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Doors told the professor what he knew of Lanes work ” I obviously don’t know the technical details of what he and his team where doing but just the basic’s, as security we where required to know a little so as to know what goods and services we could or could not allow on and off the station. All I know was that they where working with rearranging  molecules or atoms to make them into other things, I can’t tell you anymore than that as I don’t know any more maybe you should visit the station and the lab Professor ” Campbell agreed with him that he should ” If what I suspect is true from readings I have obtained from my Scanner, then the team working on this project is in some considerable danger we should leave at once Phillip my friend ”

Back on the runway the EE1 shuttle had been refueled and was ready for take off , Doors and the Professor boarded the craft ” What about Doctor lanes body will the administration here return it  to his family ” Campbell replied ” Not at the moment I may need to take another look at the body , but they will have him returned in due course have no fear ” Shuttle EE1 lifted off from Area 51 and climbed quickly up into the stratosphere and headed out towards EE1 ” Have you been in space before Professor ” Asked Doors , the professor smiled and chuckled gently ” Oh yes Phil I have done my fair share of  Planet hopping in my time the Planet Mars was my first adventure into space in 2043 , my word that’s 40 years ago now my my ” he said . Phillip Doors looked up and his face was filled with astonishment ” Oh My God you are that Professor Campbell   you are Gregory Campbell the first man to set foot on Mars , you Captained  the Mars Discovery mission ” The professor smiled and nodded ” Guilty as charged I am afraid ” and continued to gaze out of the shuttles windows at the stars .

They approached the station and Doors contacted the EE1 approach commander ” Shuttle EE1  to base request permission to Dock ” the radio crackled for an instant and the reply came back ” Shuttle EE1 you are cleared to dock hangar bay 3 please Mr Doors, and welcome back to EE1 ” doors replied ” Thank you Andrea  have the Director meet us in the docking bay I have someone with me I think she will want to meet ,in fact I think everyone will want to meet him ” Her curiosity aroused Andrea asked ” So who pray is it you have bought back with you so important she laughed ” there was a silence and Andrea though for a moment Doors had ended the transmission without telling her, ” Oh just Professor Gregory Campbell of the Mars Discovery mission ” Doors heard the excitement over the radio as his news was heard by the rest of the radio crews ” EE1 on final approach transmission out ”  The shuttle glided effortlessly into the bay and pressurization  began , you could hear as the jets of air screamed as they built up the breathable atmosphere in the   hangar bay”  Phil I don’t want a fuss made please what I did was so long ago really ” Doors placed his arm on the Professors shoulder ” You belittle yourself  Professor if not for you and the crew who made that epic journey EE1 and indeed the Mars colony would not be a reality now , as a child I read  about you and your missions and so did millions of other kids  of my age then. We all wanted to be you and go into the unknown of Space to be pioneers like you, for many of us people like you Armstrong, Miller , Captain Gant of the Jupiter mission helped us be who we wanted to be and what we are today” the professor visibly embarrassed by the praise just nodded and thanked Doors.