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Professor Campbell led Doors to another room ” We must book you in first Mr Doors ” Call me Phil Professor ” Campbell smiled ” Phil it is then we must have your signature that you will reveal nothing you see or hear in this facility, it’s no longer military but still has it’s secrets ” Doors signed the register and a piece of paper saying he would reveal nothing etc etc of his visit ” I have always been intrigued by the stories about this place never thought I would actually be here, tell me Professor Roswell and the craft that was said to be stored here was it true ? ” The professor stopped what he was doing and removed his thick rimmed glasses ” Ah yes Hangar 18 ,  I think you are talking about as you have now signed the  Department of defense none disclosure document,   I can tell you it was mostly true not all but mostly ”  Doors was spell bound as the professor told him the true story behind Roswell ” The crash at Roswell did indeed happen and it was also very much a spacecraft from another world, but there where no Aliens or bodies that was media hype and hysteria. You see the Roswell craft was actually an alien probe, very much the same as our first probes like the Mars Rover and the Saturn lander . It crashed after being shot down over Nevada by the Air force who thought it was a Russian spy plane, and it was recovered by The Department of Defense from the Roswell crash site. They inspected it put out the false weather balloon story when it was realized what it was, a craft from another world then of course it was reverse engineered and all of our advanced technology we have today was a result of engineering obtained from that craft. Silicon Chips, Computers, Crystal storage and  of course much of our space flight technology but no alien creatures unfortunately” Doors was spellbound as the professor told him of other amazing discoveries came from the inspection of the Roswell vehicle ” Actually the machine we are about to use owes much of it’s science to that craft , and is most likely something you have never seen or will the like again I would judge ” Campbell walked over to a control panel adjacent to a wall on the far side of the room , he pushed a switch and a section of the wall slid back revealing a glass panel . On the other side was a table with the Body of Doctor lane on it , above it was an instrument that looked like a four pronged laser gun that was glowing blue. ” Please place these glasses on Phil we don’t want any accidents ” Doors put the glasses on and the machine started to hum and the glow became intense .

When the professor had completed his examination of Lanes body with this machine  the first thing he asked didn’t surprised Doors ,” Phil was this man exposed to any Beta or Gamma radiation as far as you know” Doors said he couldn’t be sure but that Doctor Warren aboard EE1 had  suspected he had , but wasn’t sure what type or for how long he had or even when it occurred.    Campbell paced the lab holding his chin ” Can you tell me what he was working on at the time of his death and say a few months before it ” Doors shook his head no ” Sorry Professor but I am afraid I am bound to silence about what happens on EE1 I hope you understand ” Campbell pulled a phone towards him and dialed a number ” Yes hello Sir  this is Campbell Area 51 Lab I have someone here you need to talk to can you please just  give him clearance to talk to me about information concerning EE1 ” Campbell handed Doors the phone ” Yes this is Phillip Doors who is this ” Phil’s face suddenly dropped and he was for a moment taken aback then in a very quiet voice he replied ” Yes Mr President Sir I quite understand Sir and you will send me authorization on my video link  yes Sir thank you Sir goodbye Sir  Mr President ” he looked at Campbell and smiled ” OK direct line to the man himself what do you want to know Professor ”  AS he was listening to the professor his Video phone signaled an incoming message ” Excuse me a moment Professor ,  it was his authorization direct from the White house.