Page 19                            Chapter 3 How , Why , Who

The Professor Doors and Mack had called for an emergency meeting of all the stations projects managers, it was now an urgent requirement that whoever took the RG1 does not operate it again within the station.  Amber addressed the gathered scientists ” Ladies  Gentlemen this is Professor Gregory  Campbell from the area 51 research facility on Earth, he had been consulted over the recent death of Doctor Lane and you should all hear what he has to say ….Professor ” Amber sat down and Campbell stood to speak ” Colleagues you all obviously know of the Death of Gareth Lane, what you may not know are the circumstances about his death” he paused and looked at his note pad that he had been compiling  evidence about the situation ” I am afraid it was a deliberate act of Murder that has unthinkable consequences for all of us ” the people in the crowd became uneasy and wanted more information to his claim ” What do you mean professor ” one man shouted aloud ” What consequences can the death of one man have for the whole station ”

The Professor turned to a whiteboard behind him on the wall and started to write some symbols on it , they were the periodic table symbols he then drew lines connecting some and circled others .” You see my friends this machine the good doctor invented had the capability of dissolving and reconstructing matter , these elements you see here where found by  scanners of the doctors body at area 51 ” the crowd looked at the board and talked among themselves for a while ” Professor I am Claudette  Pascal from the french Bio research division on EE1 , if I understand you correctly from what you have shown here the doctors machine killed him by rearranging his own atomic structure to produce poisons in his blood.Surely this would have taken specialized knowledge of the machine itself and it’s capabilities, and no one on the station could have that knowledge except the doctors team and the doctor himself  ”  a murmur of agreement  uttered from the gathered scientists . Campbell  stroked his hair and looked at Pascal ” You would think so Professor but till I see the machine I can not confirm this, but it has been stolen it is somewhere on this station .That is why we gathered you all here Security will be conducting a full search of the station, it is imperative you all co operate with them , I inspected the pod where Doctor Lane died the structure of the metals have been altered and become unstable. Should that machine be used again on this station it may be the death of us all ”

They all agreed to help and returned to their departments Mack and Doors and the other security officer began their search. step by step they searched the station but after 9 hours of looking and covering all the departments on board they found nothing . Mack was tired and hungry after all the searching and went to the recreation room he sat to drink his coffee and eat his meal he had just taken from the vending machine when Phil Doors came in ” Any luck Mack ”  Mack shook his head ” No not a thing I don’t believe it’s on the station anymore, I think the only place it can be is aboard one of the docked ships. Trouble is we do not have the authority to search the ships without permission or a warrant ” Doors nodded ” So we get one this is a murder inquiry the Director has the legal power to issue warrants of search and seizure here you know that ” Mack shook his head “No good she can only do it with evidence that whoever this ship belongs to we search has been involved in the crime we are investigating, she has to have cause to do it and as yet we have no evidence against anyone ”   Doors sat with Mack and sighed .   ” What we have to establish is Why  ok we have the Machine’s been stolen so there’s the why, that machine somehow was used to kill him ” Mack interrupted ” Yes but we don’t know how and we haven’t a clue Who? ”