Silent Death
Clive Pearson

Chapter 1 Welcome to EE1

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“Orbital Supply ship Idaho to EE1 requesting permission to dock ” a momentary pause and the radio crackled to life ” This is EE1 hello Daniel welcome back permission granted , docking bay 5 is ready to receive you”
” Hi Andrea thank you docking bay 5 it is , we have some real goodies for you this trip and your new crew member Dr Lane the particle physicist”
” Gareth Lane ” a gasp of surprise came from the radio as Andrea reeled back at hearing the name of Daniels passenger.
“Yes that’s right why you sound shocked”
” Oh nothing just I thought he would be the last person I would ever see up here”
” Sounds like you know him do you”
” I can’t say but one thing I will tell you that this is certainly going to ruffle a few feathers up here ”
Two giant steel doors slid back revealing an empty Hangar that the Idaho slid gently into, this was docking bay 5 one of seven aboard this mammoth Space Station.
Earth Enterprise was a mile across from port to starboard, a huge vessel built by the collaborating governments of the entire world .
This was the pinnacle of Earth’s greatest collaborations for scientific advancement , it bought together countries and peoples like never before. On board where the finest minds from across the globe, from all walks of life from the academic and scientific . Engineers and workers of all description that were needed to make the station function, from Electronic experts to Janitors all had their part to play.
” Idaho to EE1 ship anchored and docked close hangar doors and pressurize”
The sound of the ships engines powering down vibrated along the hull of the station, and caught the attention of Mack the security officer . It was Mack’s job to make sure that Earth pilots didn’t bring contraband to the station, like Alcohol and cigarettes both banned on the station for obvious reasons.
His office was at the edge of the stations ring , and it alerted him every time a new ship docked.
The hangar bay could only be unlocked from the outside, and only Mack had the pass codes that would allow this .
He assembled his team to inspect passengers and goods as they left the ship, Mack powered up the body Scanner and substance detectors.
These scanners and detectors were infallible, nothing that was known could escape detection through these devices.
People did try but Mack caught them every time , he used to tell them it won’t matter how you hide them we will find it and he usually did.
In fact Mack was so good at his job the crew of EE1 had a sweepstakes running, the winner guessed what contraband Mack would confiscate today .