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The following day started like any other Lars and Peter readied the RG1, while Hank and Carlos prepared the computer controls and recording devices. Lane was already in the chamber checking the operation on the  machine ” Has anyone been in the chamber this morning ” Lane asked Lars and Peter shook their heads ” Either of you two been in the chamber this morning ” he asked Hank and Carlos who also said no. Peter turned back to the intercom and replied to Lane ” No  Doctor Lane none of us have been in the chamber this morning why do you ask ” Lane was looking at the settings on the RG1’s panel he was certain he had reset and cleared the controls the previous evening, but now the controls had been set to a different configuration. he thought nothing more of it and decided he must have been mistaken and he hadn’t cleared the settings  from the night before.

Lane was recalculating the machine when he found his vision was becoming blurry and his breathing was becoming painful, he started towards the controls of the pod that re-pressurized it so he could get out of his suit and recover. He put it down to overwork and being unaccustomed to zero gravity ” I am coming out, I don’t feel that good getting hard to breathe “. But before he could get out Lane lost consciousness the others seeing he was in trouble pulled him out of the pod as soon as it had opened,” quick get the helmet off and give him some air his suit may have malfunctioned ” they removed the helmet but Lane’s skin was cold and clammy , his eyes blank and lifeless Peter checked for a pulse in Lanes neck ” My God” he shouted ” He’s dead ” .