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Mack  had just seen the Idaho off on it’s return journey to Earth but he was already preparing for the next ship to dock , the Nagami  an interstellar science vessel newly commissioned by the Japanese to explore asteroids and nearby  planets. The Nagami did have Ion drive engines and sleeper capsules for extended space flight , but this was to be it’s maiden trip to the station to refuel after Earth take off and then to map the asteroid belt and make a possible mineral survey. It was hoped they would reveal new minerals and new materials to be gathered in space, this would  negate having to depend on the Earth totally for new supplies of heavy goods ( machinery tools and such like ). Allowing a new independence for the station and the means of constructing larger space fairing vehicles . The captain of the Nagami  was Akio Takei and he was in deed as his name depicted a Glorious man , Akio had once been  a student at the same university as Lane and they knew each other well, having shared the same dorm for a number of years Lane had also spent some time in Japan with Akio and his family. Knowing that his friend was on board he sought him out, The Doctor was in the recreation area when Akio first caught site of him , ”  Konnichiwa Lane san ” Lane looked up saw his friend and beamed a smile at him “Ohayou gozaimasu Takei  kun ” Both men hugged each other smiling .

“It’s been a long time Gareth san ” Akio  was a huge well built man well above 6′ feet 4″ tall , unheard of in many parts of Japan, his nickname was ‘Tiny’ a term usually saved for all unusually large men.  Lane replied “Far too long Akio yun”.

” What brings you to this station my friend ” Akio told Lane all about his ship Nagami and his mission to survey the  asteroid belt , ” it will take us about a week to survey and another week to gather samples to correlate our findings.” what Akio didn’t tell   Lane was that he also had orders to find out as much as he could about Lane’s project.  To be able to manufacture rare minerals and precious metals by molecular  re-integration both posed a threat and an opportunity to the Company Akio worked for , as well as the Japanese government would also like to get it’s hands on such a re-integration device. In fact what Lane didn’t know which wasn’t a lot considering the importance of his discovery  was that 5 other people on the station wanted to know more about his device, and some of them were not too bothered how they come by this information and even the re-integration device itself was considered fair game to acquire by almost any means possible.  Akio was chosen for this mission specifically because of his friendship with Lane, question would have been in Lanes mind had he knew was what had they offered to make his friend turn against him in such a manner .