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The doctor took down the photographs and placed another picture on the screen, she then got a marker pen and circled an area of skin” On this picture  of the foot  I had been thinking about that and well yes poison could enter the bones through the tissue, and especially the victims tissue that also shows the same deformation of cell structure and tiny holes. As a result poison could have entered the subjects body through  his tissues, but it would need to be a bio-toxin or something I have never witnessed before ”  Then she looked closer at the picture ” you know if I was sure I would say that this bone had been altered by some form of radiation but I wouldn’t be able to prove it, but it does look similar to results found after the Hiroshima and Okinawa Bombs on victims of radiation poisoning” Doors asked how that could be Doctor Warren just shrugged ” As I say I couldn’t prove it , but it had to be long term exposure as far as I know unless you had been in an atomic explosion that’s the only other way  ” With even more to think about now Doors left the Medical center with more unanswered questions than he arrived with .

Doors went along to see Amber Cornish  ” Professor Cornish  I need a transport ship and a flight clearance to Earth as soon as possible please ” The Director gave Doors a quizzing look ” I need to take Doctor Lanes body  to the Nuclear research facility at the now privately owned Area 51 base, they have a team of specialist’s there I need them to see the body and confirm  Doctor Warrens theory ” Amber became even more interested and asked ” For what purpose what can they do we  with all our technology aboard EE1 can not do may I ask ” Doors  told her that the technology was not the problem ” Nothing Director but we do not have the expert experience with what may have been the instrument of Doctor Lanes Death , they do and I request clearance to prove it or disprove it ”  Amanda Cornish now looked even more quizzical at Doors ” Are you telling me you know how Lane was killed ” Doors nodded ” Yes Director I think I do but as to yet not who and why, but that may become more apparent after I have spoken with the experts on the Earth ” Doors added ” I only have 16 hours left to prove this or the  Murderer may be free to leave the station so I do need to go urgently Director, and to speed things I would also like to take the stations private shuttle. I do not have time to wait for a passenger vessel to clear dock, the body must be examined on Earth if we are to find Doctor Lanes Killer “.

Professor Cornish sat to her desk and began to write out a travel permit and authorization for use of the station shuttle ” I really don’t see why  with all the eminent scientist’s we have on this station you need an opinion from an Earth  source to prove it elsewhere ” she handed the papers to Doors who checked them out , he folded them  and placed them in his tunic pocket .” Well you see it’s age and historical experience I need rather than anything else, the scientists up here have no dealings with what I am trying to prove.” then he said goodbye and left for the docking area and the station shuttle .