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” I don’t know what you expect of me Mr Doors yes I am an expert in venom toxicology but you say with this crime cyanide was used , there is no animal that uses this poison or anything like it as far as I am aware sorry but I can not help you ”  Doors thanked Alexis and was about to leave when Alexis added ” I also know that there is no poison known that would not show up in a blood sample with today’s technology , maybe years ago a few animal and plant toxins would dissolve enough to defy detection but not now with the new systems we have in place” Doors thanked him again and went back to the security office .

Mack was at his desk filling out his reports when Doors came in ” Hi Phil any break through’s on the Lane case yet “Doors replied ” Not yet Mack has Faro questioned you yet ” Mack stood up and exclaimed,” Me why the hell would you want to question me ” Doors sat down at Mack’s desk ” Well you are a suspect Mack its no secret you hated the guy and blamed him for your Sisters death”  he could see Door’s point ” That’s true but I can tell you I didn’t kill him, oh don’t get me wrong I could easily had done so but that honor I have lost to someone else. Besides when he was killed I was with Faro in Hangar Six supervising the restocking of the Nagami ” Doors knew that to be true as the duty logs showed him and Faro  on duty in the bay at the time Lane died , he had already checked that fact so knew Mack was telling the truth . ”  I also was with Faro up to an hour previously  we had been in the rec room having break and playing Cards, so this is why Faro hasn’t interviewed me yet he knows it would be pointless ” Doors nodded and replied ” I see well Mack this is one time you will be pleased to have an alibi, because up to yet you appeared to be my only suspect ” Mack laughed and sat on the corner of his desk ” Then you haven’t looked very hard have you , that man had more people gunning for him than you could shake a stick at trust me I know of five more on this station alone that will be happy he’s gone”

Mack asked ” so maybe you best sit down and write their names out for me , after all you knew the guy better than I did , and you can also tell me the reasons they would want him dead ”  Mack returned to his seat got a piece of Paper and began writing names of other crew members of the station Lane had had dealings with unfavorable dealings  and top of the list was Amber Cornish the station Director . Doors was surprised to see her name he asked what possible motive could she have for wanting Lane dead . Mack explained that Amber was the one who got Mack the posting to EE1 , they had worked together before and she introduced Mack’s wife Heather to Mack , she had been Heather’s best friend all through college and university . Amber also knew of the way that  he treated Mack’s sister and hated him for it , when he was posted to this station she tried to stop it but was overruled by Earth directorate. ” That’s interesting but surely Lane would have known Amber after all he was Married to her best friend , I got the impression they had never met before ” Mack said they had never met but that Amber had heard all about what had been happening to Heather through Mack , he said she got very angry about it especially as Amber herself had been in a very abusive relationship  that she hadn’t that long broke free of when  Heather died. ” So all she heard about the problems that Heather was having came from you, and do you know if she and Heather had ever spoken about it ” Mack shook his head no . ” Well I think she will be my next interview , thank’s Mack you have been helpful, now the next thing I have to do is find out  how can a person be poisoned in a sealed space suit inside a sealed pod with a poison that disappears ? “