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Lane pulled back his bedclothes turned out the light and retired for the night, visions of faces danced through his mind he thought he saw Mack’s face but couldn’t be sure. Nothing had been clear to him for months except his work nothing was more important than his work, Mack’s sister Heather had been  one casualty of his obsession  without the love and care she should have been afforded she became frightfully depressed, Lane had not seen the signs as again his work took him away to his lab most days and nights. One evening she had reached a crisis point her world was tearing at her, dragging her to depths of anguish and  loneliness she could no longer bare. She tied one end of a long silk scarf to the edge of the banister the other around her neck, then she simply rolled over the top there was a sharp Jolt and her frail petite neck snapped like a twig .

That night Lane had come home and parked his car in the garage and entered the house from the rear door, he shouted along the hallway I will be in my study if you need me not bothering to wait for any answer. Four hours later he emerged walked to the end of the Hallway and it was only then he saw her lifeless  body hanging from the rail, screaming for help he tried to lift her but even he could see she was already dead . Her body cold and her skin grey and mottled and stiff , had she been there all the time he had been home or not had she done this terrible deed whilst he was in his study and he had not heard her . Could he have saved her why did she do this and a myriad of other thoughts cascaded  through his mind, he then fell to his knees and wept for he did love her so but his work his damned work had claimed another victim.

Amber poured two coffees from the dispenser in the recreation room and set them on a nearby table , then she placed two packages into a Microwave oven and waited for the familiar ringing noise to indicate it was ready . She then placed them on the table and sat waiting for Lane, he was a man of habit and was prompt at 9.30 am precisely ” Good Morning Amber ” he  murmured”. Smiling she answered ” Good morning Gareth I may call you Gareth may I Dr Lane seems so formal ” . True to form this  he took as a sign that he should demand her to call him Dr Lane ” No actually I would prefer Dr Lane as we will be in a working environment together if you please “.

Amber was a little taken aback by such an abrupt answer but came back with ” I see very well  then you can call me Professor Cornish  as we seem to be pushing titles today ” , Lane was assuredly put in his place with no uncertain manner . ” Professor Cornish a little over qualified to be liaison don’t you think  ”  Amber laughed and stood up fastening her white coat as she did so, Lane could now see the badge on her lapel and was immediately embarrassed to the point of turning green ” Oh I see you thought I was just your personal liaison  ha ha quaint Dr Lane , but next time you visit an establishment you really should look at the chain of command for it ” again she smiled at him and walked a little from the table then turned around and walked back towards him ” Proper introductions are required I see allow me to introduce myself  I am Professor Amber Cornish   Director of this Station ” Lane felt small and chastised like a naughty child.

” My sincere appolgies I didn’t mean to offend I just thought ” again she cut him mid sentence ” Yes I do know what you thought Dr , please make you way to your lab to your colleagues are waiting ” she turned and walked away ” I am sorry I thought you were taking me to them ” he spluttered ” I was but find I have better things to do good day ” and was gone leaving a very scorched Dr Lane in her wake . Somebody else I seem to have made a good impression on he thought to himself and then made his way to his lab.