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The  team now readied  the gravity chamber  this was a simple device that with the push of a few buttons would rotate in a slow spin contrary to that of the station, this simply removed the gravity in this chamber whilst not affecting the lab in any way .

To make conditions more attuned to the effects of open space the air was evacuated, and those inside would use a spacesuit to complete their experiments , the user inside was unaware of the spinning motion and it was indeed just as it would been during an EVA        (EVA stands for extravehicular activity.) This is when an Astronaut is outside in the vastness of space away from the protection of his spacecraft, and apart for the possibility of being struck by micro meteorites if the  scientist  was out side was exactly the same .

The re-integrator was fixed inside by four steel rods keeping it in perfect rotation with the pod , thus allowing the experiment to be performed in exactly the conditions Lane and his team needed to find the second particle. Due to his familiarity with the machine it would be  Doctor Lane  who would enter the pod to perform the experiments  , whilst his team would monitor the reactions from outside with the aid of the pods sensors and the RG1 as it was called own internal instruments connected via wireless to the computers.

Lane donned his suit and entered the pod ” Ok now before we commence we will do an RG1 systems check , this will ensure that no particles are present at time of commencement in the reaction chamber.” All instruments where  checked and double checked before RG1 was started , the conditions where perfect and the experiment began RG1 hummed into life emitting a soft blue light  as the Crystal dome spun . The team continued for hours each doing their particular job as was required in professional silence. At the end of the first session Lane exited the pod and his mood was obviously one of joy,” We are on the right track my friends there are particles coming into existence that on Earth would have been impossible to create ” Lane looked at his watch ” My word we have been working 11 straight hours we need a break we will finish for tonight power down the RG1, we meet here again at 0900 hours  goodnight gentlemen”

Some of the team went directly to the recreation area Lars sat down at a table and was joined by Peter ” I never would have thought this was possible I mean creation of anything from base atoms to whatever we desire, and from what we have seen today very soon I think an everyday reality ” said Peter . Lars smiled and said to him ” If you didn’t think it was possible why did you accept this post ” Peter smirked and said ” Well to be honest I needed a job and one that got me away from Earth for a while  ” Lars inquired why ?.” Well I would rather not say but being 350 miles from the surface of the Earth in the most secure military vehicle off planet is heaven sent for me that’s why I took the job that is in the first place ,but that was then now after seeing the results we attained today well I would rather be here than anywhere else”  Lars agreed the events of the day had been truly astounding , and probably one of those days he would put as a junction in his life for what he thought he knew to what he knew now had all changed thanks to Doctor Lane .