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Doors felt out of his depth entirely with this investigation not only was the method of killing the victim eluding him but a Perpetrator that had both the time and the motive, those that had the time and opportunity had solid alibi’s those that didn’t had no motive. of the 5 names Mack had given him he had eliminated Three one of them being Mack himself the two that he had left were Akio Takei and Amber Cornish , only these two did not have solid alibi’s  Amber had a motive but did Akio it was understood he was a close friend of Lanes why would he want him dead.

Akio was in the Captains lounge when Doors found him” Captain Akio Takei ” Doors asked ” Yes I am he what can I do for you officer Doors ” Doors beckoned him to take a seat ” You may have heard of the death of Doctor Lane,well I am investigating his death and need to ask you about your relationship with the Doctor ”  Akio assured Doors he was only too eager to help ” It seems strange to be talking about Gareth as being dead I was only with him recently having drinks with him in the recreation room ” Where did you get those drinks ” Asked Doors  ” From the vendomat  in the rec room we used our station credit cards so  from the receipts you can see the exact times we had been there  ”  Doors thought as Lane was still alive then no real need to see the receipts, but then an alarm sounded in his brain maybe  that was when the poison was administered .  ” So only you and Doctor Lane handled the drinks ” Akio nodded and then added ” We only had at the most three then we had to leave. I had the restocking of the Nagami to oversee  your officer Hussan was there and Mack the Head of Security , and Gareth had to go attend his  lab I think “Doors was noting all this down he looked up from his jotting pad and asked ” What time was this can you tell me ” Akio faltered for a  moment as if asked a trick question then said ” I am sorry I can not tell you I had not adjusted my watch to EE1 time I was still on Japanese time Doors san ” He twirled the fingers of his watch and made a gesture as if counting on his fingers ” 8 hours difference  I think it would be about 19:30 hours ”

So it seems that the poison must have been given him between 19.30 and 011.30 hours when he met his death thought Doors, but had still to find out how the poison entered the victims body. He made his way to see Doctor Warren again he needed to find out if the suit Doctor Lane was wearing was still in the medical center.  Elizabeth Warren was in the Autopsy room when he entered the  medical center ,” Ah Mr Doors I won’t be a moment just doing a few more test’s you may find interesting ”  she said  . ” I have just completed a bone scan and at first found nothing of any significance,that is till I scanned the victims foot there I had  some extremely odd readings. I found that the bone structure was really odd not the usual bone construction, but something I had never seen before I photographed it to show you most odd” The Doctor put two large pictures on the wall screen” You see here the bone structure of the foot on the left completely normal, the one on  the right however is Doctor Lanes notice the unusual shape of the heel bone and the myriad of tiny holes most unusual” Doors didn’t really know what was unusual about it except the holes , he had never seen holes in bones like that and asked the doctor ” So something has altered  the foot, doctor could a poison have entered his blood through those holes and if so how ”