Page 10                      Chapter  2  Silent Death   Death in The Ranks

Hank immediately contacted Mack as head of security this would be his domain, there had never been a death on the station so everyone was especially shocked . Mack ran along the corridors to the lab he had been told what had happened , with him where two of his team Philip Doors, and Faro Hassan . They  ordered the room be sealed and the scientists to be taken to a secure area for questioning , cause of death had to be established with all possible haste. One thing they didn’t need on an orbiting space station was a panic that some pathogen or other experiment had been the cause of death, this would put the stations crew at risk and would indeed have probably instigated a mass exodus from the station.

Mark was inspecting Lane when Amber came into the lab ” Mack stop what you are doing and return to the security office, Mr Doors and Mr Hussan will deal with this and you are not to be involved in this investigation” . Mack was a little shocked he was after all responsible for all investigations aboard this station, Why Director  I am chief of security it is my job to conduct all investigations aboard this station ” Amber  walked across to him and quietly said ” Yes but not all your investigations involve the death of you ex brother in law who you openly despised, need I say more or do I have to paint you a picture ” Mack could see the logic in what Amber was saying and had to admit the fact Lane was dead did not fill him with grief, in fact thinking on it he was quite glad he was so distancing himself from this one may be the best .” Yes director you are correct of course , Mr Doors take over please ” Doors nodded and began closer inspection of Lanes body . He could see no visible reason for his death no signs of  asphyxia  no signs of blood from an injury , ” Take the body to the medical wing I want a full postmortem and cause of death  established as soon as possible report your findings to me and me alone ”

Faro Hussan started to question the  RG1 team as to what happened they relayed all that they could telling him how he became unwell in the pod, and that by the time they had managed to get him out he was dead .  ” I am sure you don’t have to be told gentlemen all departures from the station have been cancelled until this matter is cleared up”said Faro. The medical department was manned by Doctor Elizabeth Warren a specialist in space medicine , she had been on the station for 12 months studying the effects of space on certain bacteria and viruses. She was hoping to find cures for some of the Planets most virulent diseases , and as the head of the department would be conducting any autopsy. She started by taking small skin tissue and blood samples followed by a detailed  scan of the body , this was to look for internal injuries and this was all done under quarantine conditions as cause of death was not yet known.