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Dr lane stepped down from  the Idaho and walked towards Mack, ” I have two bags this one and  this one ” he said pointing to the bags he had laid on the ground before him.

Mack picked the bags up and placed them in the scanner then proceeded to scan the Doctor with another device, ” Have you any items banned under the rules of this station” he asked Dr Lane . The Doctor shook his head and collected his bags from the other side of the scanner after they had gone through, he turned to Mack and asked him ” Can you direct me to Doctor Aldridge’s office please officer”

Mack pointed the way on a Station map on the wall behind him, Dr Lane thanked him and left the hangar. With the passengers all off loaded and the cargo checked Mack and his men returned to the security office, ” Phil do me a favour please and nip along the corridor and fetch a couple of coffees i’m parched , anyone else want one while he’s going” he asked. After coffee he started his patrol  and walked along the corridors to the habitat ring, here every nation on Earth had someone who was involved in the day to day operation of this marvel of human ingenuity. Mack noticed Dr Lane walking  ahead of him towards then science and engineering  section, he quickened his pace to catch up with him ” Gareth ” he called .The Doctor turned to face him  ” You don’t know me do you Gareth  it has been a long time but I didn’t think you would forget me so readily” Lane looked closely at Mack and he was shaking his head ” No I am sorry I am afraid you’re not familiar to me should I know you”

Mack rubbed his hand across his head and looked wide eyed at Lane ” Incredible  you don’t  know me at all do you, why am I not so surprised after all you didn’t really know Heather either did you ” . Lane grabbed Mack’s arm ” What do you know Of my wife”

Mack pulled away from his grasp ” Wife, Wife is that what you say pity you didn’t remember that while you were married to her ” Mack looked at Lane with  ferocity and the disgust he usually reserved for the criminal element he encountered on the station.      ” It’s me Mack her brother or had you forgot she even had a brother , you drove her to suicide you bastard and one day you will get your’s ”

Mack stormed off leaving Lane in the Corridor groping for memories, but what Mack didn’t know was that Lanes work had taken it’s toll on him. Exposure to his new experiment had robbed him of many memories in his life,  portions of it were completely lost to him never to be remembered. He watched Mack wind his way along the corridor till he could no longer see him, trying desperately  to remember him continuing his journey to Aldridge’s office as he went .

Dr Lane  knocked on the Door of Aldridges office ” Come in ” a harsh gruff sounding voice bellowed , ” Ah Doctor Lane I trust you had a good Journey here, some find it a little traumatic  with the G forces and motion sickness not a concern for you I hope .

” No Sir on the contrary I found it most exhilarating , this is the first time in Space for me a boyhood dream achieved ” Aldridge smiled and beckoned him to take a seat. ” You may wonder why I specifically asked for you Doctor , well it’s only fair I should tell you   the fact is I was instructed to do so by the Director of this station. Usually I don’t pander to their whims but in this instance I gave way especially when I was told of your break through in Molecular repositioning ”

Lane raised his eyebrows and stood up ” How did you learn of this I myself had told only one other person of this discovery, yet it seems that you have the means to circumvent my wishes  to keep this confidential” Aldridge laughed and again asked Lane to sit down    ” Nothing clandestine I assure you Doctor  you told your immediate superior as you were required to, it just so happens he is a close friend and he thought you being here would aid your further work. The opportunity to experiment in zero gravity conditions would have most likely been your next step am I right”.