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Lane reached the door to his lab and could hear the others inside chattering among’st themselves , ” I hear he’s quite brilliant but very strange” he overheard one of them say, another said quite loudly “Strange you mean arrogant did you hear what Mack said about him” . He opened the door and the room fell quiet walking across to a desk at the end of the room he placed his briefcase down,” I am Dr Gareth Lane and what you are about to hear has been classified Top Secret, you have signed the none disclosure agreement and let me be quite plain anyone breaking this will be charged and imprisoned. Having got that out of the way I am pleased to be working with you all, molecular reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like reconstructing any object any liquid  in fact anything you can think of into something other than what it was. I have discovered a method of disassembling any atom’s structure without the danger of nuclear fission, in other words I have split the atom quietly no explosions no radiation no explosive destruction.” Murmurs of disbelief and sneering was heard ” That’s impossible you expect us to believe that then your a mental case ” came one reply ” Doctor Lars Johanson Reykjavik University , specialty Bio mechanics, as you see gentlemen I have done my homework on you all” said lane ” Let me ask you what is the bond that holds all matter together, why is a cube a cube and a triangle not a circle ? ” Dr Johanson answered with an air of authority ” Well theories range there are many valence bond theory which includes orbital hybridization and resonance, and the linear combination of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method which includes ligand field theory. Electrostatics are used as to describe bond polarities and the effects they have on various substances.” Lane smiled “You have answered my question doctor, like all of us we don’t really know yes we have theories but we truly didn’t know that is until now”

Lane crossed the room to a large packing case it was security sealed and  Combination locked , he broke the seals and proceeded to input the combination. The box opened revealing a machine the likes none of the others had seen the like of , it looked like a laser but had no coils , but then again looked like an Xray but had no magnetron tube just a multi faceted Crystal globe with two crystal protrusions from the top and the bottom . These were connected to what appeared to be fibre optic cables  four of them on each side , quite thick and covered in a copper gauze as if like a Faraday shield around them. The globe was supported by two arms of metal that looked like pure gold each attached to a circular ring around the globes middle section. They had electromagnets on the end between them and the center ring and the fibre cables didn’t quite reach the globe but were junctioned into a crystal about 25cm from the globe. This made the globe free to turn and spin. All this was housed atop of a control consul with switches and  l.e.d dials, all in all a very impressive looking device.

“Gentlemen this is a Crystal Molecular divider and reconstruction device, it has taken me 27 years to perfect it’s operation and you are the first to see it other than myself .  This machine can take any  Atom and remove it’s orbital electrons from the nucleus and still keep the structure of the nucleus  happy, by this I mean it will not cause a chain reaction resulting in a nuclear detonation. It will also introduce you to a new particle I have discovered that makes this possible, I have named it the Heathertron in memory of my late wife . It is without doubt the most important particle that man has ever discovered, it releases the bonds between atoms allowing them to be re-sequenced into anything we desire. Any shape any item any particle any atomic structure ,what we are here to do is formulate and calculate the possibilities that this machine will afford us. The other problem we must solve is that of the Nuclear decay, once the electrons are  redirected from the nucleus  there is a time factor  before the nucleus dies we must solve this. As to yet any item that the machine reconstructs looses it’s cohesion within 5 hours and simply ceases to exist this is what we must solve.