Planet where once covered in water became exposed that which had once been the bottom of the ocean now dry land. The whole Planets appearance was changing, David and Adam just stared and gasped at the images wondering which was the worse evacuation or this?

“All that land flooded by those enormous waves and the towns and Cities destroyed, either way we are in for a rough ride” exclaimed David. “We can minimilise the casualties by evacuating most to higher ground, those populations from the Islands in Pacifica and other remote places will be beamed to the ships presently in orbit, we can do this we can “.

Vash agreed that the population would be in little danger from the storms and tidal waves, if they already knew that they where coming. He also said that they had field generators that would put force fields in place, these would save many areas from being flooded, but he was unsure of the duration of the storms and hurricanes. Possibly they would last two or three months, possibly mere hours they didn’t know for sure .
It was decided that this should be the plan of action, but as a second line of defence the ships would be constructed. This was just in case the plan failed to work , and it would give more options. Safe locations to beam people to if it did fail, either way the evacuation would be in hand and they would be better prepared.

Vash beckoned Adam and David to follow him, they walked a short way from the bridge to a small room. Inside it had what appeared to be television cameras facing a podeum ,as David entered the room he said, “ This I assume is your Holographic control room “. Vash answered “ Yes we can contact the whole of Humanity here in one go, and let them know what is happening “. Vash also said that it would be seen everywhere as the machine did not need receivers for people to see it.

Meerat Vash was dressed in his finest uniform as where David and Adam for this the most important broadcast in Earth’s history, the three took up their positions and Vash Spoke.
“ People of The Planet Earth I am Vash Leader of the Achinkey Fleet that orbits your Planet, I am here with two of the Heroes of your Planet or at least they are to my people. If not for their actions it would be likely that your Planet would have been totally destroyed.
But because of their Bravery and courage the Achin and the People of Earth are now friends, a valuable asset in the cosmos of Space.

We came to you as friends with a message of danger, due to an accident on our Home world of Achin, our Moon Irnash was destroyed. Split into three pieces two where safely dealt with, but the third is on a collision course for Earth.

But have no fear The Achinkey people will do all that they can to make sure you survive this ordeal, , and to that end your General David Asterholm has devised a plan that can save your Planet. However it will be at the cost of your Moon, and New Cape town will be evacuated.

The plan is to launch your moon at Irnash, so that the two will destroy each other in the depths of space harming no one. To explain the plan further I give you General Asterholm of the Western Alliance. and Commander Adam Rowkesh of the Earth Defence Dreadnought Lady Diana .

Page Twenty Four

The General spoke first ”Peoples of all Nations we face a grave situation, but with the help of Meerat Vash and the Crew of the Pashitz we can beat this. The plan is simple heading towards us a great speed is what’s left of a moon that used to orbit the Planet Achin.

This moon was decaying in it’s orbit and about to crash into the Achin Home world , but with the use of their superior technology they averted disaster on their Planet but not without great loss of life . One third of Irnash smashed into their Polar region causing vast devastation on Achin , that planet was able to withstand the impact because it is five times the size of Planet Earth.
The fragment heading towards us is one third of Irnash, but that moons size was three times that of Earth. Meaning that the fragment on course to hit us is almost the same size as our World,
When it hits the destruction will be total.
Utter annihilation of the Planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants, the Plan is to launch our Moon at Irnash using a device called a Red Particle Cannon.
This Achin device has the power to move an enormous mass like the moon in space, If it succeeds we will have a chance. Then we will have to withstand the total up heavel of our weather patterns. We can expect enormous tidal waves and hurricanes, floods and destruction to our Planet never the like seen before.

To this end we are going to construct a floating armada in space, and with the help of Achin technology beam twenty percent of the Earth’s population up to up to seven orbiting ships.
Each approx I mile long the rest will be sent to High ground, with all that is necessary to survive the ordeal. The Achin will also provide shield generators to ward of most of the weather, and hold back any flood waters, with Providences help we will endure “.

Next to speak was Adam “ I am Commander Adam Rowkesh of The Western Alliance Battle-fleet, on assignment from The British National Democratic Alliance, and senior commander of the Alliance fleet.
I call for the following to be made ready from all nations,any materials and workforce needed to complete this mission. We have five months that gives us one month to depart should the need be.

Let it be known that no one will be left on the Planet after departure, the means are available to take each and every Man Woman and child Absolutely no one will be left behind.

I call on the following leaders to prepare to meet aboard the Pashitz they Are President Daniel Kennedy of the American United Congress, Nationalist Elliot Parker of The British National Democratic Alliance, Prime Minister Anwar Patel of the Asian Reformist Party, You-n-Sci Tam Of the Chinese Economic Federation, Sheik Achmed Bannar Fuis of the Middle eastern Islamic Coalition, And Finally Premier Ivana Petrovitch of the Democratic Prussian Empire.

In Three Earth hours by use of molecule transmission beam you will be beamed up to the Mother ship, where a meeting of the World heads of state will begin to Iron out the logistics of total co operation between nations.
We must succeed at this and put all petty squabbles aside, if not Mankind ends here with the death of Irnash and of the Earth“.

All across the Globe the stunned peoples of the Earth had listened to the grim message sent to them from the stars, the message was clear and most realised that now was the time to act and unite.
But there was those that even in the face of doom still considered the ways that the situation could be turned to their advantage regardless of the cost.
One such person was Vice Marshal Alexis Nicholias, still embittered and feeling that his glorious Victory over the Alien Invaders had been thwarted by the upstart Asterholm. He had robbed him of the glory of Victory, or so he thought
this madman had considered that he would be defeated by the Achin and he considered it unlikely but his own kind never that was betrayal.

The fact that had he proceeded with his attack the Earth and everyone on it would now be ash floating in space, but this was the cost of wining he was truly a despot in the making .
A descendant of the house of Romanov he believed it was his right and destiny to rule Prussia, and he vowed he would one day at any cost.

Page Twenty Five

Exactly three hours passed and the first of the World leaders started to appear in the conference room aboard the Pashitz, first was the Chinese delegate you-n-Sci Tam, then the American Daniel Kennedy, followed by Anwar Patel, and so on until all the delegates representing the Earth where around the table.

The atmosphere could have been cut with a knife, a few hours Earlier these men had been on the brink of War with each other. Now they are being forced to cooperate or face oblivion, none of them where easy with the situation they now found themselves in.

The silence was broken by the Chinese leader You- n-Sci Tam “ The Chinese Economic Federation, will give no supplies until we have assurances “.
Vash cut him off dead “ Then Chairman Tam you are free to leave now, and you plus all of your people will be left behind to await Irnash if it hits should our plan fail. As for the needed preparations on Earth to protect yourself, from the coming Tsunamis, and hurricanes, not to mention probable Earthquakes, you are as you Earthmen say, On your own “.

Chairman Tam sat down stunned at this not knowing quite what to say, his power removed in those short words .

Vash continued “ Let me be quite clear about this gentlemen and ladies “ looking at Ms Ivana Petrovitch, who bowed her head gracefully.

“ We are not here to negotiate we are here to offer solutions to the problems we have, not to create more. We will not tolerate petty stances, we will do what we have to do, if you don’t agree you and your individual nation are free to leave and chance your survival alone. But let me tell you without our help and our technology, you stand little chance of survival. So let me start by telling you General Asterholm is in charge of this operation, what he says is what shall be no arguments no discussion are we clear on that “.

The American Leader Kennedy stood up “ I don’t know about the rest of you but so far as I see it we have little choice in this, we either do as Vash and the General say or we perish. So with that clear we Of the American United congress will conform to all your requests Sir “ he then sat down.

Ivana Petrovitch stood “ We also stand with the Americans on this “ and she too sat down, all had agreed until it came back round to the Chinese leader Tam. He sat with hands clasped and looked around at the others now all staring back at him, was his pride and stubbornness about to condemn his people or would he concede ? Reluctantly like a child who had been scolded he said “ Yes “.

“ Good Good then our first order of business is to get all of the Earth’s metal producing plants, to stand by to have their entire stocks beamed into orbit” said David” Then the first construction stage can begin.
Secondly all your engineers will be trained for working in zero gravity, and as space ready as possible for this you have just 24 hours. Those under 30 will build the platform, the Achin will show them how to construct these.
They will need to be ready in one week from today, then those engineers will the start construction. Those over 30 will be required to work on the ships interiors after they have been made airtight, they will construct the living births first, then the air purification, units flight controls, and engines, will be left till last.

Should Irnash accelerate for any reason due to gravitational eddies and so on, we need to be able to bring up as many people as we can. The Alliance Dreadnoughts can then tow the Ark ships to a safe distance, where work can then continue. Whilst the engineers do the technical build the passengers will construct hydroponic gardens, this is to sustain the food supply for when we either return or continue to a new home Planet.

Your Armies, and civilian authorities, will direct the remaining population to each countries highest sustainable point. There you will construct under Achin guidance reinforced domes, these will be to accommodate the evacuees. They will be fitted with shield generators, should they be submerged the shield will keep the waters at bay, the generators will also withstand tidal wave impact.

Those domes within any known earthquake zones will be equipped with Achin gravity compensator’s, these will be able to lift the dome off the surface for short periods allowing re location to safer ground. The Flagship for this operation will be the Lady Diana, Commanded by I am pleased to announce Captain Rowkesh. The Pashitz leaves orbit to start the process of moving the Moon in 5 days The King Charles will be on station with the Diana Good luck to you all “.

Page Twenty Six

If sound could travel in Space it would have been buzzing with ships going to and fro, suited astronauts sorting stockpiles of materials drifting in Space.
But the most impressive sight was the construction taking shape in the silhouette of the Moon, an enormous structure that would have easily been visible from the Planets surface.
This was the Achin Ship construction vehicle, a floating shipyard miles above the Earth eagerly awaiting it’s first construction. The base of all operations to construct the lifeboats that may be needed to save Earth’s population, in the event that the plan to intercept Irnash with our own Moon should fail.

It had been five days now since the meeting of the World leaders on the Pashitz, she was preparing for her attempt to move our most familiar celestial friend, and send her careering to her doom.
Poets had written sonnets to this, lovers had made promises beneath her light, men had taken their first steps to the unknown upon her soil.
Now she was Earth’s Last hope of survival as if God himself had placed her there, knowing this day would come, and that she would be the only thing that could save us from oblivion .

The Pashitz engines pulsed and hummed as the great ship began to move, on the bridge Vash was sitting in his Captains chair a domed creation similar to that Adam had first seen him astride. Around swung the bow of the great vessel, and the other smaller ships working on the shipyard moved hurriedly out of her path.
Vash gave orders in his native Achin and his crew responded in an instant no one else spoke on the bridge as the ship made way to a position near the Moon that was the optimal distance for the Red Particle Cannon.
He gave another command and the front of the Achin vessel peeled back to reveal the cannon, it was shaped like a star at the front with spikes facing forward it was impressive and menacing.
From the centre of the star a glow started to appear that grew and grew, first Purple, then green, then to orange, then without warning it sparked turned Bright Red and a beam of light spewed forth across the darkness of Space.

It enveloped the moon which seemed to shudder at it’s impact, then settle as if gloved in an enormous Godlike hand. Technicians on the bridge monitored the beam and signalled to Vash that they where ready to proceed ,
“ Engines to 20000 easy to forward “ Said Vash slowly the ship started to move, and at his view point in the ships lounge Adam saw the Moon slowly slowly starting it’s final journey.

She appeared to wobble like a top, that had been knocked whilst spinning.
As they where now in contact with the moon the Pashitz started to move sidewards following the moons orbit around the Earth, but as the beam excerpted more and more pressure on the celestial body within it’s grip, the ship started to move ahead. It could be seen now that the Earth was leaving them behind, as she continued on her own orbit around the Sun.
Faster and faster now the two parted millions of years together now she was alone. Vash gave more orders then handed command over to his 1st officer oxan and left the bridge to find Adam.

Adam was already on his way to meet Vash on the ships launch deck, as the two friends met Vash held out his hand “ Your shuttle has been prepared Adam she will soon get you back to the Diana good luck, may your gods watch over you and your People “.
Adam shook his hand and climbed into the pilots seat, the canopy closed and his craft was catapulted into space.

Back aboard the King Charles General Asteholm had been supervising the safety of those left on Earth, the domes had been built and all had the Achin technology needed to keep them safe.

Just as predicted without it’s Moon the Earth had been thrown into convulsions, from his view in Space David could see that Japan, the Philippines, Tonga, Jamaica, in fact most of the Worlds small Island chains had gone. The polar caps had torn themselves apart Ice flows as big as continents drifting in the oceans, the shape of the continents Changed forever and new land masses were forming fast.

Page Twenty Seven

The seas were boiling in places as the result of volcanic eruptions on the Oceans bed , the deepest of which was the Mariana trench spewing molton rock into the sea at an enormous rate filling the fissure that had been the tench.

The mountains shook with the ferocity of the techtonic plate movement across the Globe, Hurricanes blew and wripped through towns and Cities destroying everything in their path .
The largets category for a Hurricane was a 5, these based on that scale would have been at least 15. Rivers burst their banks forests were burning out of control, it looked like World war 5 6 and 7 had happened all at the same time. But in the Domes the people survived some occassionaly lifting off and moving a mile or even just a few hundred yards to safer ground, others beneath tons and tons of water fathoms down now but safe thanks to the Achin shields.
All they had to do was wait it out till the storms and the eruptions stopped then just rise to the surface to find land and begin again, they would send out launches to patrol the new Earth coast lines and find suitable places to settle.
It was a tense time and all David could really do was watch and wait, he like everyone else was waiting for mother Earth to stop complaining, after all she was at least still here he thought to himself.

But there was one who had decided that only he had the right to rule the Earth after it’s resurection, and 40 million miles away he waited hidden behind the Planet Mars awaiting his opportunity to strike . His sensors on his ship the Valkeryie Alexsis Nicholias Romanov commanding had registered the Pashitz leaving orbit , it had also wintnessed the awsome power it posessed moving the Moon with veritable ease .
So now that this ship was no longer there to protect his enemy and extend it’s cowardly shields around them , he could strike and win the seat of power he had coveted for so long.
In his twisted mind he thought to himself “ At last I shall be supreme no one shall dare oppose me “
again in his manical delusion he concluded nothing else was going to stop him this time.

The Valkeryie had been badly mauled in the previous battle but with resources from the Mars colony she had been repaired to battle readiness Full battle readinesss.
“ Illiya bring the engines online and make course for Earth full speed “ the officer Illiya Gorbechov followed his captains orders, and the Valkeryie started to break cover from behind the Red Planet.

The Valkeryie

Immediately the nearest ship the King Charles radio’d the General “ Sir there is an unidentified vessel closing fast from the direction of the Mars Colony and sir she has all weapons ports open “.

David who was in his ready room rose and went to the bridge ..” Commanding officer on the bridge” a crewman shouted and all stood to attention “ Stand Easy men helm plot an intercept course to the unidentified vessel “ The King Charles swung round the Lady Diana close behind .
Adam who was now back on board and in command of the Diana, shouted to his officers “all hands battle stations make all guns ready “.

The two ships approached the Valkeryie who was infact twice their size and massivley armed
“20000, 15000, 13000” the science officer reported “11,000 meteres all guns prepare to fire“ then Adam heard the Radio message aimed at the Valkeryies Captain from the King Charles.

David had identified the ship at 5000000 kilometers and had tried to contact them “ Valkeryie stand down you are out matched stand down by order of the Western Alliance “ all the reply he had was “This is Alexsis Nicholias Romanov your future ruler I order you to stand down or your puny little ships will be blasted into atoms “the communication was cut off.

David looked at his crew “You know what to do number 1“ his first officer walked to a newly installed panel and threw a switch “ Activated Sir “ .
The Valkeryie opened fire with all her guns both the Diana and the Charles disapeared in plumes of flame and explosive charges mushrooming into space. A cheer went up from the bridge of the Valkeryie “ see My friends see how easy we defeat these children “ as Romanov was reveling in his victory Alexis never noticed the salvo of missiles launched from his enemies vessels then too late he heard
“ Oh My God shields Sir They have shields”.

Page Twenty Eight

The Officers on board the Valkyrie sprang into action, throwing the ship into a series of manoeuvres manuvers to evade the oncoming missiles. But most of them realised at this distance it would be impossible,
Alexis Nicholias Romanov glared at his view screen “ Cowardly dogs so they have shields from their Alien friends we will still destroy them “.

To everyone’s amazement the psychotic commander ordered another salvo to be fired at the two ships now standing of his port side, Iliya Gorbachev stood from his seat at weapons control and was knocked to the floor as the first of the Alliance weapons hit. Then another, and another, Alexsis raced to the controls shouting at the top of his voice, “ Fire I said you stupid peasant fire at those fools who dare take on my might “.

He pushed the launch controls and another barrage of rockets screamed from the missile tubes,racing towards the Alliance vessels.
Again they just exploded harmlessly on the Achin shields Asterholm, had kept two of the generators the Achin supplied for the Earth domes that were surplus. He had decided to put then to good use, and at this moment was thinking what a wise move it had been. He knew without them this battle would have probably, had a very different outcome.

David signalled the com’s officer to open a channel to the Valkyrie “ Alexsis this is General David Asterholm we implore you to stand down we have no wish to destroy you, I shan’t offer again to spare your ship so Please do as we ask, for your crews sake “.

On board the Valkyrie Alexis shouted to his crew to fire again, Ilya stood and said “ No this has gone far enough you mad man you will kill us all and for what “.
Alexsis took out his revolver from his holster and aimed it at Iliya, “You will fire as commanded or I will execute you here on the bridge you coward” He never got the chance just as he was about to shoot his 1st officer, the World went black and he collapsed to the floor.

Behind him his helms,man had also had all he could stomach from this lunatic, he smiled at Iliya and said “ We go home now Dar ? “.
Iliya smiled and said “Dar we go home but first “,
he opened a com channel to the Charles “ General Alexsis has decided to come visit you in person, he will be with you directly “.

David was a little confused at this message until he looked toward the Valkyrie, there floating in space writhing and gasping for air was Alexsis Nicholias Romanov last of his line.
“I understand Captain I take it you surrender and will stand down your weapons“, Iliya liked the idea of being called Captain.
His crew who where smiling at this reference to him also approved, “ Da .. Da General Sir we are in your hands “. A cheer went up on both bridges “ Follow us to the Earth construction yard, and effect repairs Captain we may have need of your ship soon “. The general knew many a life had been saved that day as he also added, “Oh and Captain make sure you put a sign on the door that poor Alexsis opened, we wouldn’t want that to happen again would we”.
“Da it is being done as we speak General Sir, a most unfortunate accident Gorbachev out “.

David smiled and sat in the Command chair of the Charles “Bring us about Helm return to Earth top speed, the great ships arched full circle and headed for home The King Charles, The Valkyrie, and the Lady Diana, “ Pity we don’t still do the Rum thing on Naval ships any more number one “ he laughed“. Peter Elliot his first officer replied, “Just so happens Sir I have a bottle of Vintage in my cabin Sir Lamb’s Navy care to take a dram sir“.
Smiling and rubbing his chin David replied “Don’t mind if I do Number one Don’t mind If I do“.

Back aboard the Pashitz Vash and his crew had sighted the chunk of Irnash hurtling through space towards the Earth, his technical officers had planned the trajectory that was needed for Asterholms plan for Irnash to be stopped in its tracks.
It had been discussed why not just use the Red particle cannon, but at the speed Irnash was travelling the Pashitz would have been ripped in half as the beam tried to contain the hurtling Moon. So this was the only way to stop it now,
and the Earths last real hope of survival.

It was time Vash looked at Oxan “It’s now or never release the Earth moon at optimal range 746.230.9 and invert beam”, the invert beam command was to push the Earths moon at a much greater speed than Irnash giving it momentum to pulverize it completely.
Off hurtled the Moon and as it gathered speed it left a trail like a glorious Comet,the two goliaths smashed into one another. Huge flames erupted from the moon as it’s core exploded,
but when the dust had cleared, Vash saw that only some of Irnash had been destroyed.
A large piece of the rogue satellite had survived and it was still traveling towards the Earth.

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