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They reminisced about old times and asked each other what they had been doing since they last had seen each other, Akio  said he had been carrying freight between Earth and the Mars colony for the past few years. That he had met someone on Mars, and was thinking of getting married. Lane smiled ” That’s wonderful news Akio I shall expect an invitation ” laughing and joking the two men sat in the recreation hall for two hours till finally. Lane stood up and held his hand out to shake Akio’s hand ” It’s so good to have you here Akio , I find this place so depressing you have brightened it up for me . ” Thank you Gareth san” the two shook hands arranged to meet later for drinks ” I have an experiment to perform  later but if I am not there I won’t be too late get me a drink in ” and then Lane walked away smiling .

In his lab the team had gathered to learn what their parts where in the next phase of this project, Doctor Carlos Mendez Potugal , Doctor Hank Leatherwell USA ,  Doctor Peter Barboursk Lithuania, Doctor Lars Johnson  Iceland.  Lane sat at his desk and took a folder from his briefcase, he took a sheet of paper from the folder for each of them to read.” This is a brief formula synopsis of the particle I have discovered as you can see it is completely independent and not a constitute particle of the atomic structure, but as you can also see it is instrumental in the bonding of a Happy Atomic structure” The four pondered over the  paper and Lars looked up at lane ” This is incredible how did you come to find this”.

Lane smiled ” Well like most true discoveries by complete accident, I should like to say I knew it was there but it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time.  I was actually working on a formula for synthesized Uranium with which I had partial success, then I noticed this peculiar bonding element that had been created in the chamber in which I was producing the S.U.P. that stood for  Synthesized Uranium Particles. On looking closer I found that it could be separated from the nucleus and used to fabricate the construction of many other structures , I found it on may other atomic structures , Zinc, Carbon, Gold ,Saphire Diamond and many others . The problem was that any structure created with this particle only lasted a few hours before it lost cohesion, our goal here is to make the bond permanent ” Hank Leatherwell said ” I see so that’s why you want zero Gravity to erase any possibility of outside influence on the loss of cohesion.” then his eyes widened and excitedly exclaimed ” Your looking for a second unknown particle, a sort of stabilizing influence”  Land  didn’t realize until now what a brilliant team he had with him, “Precisely and with these two new elements we can build anything, form absolutely anything any element any chemical any material we wish ” Lane replied.  A comment then from Doctor Peter Barboursk  said ”  Possibly a few that hadn’t existed till now either ” this sent a further chill through these now very excited scientist’s .