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The shuttle Ganges cleared the docking bay and started it’s automated return entry to Earth, Ganges needed no pilot everything was controlled by computer from launch to landing . Doors sat back and stared at the face of Lane visible through the  inspection panel on the mortuary container pod , tried to reason “Who had wanted wanted you dead and why ,Greed hate Love , from what he had learned about Lane it could have been hate it seemed this man had no shortage of enemies. But who would go as far as to kill you and how, could be Love maybe you stepped on someones toe’s in that area on the station ” He discounted a love reasoning  as he had been on the station such a short time, but then thought maybe a crime of passion for someone else ” With so many dead ends and very little in the way of evidence this could be a professional assassination , that would mean a money trail from the suspects and that had been checked ” he thought .

The Ganges landing warning came on and the craft started the re entry process , it positioned it’self so the heat shield would protect the craft on re-entry. The cabin became warm but not over uncomfortable as the heat on the out side of the craft reached temperatures of over three thousand  degrees, then as it pierced the upper atmosphere it corrected it’s glide path and started the decent to a perfect landing . Ganges then taxied along the runway and stopped at the hangar zone, on the hangar was a sign in ten feet tall letters ” Area 51  Warning Security Zone Authorized access only, Use of Lethal force Authorized stay in your vehicle till escort arrives ”  The Ganges door opened but Doors stayed in his seat through the open door he could see a hover vehicle approaching, it came to a halt and two uniformed men got out  and stood by the door steps. ” Mr Doors you may leave the craft now , we have instructions to take you and your cargo direct to the  Nuclear Science’s lab please come with us ” Doors stood up and said ” Yes Sir and you have had the correct clearances for my visit then I hope , that sign makes things a little finite to ask after I get out ” the two men laughed  ” Take no notice of that Mr Doors a relic left over from when this was a military base , there are no armed guards here anymore Sir ” Doors left the craft feeling safer he had heard so many stories about the infamous Area 51 ” So did they eve have aliens here and a flying saucer he joked ” the two men gave him a glare  ” Sorry Sir but if we answered that we would have to shoot you afterwards ” Doors gulped thinking they had suddenly become menacing , then both men burst out laughing again    ”  Ha ha ha  sorry sir but  we couldn’t resist that  everyone ask’s that who come to Area 51, well we can tell you we have never seen evidence of that” said one of the guards then he gave a sly wink .

The arrived at the Nuclear  Sciences lab  and were greeted by an elderly  man in an Scottish tweed suit , Doors thought how strange considering it was at least 100 degrees in the shade here . The man extended his hand to greet Doors ” Hellooo “he said in a thick  Scots  accent ” My name is Professor Sean Campbell  it’s a pleasure to greet a representative from EE1 , I want to know all about her I would love to go up to her but will never have the time. A marvelous feat of engineering I would so love to walk it’s corridors well who knows maybe someday ” Doors was amused by this little man he didn’t stop talking all the way to the lab , the two security men pushed the Pod with Lanes Body into an adjacent room then left.