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Campbell thanked the people who had waited to meet him, he felt overjoyed that all these youngsters still revered what he did all those years ago. ” Now Mr Doors we came to do a job and I believe we have a time factor to consider ?”  Doors nodded and beckoned the Professor to follow him to the lab, once there the professor went straight to the pod and looked inside .The pod was empty ” So this is  where the the good Doctor was working when he met his unfortunate demise , and the machine he was working on is where this pod is empty ” Doors opened the pod door so he could see inside and stared at the empty space where he had last seen the RG1 ” I have no idea Professor it was there when I left for Earth , I can only assume the lab team have moved it following the death of Lane ” The professor bent down and was looking closely at the metal floor, he took out a pen and and touched the floor and the pen sank into the metal. ” As I thought Mr Doors I think it would be safer for all on the station if this room was sealed and no one entered it under any circumstances ” Seeing the pen sink into the metal floor as if into butter Doors  took several steps back  in alarm ” My God Professor how did you do that ” Campbell looked up at him and said ” Mr Doors this whole section of the station needs to be evacuated now without delay , the structure has undergone a radical change of density and is unsafe ”

Philip Doors contacted the Director and set the wheels in motion to evacuate this part of the stations labs, sealing them all for security and also sealing of the section corridors . The professor had gone to the recreation area to meet Doctor Lanes  team, he needed to ask them about their experiment if what he thought was true it was imperative  that he could inspect the RG1. None of the team had moved the machine and where at a loss to explain it’s disappearance , in fact as far as he could ascertain no one knew where the machine now was . ” The more we delve the more we are met with riddles in this case most perplexing ” Campbell remarked . Doors came into the recreation  room and Campbell told him what he had found out ” So the machine has been stolen you are saying , is it valuable or Top secret or such like ” asked Doors ” Top secret maybe valuable priceless but that is not what you should be asking Mr Doors ” Phil gave the Professor a puzzled look  ” Ok what should I be asking Professor ” Campbell put his hand on Doors shoulder and moved closer ” You should be asking  is the machine dangerous and I would say Most certainly, after all Mr Doors it has already been used once to kill. Plus from evidence I have already seen if that machine is still on this station and should it be turned on again, then everyone aboard this facility  could die terribly in space when the structure of this station undergoes a catastrophic failure  “