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It took Doctor Warren 3 hours to perform the autopsy, Doors was waiting for her as she left the isolation unit . ” Well Doctor can you tell me the cause of Doctor Lanes death” Elizabeth was carrying a folder which she handed to Doors ” This is a detailed  transcript of the procedures I performed , to the letter and with audio and visual recordings on everything I could find ” Doors started to read the folder ” Well this can’t be right according to this he died of Cyanide poisoning that’s pretty quick acting stuff , and he had been in the Gravity pod for at least 20 minutes before he keeled over ” Elizabeth took the folder off doors and turned to a particular page ” If you think that’s weird look at this if he died from cyanide he would have traces of it in his blood and in his stomach if it was ingested ” Doors look puzzled ” Sorry Doc I am no Medic what’s Ingested ”  Elizabeth smiled and told Doors ” Ingestion is anything taken by mouth but in this case there was no trace of any poison in the digestive system , none at all more confusing there were no puncture wounds in the skin at all  so it wasn’t injected. However I did find evidence of Cyanide in the blood that is at first , I took a sample and tested it and had a positive reaction to  the poison in his blood . To confirm my findings I took another sample  barely 10 minutes apart and there was no sign of cyanide in his blood , furthermore I had the same results from the tissue samples  there one minute gone the next. So i did a toxicology on all his organs to see if there was a trace and there was none ,  I could be wrong but the analyzer can’t be it to registered Cyanide on the first two test’s and nothing on the second that is impossible the poison could not have dispersed that quickly .” Doors was scratching his head and looking at the report ” So you are telling me the analyzer is saying he died from cyanide poisoning , but you are saying there is no traces of cyanide in him so tell me Doc  what’s going on?”  Elizabeth shook her head ” I don’t know in 20 years of the autopsy work I have carried out , I have never ever seen anything like these results ”

Doors took the report to Amber her Secretary buzzed him into her office  “Director I am sorry but you are going to have to get another investigator on this case, one with scientific knowledge of things I know nothing about please look at this report ”  Amber read Doctor Warrens findings  looked at Doors and said ” I see that this is not going to be any ordinary investigation, but I am sure you can handle this Philip you just have to set your team on it and I am sure you will come up with an answer ” Doors shook his head ” Sorry but this is way beyond our experience ” Amber stood up and gave him the report back ” Philip I am sorry I can’t let Mack handle this now because if he was poisoned then Mack is a suspect you can see that can’t you , and if I have to wait for an inspector from Earth we can not stop people leaving the station after the 48 hours is up that we have the right to  ”  Philip Doors sat down with his hands in his head ” I see well I need help of a scientific nature so who can you suggest ” Amber went back to her desk and keyed her computer  too look for candidates ” There is a Russian specialist on animal toxins you know snakes. and such maybe he can help , he is doing a study on their effects to the body and the brain he would understand I am sure ” Doors agreed and Amber sent for  Alexis Portrov  to join them in the isolation unit with Doctor Warren . ” In the meantime  I will get the news circulated that this is now a Murder inquiry, and that the Station is now on lock down for 48 hours ” doors told Amber ” Yes good idea and let them know this was not a Pathogen release in the pod to allay fears of contamination ”   she added .